Lake Lanier, Georgia

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December 12 - The Oakwood Striper Club Tournament is this Saturday from 7 to 2pm. Hopefully the week of rain keeps the temperature warm. Looks like chance of flurries on Saturday. Either way, the moving barometer will make the fish eat. Fish should be mid to 3/4 of the way back in creeks. Using trout as a bait is always a great choice for December. Fish them on both downlines as well as behind floats and boards. Big shad is still a must for attracting the big girls. It has the makeup of a 70" weigh in. If only the fish will cooperate. Good luck to all! Its your choice, Fishing or Shopping!

The meeting will be on Monday 12/19 at 6:30PM.

November 17 - The Oakwood Striper Club is meeting on this Monday, November 21st at 6:30PM. Clay Cunningham is the guest speaker. We will also be discussing the Don Brown Tournament from last week. See you there!

November 15 - The Don Brown Memorial Tournament had a great turnout for both fishing clubs.  The topwater bite had exploded a few days prior to the tournament. Reports of 30-45 fish a day were coming in. The bigger fish finally showed up on the surface. On Wednesday and Thursday people caught fish in the 20lb range throwing chug bugs and spooks. Back to reality. As usual, Saturday came with a nasty cold front. We had heavy white caps on the lake with 15-20MPH East winds, and gusts to 35mph. Water temperature was 66 degrees on the main lake. There was no fish caught on topwater the whole day. A total of 38 boats braved the nasty conditions and tried their hand at some big money prizes. 1st place for OSC was Double Trouble with 46.50 inches. Junior, Boomer and PAul had some downline action in Little River. They apparently had it all to themselves. Backwoods had 2nd place with 38.75". Jeremy and Brandon failed up river and were happy to get 2 downline  bites in the last hour. Nauti by Nature had 3rd and Big fish with a 31.75" fish. They got their south on a downline in the last hour. 4th went to Back in Black with 29.5". Mike got his deep at Browns Bridge. Fish Hunter had 27.25" and 5th place. 6th place went to Little River Boys with 23.75". Hogans Heros also had 23.75" for 7th place. Abercrombie and Fish had a 23" striper good for 8th. It came out of Flat Creek.  Wasted Seamen had 9th with 20.25". We had 9 boats or half the team Zero.

On another note 1st place overall was 68.25". That team won $1900. 2nd place overall had 59". 3rd place was Double Trouble with 46.5 (OSC 1st place)  4th place had 40.75" and 5th was Backwoods with 38.75" (OSC 2nd place). Big Fish was caught by John Mantovani. It was 36" and yielded $900 in cash. Only 5 boats had 2 or more fish. 1st and 2nd came out of the rivers. 20 boats skunked, a little more than half the field.

November 2 - Just a reminder, the November tournament is on November 12th. Its the Don Brown Memorial Open. We are expecting a good turn out. Please sign up while spaces are still available. There is a limit to 40 boats. Sign up at OBT, Hammonds or Sherrys.

Entry is $100 per boat. You may have as many anglers as your boat is legally allowed.
Big fish is optional at $25
This counts towards your teams points for the year.
Launch anywhere, weigh in is at Little Hall.

Each boat is receiving 2 raffle tickets.

Some of the prizes are:

Yeti cooler
$100 Gift card
Shimano rod n reel combo
Minn Kota I Pilot link
Lowrance Apparel
Phil Niekro autograph baseball
Captain Mack's tackle package
Chaser Fishing Tackle package

Help create awareness for the  ALS Disease
Sign up!

October 17 - The October tournament found 14 boats enjoying the weather but struggling for fish. The lake has now started its turnover ritual. Fish are scattering up and down the lake looking for oxygen and clean water. Water temps on the main lake are steady at 71 degrees. The rivers are like 62-63 degrees. The river prevails as the hero. Team Fish Hunter wins big with 70.25", fishing up the Hooch. Bob and Steve also had Big Fish awards with a 35.25" beauty. They were pulling trout against the flow for all of their bites. They boated 4 all together. Others were in the area but were fishing with the current and had no luck. Team Abercrombie & Fish had 2nd with 43.25". Team Pribco had 3rd with 42.25". Naughty by Nature had 4th with a single 33.5" fish. Lynn was close to home in the Chestatee river.  Striper Sniper had 5th with a single 29.5" fish also caught up river. Backwoods Boys had 6th with 24" also up river. 7th went to Double Trouble with 20.25". After struggling up river, JR and Boomer came south to Little River to catch their fish. 8th place went to Little River Boys with 18.25". We had 6 boats tie for 9th. No worries, November is just around the corner. Things will pick up for sure.

October 11 - The OSC Tournament is Saturday from 7:15 to 2:30PM. Be careful in the morning. Its safe light at about 7:30AM. This is our 1st Tournament for the 2017 year. Make sure you have a long enough measuring board. If your team needs one, ask Dillan at OBT for a club board. There will be no excuses if your fish is too large to measure. Also make sure you are all caught up on dues. Most of you are.
Well things have changed since last month. Its Junk Fishing time again. Water temps are in the 72-73 degree range on the main lake. The rivers are in the 60's.  There are still fish in the deeper 90+ ft hitting downlines. There is also a bunch of fish on topwater early in the morning on the south end of the lake.  Lets not forget the umbrella rig fish on 30' humps and or pulling baits on freelines or planer boards on mainlake points.  For the brave, there is always the River. Be careful. Remember the Lake and or river is 7' low right now. That doesn't do well with prop boats.
Fishing has been fair. Again, no real stand out pattern. There are fish up the rivers, however they have not been biting much. Hopefully things will change rapidly. Good luck to all!

September 21 - The end of the year tournament turned out strong. Weather was good. Water temps were at 83 degrees. The pattern was dead on. Fishing on 30-35' bottoms and moving back and forth to a 90' bottom.  Striper Sniper prevailed to capture 1st place with 63.25". Rooster and Jeff got them at the dam on downlines. They used fresh baits when they marked fish. They never marked more than 2 or 3 at a time. They caught 6 or 7 for the day. Hard work and dedication gave them 2nd Place overall for the year. Another solid performance.   Jonesin for Fish put on a rush for the end with a 33" big fish and ended up with 2nd place with 58.75" Boomer needed another 33+ inch fish to climb up to 3rd for the year. A great effort for both the day and the year. 3rd place went to Bucktales with 57.25" Buck got his trolling leadcore with a jig tipped with herring. He boated 8 or so for the day. Little River Boys had 4th place with 56.25". Castillo had 5th with 52.25". More importantly he locked up 1st Place for the years points race. Congrats. Leonel had a solid day using gizzard shad on downlines in and around Shoal Creek. 6th Place went to Fishshawn with 51.5". Ricky from Team A& A had a tall order. He had to fend off Boomer and fish alone and guarantee 2 fish. Ricky caught 47.75" and got 7th Place. The real story is A & A locked down 3rd Place for the year. Great job Ricky and Erik. Not too shabby for newbies. Fish Hunter had 8th and 40". They too had 7-9 fish.  Higgy had 9th with 35.25". 10th went to Blue Tick with 26". Another strong year for JR and Paul.  Back n Black had 25.5" and 11 place. We had only 2 skunks.  A great finish to a surprisingly good year.

2016 Oakwood Striper Club Final
1st Place Castillo with 1472 points and a 67" average 2nd Place Striper Sniper with 1445 points and a 65.25" average 3rd Place A & A with 1277 points and a 57" average 4th Place  Jonesin for Fish with 1247 points and a 55" average 5th Place  Chaser with 1140.5 points and a 65.5" average (7 tournaments) 6th Place Blue Tic with 1050.50 points and a 44" average

September 15 - The last tournament of this fiscal year is Saturday from 6:30AM to 2PM. Fishing has been a little different than the norm for September. The oxygen is in 30-35', but the water there is too hot. So Stripers are getting their o2 on humps and points, then sliding down the hill to 90 feet or so to cool off. Find the humps and points with steep drop offs. Tack back and forth between shallow and deep. The umbrella rig and or leadcore bite has been consistent. Although its nobody's favorite technique, it may become a must to turn some fish on. Good luck to all!
The meeting will be on Monday. We will be having our year end banquet/awards dinner. Its being catered by Moonies BBQ. We will also discuss the year incoming as well as any changed in tournament schedules etc.

August 14 - We will be having a fishing garage sale/ trade at the meeting. Bring any rods, reels tackle etc that you are not using. We will also have a raffle. Discussions will be on the same pattern that has been working and will be for the next 6 weeks. We will also discuss ideas for next years tournament schedule, team selections and any ideas brought to our attention.

August 14 - We had a  beautiful August day to fish. The skies were very cloudy all morning with some sun peeking through. The air temps were in the 70s to start and ended up in low 80s. The water temps were between 84 and 85. There was a 5-10 mph breeze out of southeast. This is why we had 17 boats out there in the channel fighting for space around the big cruisers. 1st place went to Bucktales with a very strong 70.25 inches. Buck caught his out in the channel on a Parker spoon 90' down. Team A&A had 67" and 2nd place. Ricky and Erik started trolling leadcore around marker 21-23. The fish were plentiful , but small. They went south to the mouth of Big Creek and got on some bigger fish using downlines. 3rd place went to Striper Sniper with 65.75". Rooster fished in the mouth of Flowery Branch and got his on downlines. His wife reeled in the 39.75 inch big fish. Castillo had 4th with 60". Leonel struggled early and ended up in the mouth of Big Creek and got some numbers. 5th place went to Team Simpson with 59". 6th place went to Fish Hunter with 57.5". 7th place went to Jonesin for Fish with 56.5". Little River Boys had 55" and 8th place. 9th went to Chaser with 48.75". 10 went to Blue Tick with 47.25". 11th went to Total Chaos with 29.5". 12th went to Hogans Heros with 23.5" and 13th went to Higgy with 23.25". We had 4 boats zero. The better fish were all in the mouths/channel in front of Flowery and Big Creek. The channel North of there from Orr to Flat is loaded with smaller 22-24" fish. We did have a few boats catch 12 or more. The pattern of the day was the better fish were in the trees and not in the slick channel spots. So on your maps, its were the creek meets the channel and on the edges.

August 9 - The Oakwood Striper Club Tournament is this Saturday, August 13th from 6:30AM to 2:00PM.
Fishing has been good to excellent lately. There is a decent morning bite to get things started, Not to mention things pick up by noon making the last hour and change exciting for all.
No secrets on places to fish. The southend of the lake prevails. The main channel is the 1st choice for many. Fishing over a 100+' bottom. Drop baits from 30-80'. Any deeper or shallower will result in death to all herring, according to the 02 reports. Trolling leadcore has also been very productive over the channel. Otherwise, deep creeks from the mouth to half way back have been strong as well. We have seen a few high 20 to low 30 lb fish caught on spoons and jigs while power reeling.
Weather shows some chances of rain. At least the sun won't get you. High temp of the day is low 80s. The quick change in weather (barometer) allows for some nice frenzy action. I hope you all get into some frenzies, as long as their smaller than ours LOL. Good luck to all!

July 18 - We had a successful Poker Run, I mean Striper Tournament. We had 11 boats brave the heavy traffic and waves. Actually, things weren't crazy until about 11:30 when the cigarette boats screamed up the lake. Otherwise, if you were in a creek channel somewhere, you were OK. Conditions were great with a low 70's start and mixed clouds and sun reaching mid 80's at the end. Water temps remain in the 83-84 range. 1st Place went to Team Chaser with 66.5". Bob and Charlie had Orr Creek to themselves most of the morning. They fished near the F buoy to start. They lost the first few bites they had, being taken into the trees. Charlie got one finally at about 8:30. By then we were right in the middle between F and Aqualand over a 80-90 bottom. The fish hit a 60' downline over 90'. We has numerous knock down bites where the bait was crushed but no hookup. Mr. Ben Parker aided the situation by catching the 2nd fish. It hit 10' under the boat for a near heart attack for Bob. They caught a few more fish in the waters near the mouth of Balus and Flat Creek in 102'. Fish were hitting spoons all the way to the boat from 60' down. Sadly enough, Chaser only made it 1/4 from there. They were towed home after having fuel problems. What else is new! 2nd Place went to Striper Sniper with 66.25". They also had big fish with a 37.25" fish. 3rd went to Hogans Heros with 58.25". 4th went to A&A with 52.25". 5th went to Fish Hunter with 50.25". 6th went to Fishawn with 50". Shawn reported catching fish on topwater in the back of Flat. You don't see that every July. 7th went to Castillo with 49". 8th went to Bucktales with 48.75". 9th went to Higgy with 47.25". 10th went to Blue Tick with 46.25". Jonesin for fish had a quality 35.5" Striper, but no kicker. All in all a great tournament considering all boats caught fish. Catch the details of where and how people caught fish  at the meeting.

July 12 - Its here again. The Annual Poker Run / OSC tournament. Last year we fished from 6Am till 12:30pm. Short and sweet. The bite was good in the AM as it has been this last week. The later day, deeper water pattern gets more difficult with lots of boat traffic. Again, your best bet is to stay in a deep channel in a southern creek, and stay off the main channel. We need to vote on times. Team A&A already voted a 5:45AM start. It is light enough to manage at that time. Lets hear your ideas.

July 12 - The Striper Tournament is this Saturday. Start time is 5:45AM. Weigh in at OBT at 1:00PM. Good luck to all! Be careful out there.
We had some good reports last weekend. Fish were on a 60' or deeper bottom. They are in typical summertime places. You can find them in deep pockets inside the creeks as well as out on the main channel. Fishing with downlined baits and jigging have worked well. Don't be afraid to troll leadcore line with a 2 oz jig. It has been producing some larger fish.

June 18 - Just as suspected, June is normally a month with good numbers of fish but not as big. Not this June. Conditions were nearly perfect. The water temp was 84-85 degrees. Air temps were in the high 60s to start warming up to near 80 degrees. The sky was a mix of sun and clouds. Sounds good so far. Oh yeah, the wind. The wind started at 15 out of the East, therefore our number of the day was 15E. The East wind forced everyone to make 2nd and or even 3rd choices of where to start fishing. We had just 13 boats (wind scared them away). All boats reported catching fish, although they may not have all been big. !st place winner, Castillo found the big ones. He fished in the ultra windy Flowery Branch and came up with 74". His big fish was 38.5". Both fish were caught on downlined gizzard shad. Team Chaser with Keith M, had 64.5 and 2nd place. Bob and Keith stayed away from the long run to Flowery in the heavy slop to stay and fish home waters in Flat and Balus. Maybe should have made the run after all. LOL  Either way they caught good numbers on 20' downlines as well as a solid 31" fish on a umbrella rig. They fished a 30-40' bottom to start and followed fish out to a 80 slick bottom for the remainder. 3rd place was actually a tie between A&A and Blue Tick with 63". A&A edged out with a larger 33.25" fish. Ricky and Erik stayed around Balus and threw up some solid numbers. They caught them on both downlines as well as jigging a Parker spoon. A nice Birthday present from the Striper Gods to Erik! 5th place went to Team Greene with 55.5" Matt fished around the floatilla in 6 mile creek. Word on the lake was the wind was blocked in 6 mile. 6th place went to Dan D with 52.75" Dan was also south in the Balus area. 7th went to Striper Recon with 52". John B fished around the windy Flowery Branch area. 8th place went to Jonesin 4 fish with 51.75" Boomer wasn't jonesin for bites. He chalked up some numbers in River Forks. He may have been jonesin for the one big bite. LOL 9th went to Hogan's Heros with 40.75".  Fishawn had a single fish for 36" and 10th place. The last few boats had fish, but decided not to weigh in due to their size. There were a number of 22 to 26" fish caught. It seems to be a decent school size right now. The summer pattern is definitely in full swing right now. We had fish hit a downline 80' down. There were good schools on open water at the mouth of creeks. Unfortunately, they were hard to go after with all the wind. There are still some big fish cruising the flats in 30' or less right now. Catch while you can. Its a great time to be on the water if you have the time. Make the time!

June 16 - We will make it official. Lines in at 6:00Am and weigh in is at 1:00PM at OBT.

June 14 - The Tournament is this Saturday. June is generally a month with a big turnout as well as good numbers of fish being caught. I'm  proposing a 6:00AM start and a 2:00 PM finish. Last year we went from 6 to 1. Either way, just let me know if you want something besides 6 to 2.
The meeting is Monday, June 20th. Out guest speaker is Doug Youngblood. The discussion is summertime downline  techniques. Let us know how many plan on attending.
Water temps are 82ish and maybe 84 to 85 by Saturday. Fish are all over points and humps. Try a 20-50' bottom. Umbrella rigs have worked well for many. Downlines and even jigging or spooning will work.

May 15 - The May tournament found 15 boats up and down the lake. Water temps were 72-74 degrees. Air temps were high 50s to start and reached 80 degrees with a 15-20 MPH winds. The wind started around 9 am.  1st Place went to Team Chaser with 75". They had Big Fish with another Flat Creek beauty at 41.5" long. Bob and Charlie found fish on the 1st point they looked at coming out of his cove. Downlines caught most of the fish. Fishing 10-20' down over a 30-40' bottom was the routine. The big fish hit a small herring that was a transom bait, 5' behind the boat. Charlie was on top of the topwater game. He was casting a bone Chug Bug popper. He caught 8-9 stripes in the 24 - 31" range. He added as many spots in the boat as well. He was burning the popper in, which led to a school of stripers following it and swiping at it. Once they were that close they found our downlines.  Team Castillo got 2nd with 69". Leonel got his on downline shad. He fished Ada. He reported a number of fish on, but they came unbuttoned. His baits were in the 10-14" size. Striper Sniper got 3rd with 65". Rooster and Jeff fish around River Forks and had 2 on shad and 2 on herring. Blue Tick had 4th and was also in River Forks. He had 64.25" at River Forks. He  then took the stroll up to Little River, his home away from home. Jr got into some downline numbers up there, but all smaller fish. Team A&A had 64" and 5th place. They were up north in the Wahoo area. 6th went to Fish Hunter with 63.75" Bob fish with Steve and Lynn Scott around Gainesville Creek for a solid days performance.  7th went to Fishawn with 47.5". 8th went to Jonesin for Fish with 41.25". Boomer found his in the back of Ada. 9th went to Chaos with 28.25". Larry got his in the back of Flowery Branch.  Higgy had 10 with 24.25" and Greene had 17". Only 4 boats without stripers. The bite was fast paced and over by 9:00AM.  Most fish were on main lake points, while a few were caught on humps in the same areas.

May 12 - The OSC Tournament is this Saturday, May 14th. Start time is at 6;30AM. Weigh in is at OBT at 2:00PM. Make sure your dues are current when signing up for the tournament. Dylan can take care of you at OBT.
The early bite has been the ticket lately. Fish are North and South. Find a creek or place you are confident in and fish it!  There may be some topwater opportunities. Water temps could be in the low to mid 70s by Saturday. The downrod bite has picked up heavily in the last few weeks. Target main lake points and or humps. Depths can be tricky, but a 20-30' is a good starting point. Follow them out to deeper water. There is also a decent planer board bite, again its been an early bite.
The Meeting will be Monday, May 16th. The topic is downline/downrod fishing 101 mixed in with a little longline splitshot fishing.

April 17 - April had some of the weirdest weather I can remember. It has maintained 13-17MPH winds for 2 weeks straight. The tournament day was no different. It was 11 MPH out of the east to start. It got stronger as the day grew. Gusts were in the 20s. Water temps were as low as we have seen in April. The South lake temps were 56-57 degrees which is about 7 degrees low for this time of year. The spawn has been delayed according to the DNR due to the steady cold front we have lived. Fishing has been good, but difficult to fish where and how you want, due to the East winds. Fish have been out on the main lake points and humps in the channel. The wind forced many to change it up and find shelter in pocket coves and the rear of creeks. 1st Place and Big fish went to Team Chaser with 74.25" Big fish was 42". 2nd Place went to Castillo with 68.75". 3rd place went to S&S with 65.5". Big gizzard shad was the pattern for all these boats. 4th went to Higgy with 65". Striper Sniper also had 65" for 5th. 6th went to A&A with 64.5". 7th went to Fish Hunter with 61.5". 8th went to Fishawn with 60.25". A solid day with 8 boats over 60".  Hogans Heros had 45.75" good for 9th. Back in Black had 44.25" good for 10th. we had four teams catch a single striper and only one team had a zero. A very impressive weigh in for 15 boats. Fish were caught literally everywhere from Flat Creek, Balus, Mud.4 mile, Ada, Gainesville creek, Clarks Bridge and the rivers

April 13 - The start time of the Tournament is 6:30AM. Weigh in at OBT at 2:30PM. Again, its a dark start. For anyone who is not comfortable being out there in the dark, you can get rolling at 7 or safe light. Be safe on the water. Good luck to all. Fishing has been good. There is still a big bait pattern working. Downlines near or on the bottom was working well the last few days. This is spawning week. Some have already finished others are still in the process. There will be plenty of fish returning from the North. Try pockets and coves near the river channel from the upper end of the lake. There are always fish that stay put on the south end. Try the back of any southern creeks 1st thing. Then follow them out to the mouths.

April 12 - The OSC Tournament is this Saturday, April 16th. We are voting on times. If you plan to fish, reply here or tell us your choices on the forum. Only the members fishing the tournament need to vote.
 Right now, we have a couple voted for 6:30 to 2:30. Weather looks good. Its light out at 7:00AM

March 20 - The March Tournament turned out to be a nice day. The prediction was for 30-60% thunderstorms. As usual the weatherman missed it by a mile. We had no rain, but a little wind and overcast conditions with sunshine peeking through by 12:00. The water temps were mid 60's. The bite was strong through the week. The pattern of pulling big baits prevailed. We had 16 boats fish, 11 of which caught fish. 1st place went to Castillo with 79.75". Leonel fished up North and caught his on a variety of enormous shad as well as giant river herring. He pulled the shad on boards and the river herring were freelined. He made the run south in the afternoon to join some friends in the back of Flat Creek. He managed 5 fish in the last  2 hours. Team Chaser had 2nd place with 74". Bob and son fished in his backyard, in Flat Creek. He pulled big shad, 12-16" on boards up against the bank. The first fish was lost at the boat in true striper mayhem. The fish got into another planer board and freeline and swam itself into a knot. They got the fish to the boat and 5-10' away. They tried pulling it in by hand since the boards were up to the rods eyes. It broke off.  The fish was in the 40-41" range and in the high 20s for weight. Leonel had a similar experience losing a 40ish pound fish on a double that crossed lines and burned each other off. That was the scream ya'll heard in Flat around 8:00. Otherwise things picked up by noon. They caught a few in the last hour in front of Vic's dock in the back of Flat. Third place went to Fintastic with 68.75". They had a solid day catching 7 or 8 stripers around River Forks. They used the giant river herring as bait. Jonesin for Fish had 67.75". Boomer had another solid day. He was also in Flat Creek, for a while. 5th place went to Team Greene with 64.5" 6th place went to A7A with 63.75". 7th went to GAUSF with 51.25". 8th went to Mike in Back in Black with 48". Mike got his on Bluebacks in Flat Creek. 9th went to Higgy with 47.25". Fishawn got 10th with a 35.5" Flat Creek special. Striper Sniper got a 33.5" fish for 11th place. Trophy fishing continues to improve with the unseasonably warm weather we have been enjoying.

March 16 - The Tournament is this Saturday from 7:00AM  to a 3:00 PM finish. It will be somewhat dark at 7:00, so be careful or start anytime after 7 if you wish. There has been a strong bite from 1-3 in the afternoons. So don't give up until its over. Weather should be good. Someone needs to catch a 30+ pounder! Good luck to all.

The meeting will be on Monday. We will be doing an in depth look at our website including use of the forum etc.

March 15 - We have our Oakwood Striper Club Tournament this Saturday. It should be a good one. My guess is 70+" for the top 3. Water temps are low 60's on the main lake and mid 60's in the rear of the creeks. The big fish bite has been on with shad up against the banks. A few 30's and a 40+ pounder have been caught in the last week. With only 3 weeks till the spawn, these big females are eating at the buffet table now. Times are being voted on. After the time change, we are considering either a 7:00 or 7:30am start. Let us know your vote on a time.

February 15 - Charlie Benson Arrangements
The wake and service for Charlie Benson is tomorrow February 16,  from 6 to 8 PM.  
It will be held at Little-Davenport Funeral Home.
It's located at 355 Dawsonville Hwy in Gainesville.

February 14 - I'm sorry to announce that I must cancel the Oakwood Striper Club meeting for Monday night, due to the passing of my father, Charlie Benson. My dad died last night. He was at the age of 88. I will let you know any arrangements that we make for him. For those of you that got to know him through the club, he was an avid outdoorsman and loved been on Lake Lanier. My dads wishes are to have is ashes scattered over Lake Lanier. I couldn't think of it any other way. Thanks for your understanding.

Bob Benson

February 14 - The February Tournament was for the brave or the crazy. With high winds and cold conditions, we found wind chills in the teens to start. Wind was 11-15mph out of the box with 30mph gusts. Just enough to spin you completely around. So obviously we all found shelter in protected coves and rolled the dice. If you choose Balus Creek, you were in the right place. Water temps were 48 on the south side and 46-47 up north.  1st place went to Fishshawn with 65.25". Shawn fish in the back of Flat creek, in the formal creek. Gizzard shad on boards was the ticket. Shawn tried sticking his nose out of the creek, but his pontoon boat wasn't happy. 2nd place went to Jonesin for Fish. Boomer and his dad had a great day in Balus. He pulled large Gizzards on boards till he ran out of shad.  He had numerous fish. If it wasn't for straightening a few treble stingers on his shad he probably would have locked it up. Boomer had Big Fish with 36".  3rd place went to Team S & S with 65" as well. They also were pulling shad on boards. 4th place went to Team Bienkins with 64". They were an inch of and only .5" off big fish. Striper Sniper finished 5th place. Rooster and Jeff were incognito fishing with Earnie Banks, in his boat.  They caught some nice fish both on boards as well as umbrella rigs. 6th went to Chaser with 52". Bob rolled the dice and tried the open water bite in the wind. I came up with snake eyes I guess. I got into Balus somewhere after 9:00 and found spaghetti for over 100 yards. Couldn't get them to eat. I finally pulled urigs to get some bites. Blue Tick had 7th with 30" JR and Paul were also in Balus pulling boards. We had 14 boats rough the conditions and 7 of which caught fish. Of the 7 that didn't catch fish, one Team was a degree off of winning the whole thing. Bill of Team Higgy reported fishing in the very back of Balus pulling large baits. He had a 20+ pound striper to the boat and lost it while netting it. He also had two other tries, losing those fish as well. Matt Greene witness the chaos. Bill has our sympathy, for we have all been there.

February 10 - The OSC Tournament is this Saturday from 7AM to 2:00PM. Hopefully the wind will find its way out of here by Saturday. Weather shows a 32ish degree start and reaching mid 40s during the day. Its a post front/prefront, meaning the cold air and wind is breaking up around Friday, but coming back in Sunday. Not many people out fishing in the artic blast this week. Fish should be hungry Saturday. There has been some quality fish caught lately. Buck caught a nice 40" striper last week in the Lanier TX. Fish should be back in the rear of the creeks again. The bite up North has been stronger then the south bite. There are still some scattered fish over deeper water in the mouths of the creeks and near the humps.

The meeting is Monday, and the topic is Umbrella rigs.

January 17 - We had 17 boats fish the January tournament. Water temps up North were high 40s as the temps in the southern creeks was 50-53. We had a windy day, with winds gusting 20MPH out of the west. The lake was 2 feet over full pool. We received 1" of rain on Friday. The rain stopped keeping us dry. The air temps were low 40s to start reaching 50+. We had the boats split between North and South. The Southern creeks prevailed. The back of the creek pattern, which had just started last week was altered with the heavy rain and cold front. The fish were predominately at mid creek. As for the tournament, 1st place went to Dan & Brett. Dan unfortunately wasn't feeling well. He was in good hands. Brett had some quality fish on boards that measured 68". Brett was midway back in a southern creek. 2nd place went to Striper Sniper. Same story with a similar south creek location They had 65.25". 3rd went to Team Greene with 64.25". They fished in a southern creek as well. They redeemed themselves after a couple of missed opportunities early in the morning. The 1:00 striper put the icing on the cake. 4th place went to Castillo with 59". Leonel was in a Northern creek. New comers GAUSF had 54" and 5th. Blue Tick had 44.5" and 6th. JR got into some numbers, fishing under the birds in a Northern creek.  Big fish and 7th place went to Higgy with 36.5". A&A and Hogans Heros tied for 8th with a 31" fish. Fintastic had a 29.25" striper. We had a total of 7 boats that were fishless in Seattle. The other big notable is the majority of fish were caught on planer board with shad or herring and many were caught in the last hour of the day.

January 14, 2016 - The OSC Tournament is this Saturday from 7AM till 2PM. Weather seems to be working out. Looks like rain on Friday and low 40's on Saturday, warming up to around 50. There will more than likely be some wind on Saturday. Water temps are dropping with this weeks cold. The lake is somewhere in the low to mid 50's by now. Fish should be headed towards the back of the creeks. There is a lot of birds on the lake now, especially on the southend. There has been good reports of stripers under the birds. The creeks are still stained. The lake is about 2 feet over full pool.

Our meeting will be Monday at 6:30PM. The topic of discussion is " How to catch a 50 pound striper on Lanier". It will be tips and techniques used for the February to April season.