Lake Lanier, Georgia

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OSC Forum

The OSC Forum is here!!   It is just another support tool dedicated to providing more information to OSC members.

To access the forum all you have to do is register.  Go to www.oakwoodstriperclub.com/forum/ and click on register.  

To register, you MUST use your real name, not a handle.  By using your real name, everyone will know who is making the posts and it will provide a trail if problems exist and need to be fixed.

If you what to let us know about a Hot Spot, POST IT!!

If you need a fishing partner for a trip and would like someone to share expenses, POST IT!!

If you have a fishing report, POST IT!!

If you want to sell some of your fishing equipment, POST IT!!

If you have information about the lake and think others would be interested, POST IT!!

If you have anything that would be of interest to others in the club, POST IT!!

It is your forum and we all want to keep it professional, so please use appropriate language and have consideration for others and their interests.