Lake Lanier, Georgia

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December 22 - the Oakwood Striper Club Forum is currently have some problems.  We are working to get it functioning properly and will get it back on line as soon as we can!!

December 22 - The December Tournament had a good turnout combined with bigger fish. The beautiful weather we all enjoyed early in the week disappeared. We found ourselves right in the middle of a cold front. Mother Nature must follow out Tournament schedule. Either way, it was in the high 20's for the start and warmed up to a high 40's afternoon. The cold mixed with the wind made it even more enjoyable. Water temps were in the 55-57 degree range. Still somewhat warm for late December. The prediction was 68+ inches. Two of the top teams took a day off. Majayyer and Castillo were gone for the holidays, opening the doors for others to slide in. 1st place went to Striper Sniper with 73.5" and a big fish of 38.75" and 25 pounds. They fished in a southern creek,  a quarter of the way in over a 40ish foot bottom. The big one came on a 12" shad while the smaller 34.75" striper came on a medium trout. Jeff reported the big girl took them for a ride into a brush pile. They tried every tactic to get her out. Turns out, by waiting a few minutes, she came out on her own. How cooperative! Who says there's no luck in fishing. 2nd place, and the Team to watch out for this year, was Hogan's Hero's with 68.75". Lewis reported a good bite on medium trout fished on floats. 3rd Place went to Team Jackson with 67.5" Gary had two very solid fish. He fished in the back of Flat Creek. His style was different and it obviously worked. He got his fish on long, 100' freelines with medium trout. The trout have definitely been the preferred bait of choice. At 100', he gave them enough room to get in trouble. Evidently, they got in trouble. It might be a new technique to try. Traditionally, if you give a trout more than 50' of slack, they will find timber or tie knots in the other bait lines. Gary gets an A+ on boat control keeping his baits out of the other lines. 4th place went to Dan Duncan with 66". Dan reported a solid 20 pound fish that came off near the boat. That would have put him in the race, if not in the lead. Dan got his on medium trout on floats (not planers) over 50-60'. He fished them 15' behind the float, mid creek. Is this pattern stating to sound familiar yet? Oh yeah, he was also south. That's make all top 4, south.  Team S & S had 5th and 57". Team Jonesin' for Fish had 54.75" and 6th place. Boomer showed off some pretty nice side imaging shots of a massive Little River school. He managed 3 out of that group. Again, trout prevails. He fished from 20' - 40' deep. Blue Tick was in 7th with 42.5" JR got some numbers not size. I'm sure some of us would gladly trade with him. Team AA got 36.5" and 8th place while Team Greene got 31.5" and 9th place. 6 boats tied for tenth. No worries, there is always next month. Water temps should be getting warmer with the 70 degree rain we are getting. Look for fish to follow the bait back out from mid creek to the mouths.

December 16 - The Tournament is this Saturday, December 19th from 7Am to 2:00PM. Bring your blankets, looks like we will be getting some cooler conditions in the morning. Fishing has been good as of lately. We are all finding fish 1/2 way to 3/4 back in the creeks. Planer boards fishing has been good. Mix up your baits, it changes daily what they are eating. We are back on some quality fish. Hopefully we can all put up 60 inches or better. My guess is it will be a 68" win.

The meeting is Monday. December 21st starting at 6:30PM. We will have an open discussion on winter patterns.

November 15 - Mike Topping predicted 72". Well he was close. Lets start with a week of rain and overcast and fairly warm weather. Fish were busting topwater up and down the lake all week. Here comes Saturday. Its a massive cold front with high pressure and bluebird skies. Air temp was right at 36 degrees mixed with some tough wind making the wind chill below freezing. Yummy! We had 13 boat brave the conditions and a whopping 6 boats finishing with fish. A very tough day for most. We heard of numerous guide trips skunking today as well. The real story is the Big Fish pattern. The big fish was a 2 way split with 39.5". This is so hard to believe on a day like this. Catch this! Leonel gets his 39.5" pulling a gizzard shad. Sounds like a broken record. He did catch it along with numerous others, pulling big baits as a transom bait )5 feet behind or under the boat. Team AA, Ricky and Erik are pulling herring up around Gainesville Marina in the channel. Boom, they double up. Only its the wrong species. They got 2 spotted bass coming in. Ricky gets his near the boat. Its about 3 pounds. He gets it 5 feet away and puts it in the rod holder to help his partner untangle a planer board. What happens next, you guessed it. The spotted bass is now a transom bait slashing around 5 feet under the boat. He gets swallowed whole and screams away from the boat. They reel it in, striper with a hooked spotted bass in its belly. Kinda like Fat Bastard. Guys, we don't make this stuff up. Either way 2 big fish was the main story of the day. Castillo did have 1st Place with 74". His transom bait pattern of big baits paid off big, literally. He had 12 bites and 8 came on the transom rod. He fished a pocket North of Gainesville Creek. He stayed in 15 feet of water pulling on reef poles and a big flat area. 2nd place goes to Striper Sniper with 61.25" Jeff and Rooster stayed around Chestatee Bay. They manage multiple fish on a 50' bottom. 3rd went to Majayyer with 59", also in Chestatee Bay. They also had multiples, mostly on downlines. AA got 4th with 49.5". Funny enough they had the biggest and the smallest striper with a 10" little guy. Good to see the small guys, just not on tournament day. Blue tick had 5th with 41.5". They started their day with a triple in Chestatee Bay. They ran over a few mega schools of 5-6 pounders. Honorable mention goes to Boomer with a single fish caught. After that it got ugly, understandably so with the nasty front that came in. Again the story of the day is big baits and right under the boat.

November 11 - The OSC Tournament is this Saturday. Lines in at 6:30AM. Weigh in at OBT at 2:00PM. Weather looks good, with a cool start in the high 30's and warming up to mid to high 50's. The lake is on or about full pool now. The upper rivers have been blown out with last weeks rain. The Northend of the lake has a mudline. It should be settled down by Saturday. The water temps are in the low to mid 60's on the main lake. The early morning topwater bite has been good. Throwing a Zara Spook, Sebile, Chug Bug, Fluke or McStick styled baits will bring them up. Pay attention while driving around. Look for the disturbances in pockets near mouths of the creeks or half way back. Otherwise a variety of things will work. Freelines and or downlines will still produce. The umbrella rig bite has been solid. Fishing on a 30-50' bottom, pulling rigs from 75-100' back has been catching a bunch. Fish are scattered everywhere now. So from the dam to the rivers will have fish. Good luck to all!

The meeting will be on Monday, November 16th. Discussions will be on our present conditions and upcoming changing patterns.

October 20 - The Season opener went as predicted. It was true junk fishing. We had 15 boats come out to a cold 45 degree start. As usual a good many boats split between the Hooch and the Chestatee. We had 3 boat fish south of Browns Bridge. 1st place went to Castillo with 66.75 inches. Leonel had the big fish at 36.75". Leonel was near the Chestatee river. He was in 64 degree water. He fished large gizzard shad pulling fast. Lots of trash reported further up from shallow marker to the dredge. So south of there was the ticket. 2nd place went to Higgy with 66". Higgy stayed south near the dam in and around shoal creek. He fished herring on downlines around 40-50' deep. Bill also caught a double on umbrella rigs. He could have had a good 4 fish weigh in for 1st considering Leonel only had 2, oh well, not this year. 3rd went to Jonesin for Fish with 62.5". Boomer got his on split shot herring close to the float. He was south on the river in 64-66 degrees. 4th went to Majayyer with 61.75". Same deal for them they were south on the river.  5th went to AA with 42". Ricky started in Flat and stayed out of everyones hair. Striper Sniper had 6th with a single 36.5" striper. Up the hooch with the crowd. Blue tick was 7th and fishing next to Boomer. Jr had a 20.5" fish. Hogans Heros had 7th with a 20.25" fish. Lewis stayed below the river from Ada and beyond. He reported seeing big schools in Ada with plenty of bait. Sounds like they are staging. We heard of topwater fish on the southend coming up in open water. Guys fishing in 72 degrees catching fish. Guys way up in 58 degrees catching fish. Umbrella rigs caught 4 fish, frelines, splitshot, you name it, it all worked somehow. There are lots of fish in the 100"' channel heading North from Flat to river Forks. Long freelins 100-150 with split shot on boards will catch these fish. They are cruising from 20-40' down. We had 3 boats skunk, not bad for October. Lynn managed 1 28" fish way up the hooch, but didn't get back to the weigh in. She stayed up and fished with Steve to add another late in the day.

October 15 - The Oakwood Striper Club Tournament is Saturday from 7:15AM to 2:30PM .  Water temps are in the 71-72 range on main lake south. The rivers have 60-62 degree waters. The bite has definitely changed since last month. Its JUNK fishing time. Downlines over deep water, umbrella rigs over 30' humps, topwater, North, South, you name it. The fish have scattered lake wide at this point.Good luck to all.

Monday is our club meeting at 6:30PM. We will be having our awards dinner. Discussion will be a rewind on 2015 as well as things to come in 2016.

October 4 - It is a 2 fish weigh in. We can vote for a bonus month through the year for a four fish format, like years before. The vote was 15 boats for 2 fish, 10 boats for 4 fish. We had 3 boats that were originally 4 fish change vote to 2 fish. Leonel Castillo was one of them.

September 22 - With cooler weather settling in, water temps made it to mid to high 70s. The pattern was firm at 70-90'. The majority of the fish were caught in 80' in or near the mouths of southern creeks including Orr, 2 Mile, 6 Mile and Big Creek. We had 18 boats fish with 13 catching fish. 1st Place went to Mike with Back in Black. Mike had 68.5" and he had the Big Fish at 36.5" Mike stayed in 2 Mile in one spot off a long point. He got his fish early. 2nd place went to Team Big Fish. They had 62.75". They got theirs on Parker spoons. They caught good numbers working the spoon.  3rd went to Majayyer with 60". They started in Big Creek and got quick start with dinks. Moved to the floatilla in 2 Mile and ended up in Flowery late to catch their big fish. Downlining herring in 80' was the ticket. 4th went to Team AA with 58.25" A great start for their 1st tournament. 5th went to Dan and Brett with 53.75" They had the right game plan putting in the dinks on an 80' bottom. Then they switched to the big spoon. They managed one bigger fish on the spoon. Team Green had 47" and 6th. Blue Tick caught numbers and ended up with 45" and 7th Place. Here come the tail pinchers. The next group of teams were all with in an inch of each other. Striper Sniper had 42.75", Total Chaos had 42.5", Higgy had 42.25" and Hogan's Hero's had 41". Sounds like the 20-21" fish were biting. We had some teams catch a single fish.  All in all it was a good finish to a very different year of fishing. Hopefully with good catch and release practices we can all enjoy these fish for years to come

September 16 - The final Tournament of the fiscal year is this Saturday. Lines in the water at 6:30AM, weigh in is at OBT at 2:00PM. It should be an interesting finish for the top 4 teams in the dog race. The fishing has been good. The downline bite is still strong. Water temps are in the high 70's to 80 degrees. Still finding lots of fish on a 70-100 foot bottom. Fish are out in the mouths of most southern creeks. There still are some fish on the river channel as well. Trolling leadcore will produce a big fish as well.  The downline fish have been in the 20-22" range. Power reeling the big spoons may put up a few good fish as well. If anything, it will get the lethargic fish to move towards your baits.  Saturdays weather is looking good with a mid 60's start and climbing into the 80s mid day. Good luck to all.

The meeting will be on Monday, the 21st at 6:30PM. Our guest speaker is Captain Ken West. Ken is a speaker for the Southern Fishing Schools as well as a guide with "Big Fish ON" Guide Services.  The topic is Fall fishing. Ken has a great presentation of lake stratification and its affect on the striper fishery.

August 18 -We had 16 boats come out for a nice day weather and fish wise. Air temps were highs of mid 80s along with a 86 degree water temp. The morning was overcast. The full summer pattern was in effect. Big fish scattered over the river channel and smaller fish in numbers on the 70-90' bottoms inside the creeks. 1st Place went to Majayyer with 63.25". They did their normal group downlining and fished some in Big Creek, 2 mile and 6 mile. 2nd Place went to Hogans Hero's with 61.5". Lewis and Lynn got theirs in open water between Big Creek and the 3 sisters. They didn't get their 1st fish till after 12:00, or when the sun came up. 100' downlines was the ticket.  Their big fish managed to find some timber, and 15 minutes of playing resulted in a rare victory for Lynn. Persistance paid off. 3rd place went to Bucktales with 61.5" also. Buck fish in sight of Hogan's Hero's.  Similar pattern on the downlines.  Team Greene got 4th with 57". They got theirs on downlines in pockets in Shoal Creek as well as Cocktail Cove.  5th went to Striper Sniper with 53.75". Jeff had the Big Fish of the day with a late in the day 33.25" catch. He was fishing open water just North of Buck and Lewis.   6th went to Jonesin 4 Fish with 51.25" Boomer mixed it up at the B Buoy and Two Mile as well as Shady Grove.  He figured out the pattern on the Parker Spoon and had a great day doing it.  7th went to Chaser with 48". Don B fished in Big creek in a pocket. He managed to catch good numbers, blowing through 4 dozen baits in an hour or so.  8th went to Chancy with 45". Aaron got some numbers around the B Buoy. Blue Tick had 9th with 44.5". Jr was side by side with Boomer. He also had good luck with the Parker spoon. Team Simpson had 10th with 42". Team Fintastic had 38.5" and 11th Place. Mike got into the herd of schoolies.  We had 2 boats Zero. A few guys did catch some larger 30-33" fish trolling leadcore, but had no kickers to go with their catch. Next Tournament is the last of the year. There is a race between 1st and 2nd and another race between 3rd and 4th. It should be interesting.

August 12 - The Striper Club tournament is this Saturday from 6:30 AM to weigh in at 2:00PM at OBT. Fishing has been good. The 20-22" fish rule the lake right now. Bigger fish are more prone to bite in the afternoon, but some are being caught in the morning fishing deep (100'+).  Trolling leadcore on the channel is very productive for these bigger fish as well. If you are in fish and getting shopped, you must power reel your bait. It will fire them up for sure. I have been catching quality fish (30"+) on the big Parker spoon, burning it. Try it over the tree tops or better yet, identify some fish on the bottom in 100-130' and reel like crazy. If anyone is at a total loss and needs a push into the right area, email me and I can give a couple of spots that have fish. They might not be monsters but it can get you started in the right direction.  Weather looks good with a high of 86. Enjoy and good luck.

July 17 - The Annual July Poker Run/ Striper hide in a pocket tournament has come and went. Things turned out great. We had 15 boats fish in 84-85 degree water. The bite was strong early in the morning, as predicted. Numerous patterns worked, including fishing 40', 60-80' and deep channel bite as well.  1st Place and Big fish goes to Majayyer with 66". The big fish was 34.5" They fished down lines 30' on a planer board over a 60' bottom. They got into some numbers mid morning. 2nd Place goes to Dan & Brett with 63.5". They fished in 100-120'. They downlined as well as power reeled the channel. They had a monster on for a while, but lost her. We can all relate. 3rd place went to Bucktales with 63". 4th went to Team Jackson with 60.75". Gary caught his first fish in the dark at 112'. Striper Sniper had 5th with 56.75". 6th went to Fintastic with 53.5". Mike had a good day catching a bunch. 7th went to Team Chaser with 52.5" Don had a mega school in Shady grove that never fully cooperated. He did manage a 32" fish out of the herd. He finished up with some leadcore fish at the end. 8th went to Team Green, also with 52.5" Matt fished in Orr Creek, they caught a handful in there. Fishawn had 2 fish and 44" for 9th. Junior of Blue Tick had 42.75", good for 10th. All in all we had 15 boats fish, all 15 boats caught fish. Two boats caught 1 striper, the other 13 had 2 or more. By 9:00Am the channel looked like a war zone, making it difficult at best to fish.

July 15 - Our Tournament is this Saturday, July 18th from 6:00AM till 12:30 PM. Unfortunately the Poker Run will be happening from mid morning on. Stay out of the main channel if possible. The good news is the bite has been great. The early bite is strong. Downlines are working great in 30-40' and 50-80' bottoms. Fish have showed up on the channel this week. So trolling Lead core has been working. Try pulling 7-8 colors over 100' bottom. These have been the bigger fish. You will see them suspending 30-50' down. Chartreuse colors have been working well.  We are expecting a big weigh in.

The meeting will be Monday July 20th at 6:30PM. Mack Farr will be our guest speaker. The discussion is trolling Lead core line for the summertime pattern.

June 13 - Great June weather for a great turnout and a great catch.  20 boats came out and had an overall great day of fishing.  Water temps were around 81-82 degrees.  The small fish showed in in big numbers, but so did a couple of big ones. The Southend prevailed as predicted. I believe 18 or 19 boats fished south of Browns Bridge. Fish are 1/2 to 3/4 way back in the creeks. Some fish have made to the main lake humps, getting ready for the heat wave and summer pattern.
1st Place went to Team Green with 73". They also had Big Fish with a 41.5" fat specimen. That puts that fish into the low 30's.  What a great catch for June. Matt and  Ron fished south and got the big girl on a planer board herring. She brought them into the trees and broke out. The hook fell out when she landed in the boat. They brought up part of the tree branch with the fish. They boat a few more fish both on downlines as well as boards.  2nd Place went to Team Chancy with 63". Aaron fished in Flowery Branch in a floatilla of striper catching boats.  He managed 2 great fish on downlines.  3rd went to Hogans Hero's with 60.75". Lewis has been on fire as of lately. He got his South on downlines.  4th went to Strickly Stripers with 59.75".  Phil was also in the FB floatilla. He was using planers and downlines.  5th went to Majayyer with 56.75", also fished south.  6th goes to Dan and Brett with 51.25".  They were also in the FB Floatilla. They got there big fish there and had a bigger one on. Unfortunately the fish took a detour to the dreaded Lanier forest. 7th place went to Team Simpson with 48". 8th went to Back in Black with 46.5" Mike found his fish out in bigger water around FC1.  9th went to Striper Sniper with 43.5", They also fished South.  10th went to Chaser with 43". Bob and Charlie were in the FB floatilla. They decided to leave after having 8 fish and 43". 10 minutes later Aaron and Phil got into some bigger fish. Fishawn also had 43". A popular size of fish right now. Chaos got 12th with 41". They were also around the floatilla of FB. Larry and Steve racked up some numbers on the 3-5 lb fish.  Blue Tick ran out of bait once again with 41"and 13th place. Jr and Pauls forearms are starting to look like Popeye from the workout they have been getting.    14th went to Team Jackson with 40.5". All Star had 39.25" and 15th. Jonesin for fish had 36" and 16th place. Bad order had 35.25" and 17th. Fintastic had 18" and 18th. Bucktales actually had 40" but couldn't make the weigh in. So 19 of 20 boats caught fish. 18 boats caught 2 or more, in most cases it was 4 or more.  The smaller 18-22" fish were the most represented. They were found on 30' bottoms in most southern creeks 1/2 to 3/4 back. (FB7,SM9,BC5, OC3, FC9, TM6/7 etc) The downlines put up the smaller fish while the planer boards landed the bigger fish. A total of 11 fish over 30" were caught today.

June 10 - The OSC Tournament will be this Saturday. Lines in the water at 6:00AM, weigh in at OBT at 1:00PM.

Fishing has been off the charts as of lately. Guides are blowing through 8 dozen baits a day. Downlining herring on a 30ish foot bottom is the trick.  The bite has been early. Normally by 10:00 its over.  The average fish is still in the 20-24" range. There are some 30+" fish being caught over deeper water.  I'm expecting  65" will be good to win or be dangerously close.  Good luck to all.

Our meeting is on Monday. It will be a downline 101 and 102  class.

May 20 - We wanted to let each of you know about the Fishing with the Falcons event again this year! Our date for the 8th Annual Fishing with the Falcons has been confirmed and will be Thursday, June 4.  We will have an afternoon start time again this year.  As a fishing boat captain, you will have 2 Falcons players/coaches or cheerleaders accompanied by 1 or 2 Wounded Warriors.

Your boat needs to be able to have room for 3-4 people. Bait is supplied by OBT.

Our mandatory Captains Meeting will again be held the night before on Wednesday, June 3 at a location TBD.  We will provide further details as we move closer to the event.  For those who have participated in the past know that this event gives us an opportunity to meet the soldiers prior to the fishing event the following day.  We also provide the logistical information to the boat captains as well.

I believe the Falcons are looking for a few more boats at this time. Please email me if you can help.


Bob Benson

May 17 - What a beautiful day for a tournament. Never trust a Weatherman! Temps were in the mid 60's to start and ended up in the mid to high 70's. Water temps were right at 76.5-77 degrees. There was a lot of cloud cover and a solid light wind giving a perfect chop or ripple on the lake. We had a total of 19 boats fish these great conditions. The early prediction was mid 60's for the winners and mid 40's to 50 for the lion share. We were close.
1st Place goes to Striper Sniper with 68.5". David and Jeff were on a tear fishing the southend. They boated 10 plus fish around the 2 mile area. They caught their biggest fish on a gizzard shad, while herring accounted for the majority.  2nd Place goes to the Birthday boy, Buck. Bucktales had 66.75" Buck fished his usual home away from home in Flat Creek.  It was reported by Larry that Buck was out of bait by 9:30 in the morning. They hustled to OBT for a couple dozen. Buck reports 10 Stripers over 30". He fished herring over a 40-70' bottom on points. That's how they say, having your cake and eating it too. (Birthday Cake).  3rd went to Team Greene with 66". Matt fished in Ada and had some early morning action.  Team Chaser tied for 4th with Hogans Heros with 65.5".  Bob and his son Charlie got a fun start getting into a topwater frenzy in the River Forks area. They boated 11 or so stripers in the 18-22" size.  They then moved up the Chestatee to find some deep fish over a 70+' bottom.  They boated 4 quality fish on top of the dink brigade in the morning.  6th place went to Majayyer with 65" They fished in the mouth of the Chestatee as well. They reported good numbers as well.  7th went to Blue Tick with 58". Junior has become Mr. Consistent as of lately. 8th went to Team Chaos with 54.75". Larry and Steve won Big Fish with a 36.5" Striper. They fished in Flowery Branch and had good numbers of the dinks like the rest of us.  9th goes to Team 79.5 with 52".  John and Steve had some action with a couple of monsters that took them for a ride to the Lanier Forest.  10th went to Back in Black with 50.5". Mike fished in the River Forks area. He had a similar day as most.  He also managed a 6lb Walleye to the boat. Catch this, it hit a medium gizzard shad on a planer board. Maybe we should trade in our night crawlers for shad.  I could continue but you get the picture.  16 boats caught fish. 15 boats caught 2 or more. More than half of the field reported catching 10 or more stripers. The downline bite did account for about 1/4 of the fish.  It will get hotter every day. The topwater bite was off the hook today, especially in the 1st 2 hours. Many teams caught 2 or 3 than moved on in search of the bigger fish. Some stayed and had fun. These smaller fish are on main lake points midlake and southlake on a 30' bottom, give or take. We were blind casting Spooks and Redfins when we marked fish and it seemed to work. The big Gizzard shad bite was dead today. Only 2 or 3 fish were caught on medium shad.  It was all about the herring. Most caught theirs on weighted freelines behind boards, fishing 50-75 behind the board. The big fish are in tune with the dinks. You need to move out to a 50-70 bottom to find them. They are not schooling like the dinks, but are cruising and will eat.  A number of fisherman tangled big fish in open water only to loose to the trees.  They are hanging on top of the deep timber.

May 14 - Oakwood Striper Club Tournament.  The votes are in. We had a split decision.  The start times (lines in the water) is 6:15AM. Weigh in at OBT at 2:00PM. Again, if anyone has an issue getting out of a ramp on time or has mechanical issues, or even a traffic issue. They can call OBT. We will allow the lateness as long as the pictures were taken in the appropriate times.

The weather Saturday should be favorable. Highs will be around 78. There is a 20% chance of light rain mid morning (depending on what weather service you look at).  The early morning topwater bite has been a strong pattern in the last week. Water temps are at 80 degrees. Its perfect for the Redfin bite.  Bigger fish have been on the banks early, especially on main points and or reef poles.  Fish the same main lake points in 30-40' bottoms with herring the rest of the day.  The umbrella rig bite is also strong with the smaller fish, Pull the rigs 50-70 behind the boat and clip points.  It may be the ticket to get a kicker fish. My predictions are mid to high 60s for the winner. The majority will find 35-42" total with the large schools of dinks around.  Good luck to all. Be safe. Have fun.

May 13 - The Oakwood Striper Club Tournament is this Saturday, May 16th. We are currently voting on times. The popular vote is 6:30Am to 2ish.

The meeting will be Monday May 18th. Bob will be running late, about 7:15. The show will go on. We will be discussing the upcoming patterns including downlines as well as discuss our tournament rules and strategies.

May 1 - Just a reminder the Fish Fry/meeting is Sunday from 4-6PM at Buford Dam Park. Directions are on the attachment.  Anyone that's  planning on helping cook or set up should show up around 3:00PM.  Remember to thaw your fish fillets out. Bring the fish to Oakwood Bait & Tackle before end of the Saturday or bring them by 3:30PM on Sunday. Lastly, bring $4 for parking, unless you have a Permit to park. Bring your dues money as well for the April quarter. Hope to see everyone there. It should be a great day.

April 20 - There is NO meeting on Monday. We have rescheduled the Fish fry and meeting to  May 3rd at 4:00PM.  We will be at Buford Dam Park. Pavilion #404.
1200 Buford dam road. This is supposedly the one closest to the swim beach, fishing pier, etc. Hopefully we will get some better weather this time. Either way, this Pavilion is much larger seating 80+ people. We could make it work in bad weather if need be. But I'm banking on Sun.

April - 19 - After a solid week of rain, Saturdays weather was a dream come true. Air temps in the 70s and mostly cloudy all day, with showers moving in late afternoon. The heavy and cold rains earlier in the week played havoc with the rivers and creeks. Cold and muddy waters blew out the backs of some popular creeks, while the rivers were chocolate and fast moving. Water temps on the North end were 64, while on the south end it was as low as 60. With the fish just coming out of their spawn last week, a few big fish were caught including a 40 and a 47 pound striper. But that was last week. We had 18 boats fish and most boats caught fish. Team Majayyer got 1st place with 71" and also had big fish with a 36.5" striper. Joe and gang were fishing mid Flat Creek. A good call considering the back of the creek looked like a war zone with heavy debris and muddy conditions.  Team Hogans Hero's had a good day fishing with 64". They would have had big fish with a 37.25" striper and 2nd place, however they got delayed at the  ramp and couldn't get back in time.  2nd place went to Team Blue Tick with 63.75".  Jr was fishing in his usual haunts.  He managed to catch double digits. Word is they ran out of bait fairly early. 3rd place went to Higgys Reel Deal with 60.5".  4th went to Fintastic with 58.75". That's 2 good back to back performances for March and April. 5th went to Dan and Bret with 58. They fished in Flat as well. Started out with a bang with a 32+" fish and then had to work for kickers. 6th went to Striper Sniper with 57.75" All eyes were on Rooster after his major Open Tournament win last week. He won the right tournament anyway.  7th went to Striper Slayer with 53". 8th went to Team Chaos with 52.25. 9th went to Team Green with 47". 10th went to Mike in Back in Black with 39" (2 fish). The list goes on with some small 2 fish totals. The dinks were out and about on Saturday. Most fish were in Ada , Little River and Flat creek. The same pattern prevailed fishing long free lines both weighted and weightless. We had 18 boats fish, 16 boats caught fish and 14 boats caught 2 fish or more.  We didn't catch the big one today, but we all made up for it in numbers.  A great performance by some of the best fisherman on the lake.

April 17 - The new date for the Fish Fry is May 3rd at Buford Dam Park. Pavilion #404.
1200 Buford dam road. This is supposedly the one closest to the swim beach, fishing pier, etc.

April 17 - Fish Fry Canceled!   Unfortunately, with the harsh weather expected for Sunday, we are cancelling the Oakwood Fish Fry. We will be rescheduling for 2 weeks depending on availability of a Pavilion.
I believe 2-3 inches of rain is expected. We have had a fish fry in these conditions a few years ago, and now are learning by our mistakes. I will be in touch soon.

PS. Anyone that has fish to donate, you should still bring it by Oakwood Bait when you can.


April 17 - The Oakwood Striper Club Tournament this Saturday is from 7AM till 2PM.  Weigh in is at 2:00PM at the Oakwood bait & Tackle store.

The reports are as follows: The spawn is over, water temps are 67ish. The water by now or by Saturday will be stained. The river should be flowing 20MPH with all this rain.  The stripers have moved back down somewhat. They are hitting big baits up in the shallows and still on a long line herring bite over deeper water (channel). There are fish up and down the lake. The North may have more numbers, depending on if the heavy rains this week pushed the water quality down lake. Good luck to all.

April 15 - For those of you who are donating fish fillets for the fish fry, please bring them to Oakwood Bait by the end of the day Saturday. We would prefer if they are already thawed out. If you can't make it to the store by Saturday, please bring them directly to Van Pugh by 3:30PM.  Thanks

April 15 - We are having the OSC Tournament this Saturday 4/18/15. We need to vote on times. Maybe a 7:00 start? Lots of big fish being caught now. The spawn is officially over and the big girls are eating.

April 12 - Reminder for next Sunday, we are having our picnic/fish fry/meeting. It's at Van Pugh Park near the boat ramp at 4:00. If possible, we need a guess for a head count.  Please email back if you are coming and how many guests. Family is invited.

April 8 - A reminder that we are having the Fish Fry /meeting on April 19th. I need some people to donate time and equipment if possible. I'm looking for a few fish fryers and possibly a couple of coolers. We currently have 3 fryers in our possession. I think we need 2 more. I will bring a large cooler.  I need a few volunteers to help cook. We will want 4-5 people to show up 30 minutes early for set up as well as help in the cooking.
We currently have enough Crappie fillets to feed maybe 40 people.  I'm thinking we need another 100+ Crappie. We only have about 10 days to go. Let me know if you have any fish you can bring.  Remember to thaw the fillets next Saturday, so they are good to go on Sunday.
PS  Crappie have spawned already. They are in the backs of the creeks in 4-6' of water. Hanging under shallow boat docks and heavy in visible brush. Have at it.

March 15 - The prediction was 70+ inches to win. It didn't seem possible with the tough conditions. The week of rain and cold fronts turned into an oncoming warm front with rain. Conditions were sloppy at best. Heavy rain throughout the morning with heavy fog. Air temps were in the 50's and rising, while water temps had dropped a degree or two at 50 degrees. With the massive bait kill on the southend of the lake, the bite was expected to be in the North. We had 16 boats brave the elements.  All but one fished in the North. The Sardis boat ramp looked like Grand Central Station early in the morning.  Now for the fishing.  1st Place goes to the "Lucky One", Team Castillo. The Birthday boy had a tough day lined up by taking on a guide trip with some unexperienced anglers. Not only unexperienced but started the morning drunk and continued drinking throughout the day. Castillo had 71 inches and the Big Fish of 35.5".  They caught more than a dozen 15-20lb Stripers in sight of many boats.  They fished the river channel above Gainesville Creek in 80-90'. Here's the secret! They were pulling large (10-15") Gizzard shad on planer boards over deep water. Not exactly the proven method for using shad, but maybe we need to add this one in the fishing books. Fish were charging from the depths and blasting the shad on the surface. I hope he bought a lottery ticket.  2nd Place went to Team 79.5 with 63.25". John and Steve also were pulling the river channel in the same proximity. Blue Tick got 3rd with 62.75". Jr and Paul had a solid day in Little River, Jr's home away from home. With good reasons, they boated 5 solid Stripers in a one hour stretch. Fintastic was in 4th with 60.25". They fished amongst the rest of us from Ada to Gainesville Creek. After toying with the Ada dinks (15-18" fish), they decided to pull umbrella rigs. Obviously a smart choice, considering the fish were all suspending at around 20'. Dan & Brett had 57.5". They were also in their usual Northern spots. Team Green had 53". They managed a number of Ada dinks as well and finally progressed into a few better fish.  There were a bunch of teams with 2 fish or more, but in the 16-18" range. As well as a number of teams with a single fish in the 33-34" range.  11 boats caught fish. Weighted freelines from 60-100 back was the most common technique, either behind boards or freelined.

March 11 - The OSC tournament will be from 7:30Am to 2:30PM. Good luck to all!

March 9 - The OSC Tournament will be this Saturday. We need to vote on times, especially with the daylight saving in play. The meeting will be Monday the 16th. Its movie time again. This time its the all so popular " Catching Big Stripers on Big Gizzard Shad" with Don Roberson and a young Dale Sheets.

Fishing has been up and down. Water temps are a solid 48 on the main lake. Fish have showed up on the North end of the lake in good numbers.  Creeks on the Southend, like Flat have been tough with an abundance of dead bait. The Stripers are literally vacuuming them off the bottom. There are some Big fish shallow and there are some numbers in deeper open water.  A week of warm rain may help things get right.

Lastly, we need to start accumulating some fish fillets for our April meeting/Fish Fry. Everyone follow Majayyer to their Crappie holes and load the boat. LOL

February 19 - We will try again for next Monday. The meeting will be on February 23rd at 6:30PM.  This is of course weather permitting. We will have a garage sale and swap meet before and after the meeting.  Shane Foster "Guru of Gizzards" will be the guest speaker. He will discuss the art of Gizzard Shad fishing and trophy fishing.  Coming from the man who is in the 50lb club.

February 16 - Unfortunately, we will need to cancel the OSC meeting tonight. Due to freezing rain in the area, we feel for safety reasons to postpone the meeting until next week. I will send out another reminder in the next day or so.

February 14 - The winter prefront tournament found most teams catching fish.  A 27 degree start with 7-10MPH West winds out of the box today. Water temps were 46 up North and 48-50 on the southend of the lake. There were a lot of big fish stories. I repeat stories. Notice I didn't say there were a lot of big fish pictures. 1st Place went to Team Castillo with 70.5". We are still unsure where Leonel fished, because he mentioned 3 different places and wasn't seen in any of those spots, but that's Leonel. He caught his fish on freelines with splitshot 100' behind the boat. He didn't use planer boards. Leonel reports have multiple fish over 30 lbs on. One took him for a 380' ride before he broke it. He had one beside the boat that broke the hook . (a non-Chaser hook-LOL) Either way he enjoyed his day.  2nd place went to Striper Sniper with 69.25". They fished south with Herring on boards. Also somewhat secretive of where they fished.  3rd Place went to Majayyer with 68.25". The hardest working Team out there, was found in Flat Creek with 4 guys fishing hard.  They boated 3 in the last hour to get back in the game.  Bucktales had 65.25" in the back of Flat. You could hear Buck singing from Balus.  Buck also had a big one take him to school today. Team 79.5 had 65" and 5th place. Word on the street is Sully had 79+" last Saturday in the Lanier Tx, keeping up with the team name.  Blue Tick had 63.75" today. He did manage to get one on a downline. Jr. and gang are sneaking up the ladder, watch out.  Fishawn had 55" and a 38" Big Fish.  They caught it at 1:00 on a small Fish head spin styled jig.  They had a backlash, by the time they cleared the backlash, it was on.  How's that for things going their way. A couple of shout outs to Team Chancy, Chaser and Team Jackson.  Aaron of Team Chancy had 2 fish today and has been skunkless so far this year. I hope I didn't put the kiss of death on you.  Chaser managed multiple fish, just small ones. Team Jackson had a big fish, somewhere in the 35LB. range. Gary, unfortunately didn't have a net and winded up trying to wrestle the Monster Striper into the boat. Sadly enough, the fish won. Congrats anyway on a fish of  a lifetime. It still counts if you touched the leader!  With the heavy winds and cold front pushing in, the day turned out pretty solid. Only 5 teams zeroed. Lots of Big Fish attempts and a great turnout on a otherwise cold, wintry Valentines Day.

February 12 - After all the hype, the Oakwood Striper Tournament is on for Saturday. Times are from 7AM till 2:00PM. That means you need to be back at Oakwood Bait by 2PM. It looks like a 27 degree start with light west winds. It will be sunny and reach 51. The winds will pick up during the day to 10-15 MPH around 11:00AM.

The good news is we have a massive cold front coming in late Saturday. What this means is fish should be eating well prior to the weather change.  My prediction is 70+ inches to win and I'm expecting one or more trophy fish boated. I hope its you, as long as I catch a bigger one. LOL

Good luck to all!

February 11 - Questions have come up about the weather for Saturday's Tournament.  Bob sent this out to us and I wanted to be sure it was available to everyone,
"We are all watching the weather closely. We won't call any shots until Friday afternoon/evening. As of now, Saturday morning is going to be 28-29 degrees at the start with 5-7 MPH winds. It will reach a high of 50 and sunny. However the winds will be 15 to 25. That's the only concerns at this time. The extended forecast for next Saturday is somewhat worse. I'm hoping the winds hold off till about 11:00. This would give us all 4 strong hours in the best feeding time of the day.  You can get home early to spend time with your loved ones if that's the case."

February 10 - The OSC Tournament is this Saturday, February 14th. Lets vote on times. I'm thinking something standard from 7 to 2. It has been an early morning bite as of late.  The Fish and Game forecast shows peak at 10:00AM ish.  Unfortunately we won't have the nice weather we just enjoyed this last weekend. It shows a cold start with a high of 47 and windy. Fishing has been good. Water temps are 50+ lakewide. We are expecting a cold front Thursday through Sunday. Fish have been in the rear of the creeks for the most part. Quality sized fish have been caught shallow on small baits, herring and Gizzard shad. A few have been caught on trout as well.

The meeting is Monday, February 16th at 6:30PM.  We will be having a Garage sale/Swap meet for fishing equipment.  Time to clean out your garages of your non used stuff. Make room for the new tackle.  Bring cash. Bring your old rods and reels etc.

Our Speaker is a treat. Shane Foster, "Guru of Gizzard Shad" will be discussing the art of catching shad as well as fishing techniques, including trophy fishing.  Please DO NOT INVITE GUESTS. This is for Club members only.  Shane has trouble speaking in front of a large audience. We will keep it an open forum with questions and answers.

January 18 - The OSC January Tournament found a solid 20 boats chasing Stripers in mostly 48-50 degree water. More rain for three days this week. Water temps on the southside were in the 48-49 range in the morning. Up North I heard 45-46, BURR! There were warm water pockets on the main lake that topped 50 degrees. Air temps started at 37 and rose to high 50's. Barometer was somewhat high, but in normal range for the winter. Wind was light in the AM and got to 7 SSE in the PM.
1st Place went to Striper Sniper with 68.75". David and Jeff had 1 rod doing all the action in the back of a creek. They used herring with split shot. In 2nd was Team Chancy with 57.25". Aaron got his on an Umbrella rig on a 30-50' bottom. 3rd went to Majayyer with 47.75". 4th went to Team Chaser with 47". Bob, Don and Gerry fished Everywhere on the southend. We caught one on a downline in the back of Flat early. Then 5 creeks later, back into Flat to find some more on umbrella rigs. From here we go to single catches. Big Fish winner was Team Pippen with a 38.5" fish . Craig got his on a baby herring with a small hook. He was in the back of a southern creek. He was witnessed working hard for a kicker, but the Striper Gods shut him down. He did however witness a near 40 pounder caught next to him, while he caught his fish. The fish was as fat as I've seen and was full of eggs. Wow! That would have been an incredible double and would have put him in the 80+ inch range, if he caught it. From here down there were many notable fish caught in the 28 to 35" range. A few were on Umbrella rigs, a few were on planer board trout and some were on downlines. One thing we all noticed, after the 1st hour or so, the fish moved out deeper and glued to the bottom. Chasers downline fish was unglued off the bottom. The belly and under carriage was orange from laying on the bottom in the mud. As we all agreed, should have been cut baiting today. Not many people fished North due to the cold water temps. The fish seem to be heavily covering the southend of the lake. A combination of the recent flooding conditions mixed with cold left the Northern creeks muddy and cold. There was a big difference From 50 degrees in 4 mile and 46 at Laurel Park. 4 degrees is huge. 1 degree is huge. So you get what I'm saying.

January 14 - The Oakwood Striper Club Tournament is Saturday. Lines in the water at 7:00AM or later, the weigh in is at 3:00PM at Oakwood Bait & Tackle.

Weather appears to be good, with a mid to high 30's start and topping off at 52 degrees.

The Fish and Game shows a slow start at 7:00AM and being good to excellent from 9:00 to 1:00.

Concentrate from mid creek to the rears. Search pockets in a 20-40' range. If you have side imaging, put it to work.  Fish are schooling up in good numbers. The better fish (10-15 lbs) have been showing up. Watch for surfacing fish early in the AM. Have a fluke or a bucktail jig tied on in case.

Good luck to all.

January 13, 2015 - The Oakwood Striper Club Tournament will be this Saturday.  Times to be voted on. Either reply with your vote or go on the Forum and vote on a time. My suggestion is a 7:00AM start  - finish whenever.

The meeting will be NEXT Monday, January 19th at 6:30PM.  It ill be Dinner and a Movie.  Its Stripers on Lanier with Don Roberson. The movie was filmed on Lanier years ago. It covers footage from Mid January to early March. It is an incredible source for learning. Much of what is discussed is still productive today, including techniques, equipment and even locations.

As far as fishing goes, the bite has improved from the smaller dinks we have been all seeing. This last weekend showed a number of solid 10-15 lb fish being caught on the Southside on a variety of methods, including Umbrella rigs, herring and trout.  The early morning (1st 2 hours) have been a strong bite. Fish have showed back up from mid reek to the absolute rear of the creeks. They are still heavy on a 20-40' bottom.  There are still some downlinable fish out over deeper water as well.