Lake Lanier, Georgia

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Lowrance Tips and Performance HDS
Structure Scan

Setup 4 panes on HDS 8/10
Press pages - right arrow to structure - down arrow to structure & sonar& chart press enter

Change active pane

Hold the pages key down for a few seconds until the orange box moves

Change width of panes

Press menu - menu - up arrow to page- right arrow-adjust pane- right arrow
Hold the right arrow down and adjust the left panes to have ¾ of the screen

Add overlay data to screen (adding time, speed, depth , etc)

Press menu-menu-arrow to page- right arrow-down arrow to edit data- right arrow
While in edit overlay data, press menu key and down arrow to add
You can add to every screen.  Try adding depth on your chart, as well as speed over ground and even time.

Edit overlay data

Press menu-menu-arrow to page- right arrow-down arrow to edit data- right arrow
There is a blue box around the active field to edit. Press enter and use arrow  keys  and move data to desired location, then press exit. Press down arrow key and blue box will change to the next active field. Repeat till finished with all fields. When completed, press menu- down arrow to save- press enter

Change the size of the overlay data

While the data is active, with the blue box around it, press the Zout or Zin to change the size larger or smaller

Optimum settings for Structure Scan

Use pallet #6 for best viewing on the structure scan panes
Contrast for pallet #6 is best at 72 to 76%
Pallet #5 works well at 80% contrast. Pallet 1 or 13 works well for Sonar.
Set Ping speed to 18 for good performance.
Optimum boat speed for Structure Scan is 3 to 10 MPH.
Use 800 khz for side imaging 0-120 ft.  Use 455 khz for 120-300 side imaging

Powering off unit

Press the power key one short stroke. The menu will come up, arrow down to "power off" and enter. This is the proper way off powering down. By doing it this way all waypoints and changes made to your system during the day will be saved. If you just unplug your unit or power down by hitting an accessory switch off you will lose any changes.

Fishing Mode Settings

General Use setting is the default.  Search from 0 to 2000'.
Shallow Water is the setting for any inland water. Dictates a minimum search of 0 to 100 feet, so bottom is not lost and sonar lock on is fast in shallow water.
Fresh Water setting is made for Great Lakes. The range is 0 to 400'.