Lake Lanier, Georgia

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Barometric pressure is the measure of the weight of our atmosphere.  

Where a normal air pressure would be 30inHG and high pressure is 30.5inHG.

It is believed that pressure is greater in shallow water.
Pressure diminishes in deeper water.
Barometric change is a good indicator of fishing change.

Fish detect increases and decreases of air  pressure  through their lateral lines.

The common theory is that change in barometric pressure is good for fishing.

A change of just .02inHG is enough to effect a fishs feeding habits.

Changing pressure will effect the swim bladder of a fish.  It will make them uncomfortable or it will disorient them.   A fish will either move to different water to feel better or if they stay, they will feel full or bloated.

The best cycle of pressure to fish is a falling barometer.  Small organisms become more buoyant and float up.  This triggers baitfish such as Herring or Shad to go into a feeding frenzy.  The Stripers or gamefish will generally follow suit. The fish will continue to feed until the pressure becomes low (below 30).  Fish will go shallow as well as feed on the surface.

A rising Barometer would be the next best time to fish.  Change is good.  Fish become more active. Fishing in 35-90 ft of water is best. Fish generally won't surface.  It's the opposite of the falling Barometer, so baitfish will be deeper.

Steady pressure normally means steady fishing.  This is normal 29.90 to 30.4 pressure.  It business as usual.

Fishing in High Pressure can be good. Fish are generally deep and tight to cover (in the trees). Good when its established for a few days.

HP is dominant in Winter.

Fishing in low pressure is worse.  This is generally stormy weather.  Fish become more inactive the longer this weather is with us.  Fish the bottom.  

Fish when you have the time for fishing. Monitor the air pressure for your own success.

The Chart below is a guide to help you use the Barometer to be more effective.

Pressure Trend
Typical Weather
Fish Behavior

High  30.4+

Clear Skies
Fish Slow down
Fish Find Cover
Fish Go Deep
Fish Deep Trees
Jigging Spoons
Clearing Improving
Fish Become Active
Fish Deep Bait
Steady 30 - 30.4
Normal Activity
Fish as Usual



Most Active Feeding
Cast Topwater
Feeding Birds
Flat Lines
Planer Boards
Downline Shallow
Umbrella Rigs

Low 29.9-

Rainy Stormy
Fish Move Deep
Less Active
Fish the Bottom
Cut Bait
Slow Moving Bait