Lake Lanier, Georgia

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December 15 - We had 21 boats show up, trying to get a little extra Jingle for their holidays. We couldn't ask for a better day. Air temps started in mid 30's, warming p to 60 and sunny. Less than 5MPH west wind in the morning increased slightly by noon. Water temps North were 49-51 and in the South they were 52-54. 1st Place went to Team Castillo with 69". Fresh off of his big win in the Lanier Open last weekend, Leonel fished the same stretch in Little River. He had a few members along side of him. He managed to catch 2 quality fish. Both came on medium/large (8-9") Shad, fished on boards right on the bank. Leonel also had tied on Big Fish awards with a 35" Striper. Looks like Leoenel will have a Feliz Navidad with his winnings. 2nd Place goes to Majayyer with 64.5". They got the other half of Big Fish with 35". Joe also got his on Shad pulled shallow. 3rd went to Bad Order Exp. with 62.75". Mark worked through his boat issues and manages a couple quality fish. He fished 3/4 back in Flat and also got his on medium Shad. Back in Black took 4th with 59.5" Mike got his on SHAD. This is sounding like a broken record. Mike fished a Southeastern creek. Striper Sniper had 5th with 49.75". He broke up the SHAD madness and got his trolling Umbrella rigs. Team Chancy had 6th with 47". Aaron was up North. Strictly Stripers had 7th with 44.25". Phil got his on herring. 8th went to Team Chaser with 43.75". Bob and his son fished close to home in Flat. They got theirs on weighted herring, 50' behind a float. They did fish Shad on the bank, but were unable to land anything. Either way the blow ups were worth the price of admission. Dan & Brett had 9th with 42". They were North. They also did the Big Shad shallow approach and had similar action. Lots of short hits. They managed to catch good numbers of smaller fish. Team Chaos got 10th with 36.5" Again they got into a school of same size fish. From here we had a number of member catch single fish. We had 21 boats fish, 7 skunked, 10 caught their limit, and 4 got a single fish. All in all a pretty good day had by all. It was the size tournament we all wanted to see, but compared to the last couple months, the bigger fish are now showing up.

December 10 - The Oakwood Striper Club Tournament will be this Saturday.  Start times is 7:00AM and weigh in at OBT is 2:30PM.

The bite has been stronger on the Northside of the lake lately.  Larger baits have been working well. Bigger fish are shallow. Small to average fish have been from a 30-70' bottom. Fish are from 1/2 to 3/4 back in the creeks.  Water temps are in the 54 degree range and dropping, with this weeks cool weather. Saturday shows to be Sunny with temps from 35-55.

Our meeting will be on Monday.  We plan on finalizing the Club shirts. Please bring money. We will also discuss the Winter patterns, especially small baits.

Dinner will be KFC.

November 19 - If you haven't already heard, the Oakwood Striper Club will be making some shirts. Anyone interested, please email me back with sizes, colors, and quantities.  Be prepared to bring cash to the next meeting.  We will have the shirts for the January meeting.

Here are the choices:

Short Sleeve shirts are $10 each. Available in either White or Black. You can buy both
Long sleeve shirts are $15 each.  Available in White or Black.  

You can buy as many as you would like in any combination.

Our logo will be on the shirts.

The shirts are a very good quality shirt, that runs true to size.

Hats will follow in a month or so.

November 18 - The November Tournament turned out to be a cold but active one.  A chilly 27 degree start didn't stop the 19 boats from showing up to fish.  We were expecting a repeat of the last tournament with all small fish.  Not too far off, but we did have some improvement.  1st place went to Team Majayyer with 61.75" and a big fish of 36.75.  They found theirs on a 70' bottom. They did manage to catch good numbers throughout the day.  Team Blue Tick got 2nd place with 55". They got their best 2 on a double right away. They were in their usual Little River hangout.  Junior and company had a solid day with numbers as well. They got theirs on a 35' bottom.  Total Chaos got 3rd with 50".  Larry and Steve got one solid fish with a number of kickers. From here on out we had a dozen or so boats catch 16-18" fish on average. Most boats caught double digits.  Fish were North and South. The small stripers were hitting everything, including Umbrella rigs, downlines and freelines.  As a whole it was a productive day. Just wait a few years till these fish hit 10lbs or more. We had 3 boats zero. So 16 boats turned in fish.  That's impressive. A good job by all.  

November - 13  One of our members, Allen Silver had a very serious motorcycle accident over the weekend.  Below is a portion of a FaceBook Post from one of his close friends:

I don't think I've ever asked anyone to send a prayer,.or I don't think I've even really prayed before. .but one of my very close friends (Allen Silver) was in a motorcycle wreck over the weekend and is on life support as we speak. .so if anyone could take a few seconds and just close their eyes and pray he makes it through this I'd definitely be thankful

And another Post:
Bo Bellew: He took a bad hit to his head the dr's have him sedated because of head trauma and hemorrhage he definitely needs lots of prayers
7 hrs · Like

He is in currently in :

Mission Hsopital
..509 Biltmore Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801
Phone: 828-213-1948

Keep your prayers coming.  He needs all he can get at this point!!!

November 11 -  The OSC Club Tournament will be this Saturday, November 15th.  The times are from 6:30AM to 2:30PM. You may start anytime after 6:30. You will need to be back to OBT at or before 2:30PM.
The meeting will be on Monday, November 17th. We will be discussing the great improvements of the Striper population, as well as November/December techniques.  
As far as a fish report, the same pattern as last month is still in place.  Lots of small fish are all over the south and north of the lake. Fishing umbrella rigs on 30' humps and or point have been productive. The rivers have not been their usual self this year. There has been a handful of quality fish caught however.  According to last years tournament, it took 83" to win and 69" was second.  Water temps were 58 North and 60 South (same as it is here now).  Large shad and trout were the ticket last year. We are still in turnover, so therefore anything goes. These fish are scattered throughout.  Good luck to all!

October 21 - Over the years we have come to learn that October is hit and miss. We normally call it JUNK fishing. Today we have proven that theory. We had a total of 16 boats fish, while missing the top 2 teams of 2013-2014. Both Teams Castillo and Chaser have decided to be a little more casual this year fishing only a handful of tournaments. Water temps in the River was 60-62 and main lake was 70-71. The rivers were somewhat muddy/stained from the recent 6" of rain we got. Last years tournament found everyone in or near the 2 rivers, and for good reasons. They were full of fish. This year however, things have changed or it has been behind schedule. There were a few notable fish caught in both rivers last week, but with no consistency. 1st Place goes to Majayyer with 35.5". Yes, I said 35.5" for 2 fish. Hang on, it gets better. They also had big fish with 18". You can't make this stuff up. Now, you maybe thinking to yourself that with such low numbers, the rest of the field (15 boats) skunked. You would be wrong. 2nd Place goes to Dan and Brett with 34". That was a pair of 17" stripers caught on 15' downlines around Clarks Bridge. They caught over a dozen between 15-17". They are not alone. Higgy got 3rd Place with 33.5". Again that's 2 fish. Mind you, if you fished and caught a 17 lb fish today, you would have won the whole shooting match. 4th goes to newcomer Team Jackson. Gary had 2 fish that went 32". Are you seeing a pattern yet? 5th went to Striper Sniper with 31.5" 6th went to Fintastic with 30.75". Mike and gang caught theirs trolling. 7th went to Total Chaos. Larry, formally Gilly Monster got his power reeling. We also had guys fishing freelines as well as topwater. That what we call JUNK fishing. Bring everything you got. I can keep going, but I think you get the idea. We had only 5 boats skunk. The rest managed to find the large schools of last years stocking. As we discussed, with this many numbers of dinks, the fishery will be on fire in 2-3 years with solid 6-10 lb Stripers. On another note, Joe of Majayyer was 1st to weigh in. In disgust, he left to go home, figuring he was on the bottom. As a matter of fact everyone that weighed in had similar stories. You never know. You need to just always do your best. We gave seen single fish win the whole thing before. Bad water conditions make it a challenge. Either way, it was an interesting start to our season. Air temps were an enjoyable 60 at the start and 72 at the close. A beautiful day

October 15 -  The Oakwood Striper Tournament will be Saturday, October 18th from 7:30AM to 2:30PM.
Be careful if you are fishing up river. Water levels are a little low. A  number of boats have suffered lower unit  damages. This heavy rain should muddy things up somewhat as well. Either way, there has been an early morning bite on the main lake. Fish are from 30-80'. Downlines have still been working. The trolling bite is dismal.  The river has had a few quality fish, but no real solid numbers. It should be interesting.
The Meeting will be October 20th at 6:30PM.  It is our Awards Dinner.  Lorettas Country Kitchen will be catering. Our guest speaker is a new one to OSC. He is an old friend of the club. Terry Oshaughnessy, or better known as Jersey Cat on the GON forum will be sharing his expertise on Night time Topwater fishing. Terry is the master. He generally only fishes at night. He maybe part bat. Rarely do you see him in the sun.  I have personally learned a ton about night fishing from him in the last few years (after I thought I knew it all).
Bob Benson

October 13 - We are having the Oakwood Striper Club Tournament this Saturday, October 18th. If you plan to fish, please either email me your vote on a time or chime in on the forum with your vote. The meeting will be next Monday. It is also our Awards Dinner. Try not to invite guests if possible. We will keep it somewhat closed. We will vote at the meeting for the following months tournament times.

September 16 - The Oakwood Striper Club Tournament will be on Saturday, Sept. 20th from 7am - 2pm.
The reports have been mostly from 6 Mile, Flowery Branch, Shoal Creek and Orr Creek.  Trolling leadcore 8-9 colors have been producing as well as downlining live bait 30-50' down over a 80-100' bottom. Be prepared to mix it up. Water temps are around 82 and dropping. The latest DO (Dissolved oxygen) reports show lots of O2 in shallow water, from 0-20'.  This means watch for surfacing fish. Good luck to all!

September 12 - The Oakwood Striper Club Meeting will be Monday at 6:30PM.  The discussion will be about the future of the OSC. Come and discuss any ideas or changes you may want for the following year. The Tournament trail for the year ends this month.  Its a good time for putting new teams together for the following season.
The Tournament will be on Saturday, September 20th, times to be announced.

August 23 - Well, the damage was done. Now with only 1 tournament left for the year end points race, the battle for 3rd went from 4 boats to 2. 1st Place for the year was locked in for Team Castillo. Congrats to Leonel and Matt for an extraordinary performance. 2nd Place goes to Team Chaser. Bob and Don went down swinging, with a few chances to cut down Leonel, but it wasn't in the cards. The real news is the battle for 3rd is now down to current 3rd Place holder, Dan and Brett, and 4th Place holder is Team Majayyer. There appears to be about an 8.5" difference between the 2. This happened last year with Dan & Brett and Striper Sniper. Sniper slid by Dan by 1/2" on the last day. The pressure is on.

The lake was between 83-84 degrees. Still cold for late August. The bite was good this week with big numbers being caught by many. Everything worked from live bait to trolling and jigging as well. But its a Saturday. Saturdays are always different with the extra boat traffic. Air temps were hot with a 75 degree start and highs in the mid 90s. 1st Place went to Majayyer with 67". There consistency has put them in the race for 3rd for the year. Dan and Brett had 2nd with 66". They did what they had to do to hold on to 3rd for now. 3rd Place went to 79.5 with 65". They also had big Fish with a deep 35.25" Striper. Their fish came out of 120' and rocketed to a 40' deep line and then tried to drag it back down to the deep. Good job to John and Steve. Chaser had 4th with 62.5". They missed Big fish by 1/4". They also had a 38-40" fish beat them earlier in the day. Blame it on Bob. He let it swim 225' before it got into the trees. That's what you get with 10lb leader! 5th went to Castillo with 61". Leonel and Matt struggled up the river and managed 2 fish in the last 30 minutes. Those fish locked them in for 1st in the Championship. 6th went to Striper Slayer with 54.5". 7th went to Back in Black with 53" 8th went to Hot Rods with 50.5" 9th went to Striper Sniper with 45.5" . Jeff had a big fish on downline that strtched him out across the lake. He battled it for nearly 20 minutes before the trees won. That fish would have put them into 1st for the day and closer in the battle for 3rd in the Championship. But we all know how it goes! 10th went to Blue Tick with 32.75". 11th went to Higgy with 31". 12th went to Jonesin for Fish with 29.5" . 13th went to Bite Me 27". We had three boat tie for the bottom. Stay tuned for the year end finish next month.

Most fish were caught dowlining herring. The top 3 boats were all fishing a 100' bottom. A handful of boats trolled leadcore. Using chartreuse colors at 8 colors was the ticket. The areas were typical for this time of year including: Orr, Flowery, Shoal, 6 Mile and 2 Mile. Fish are scattered in the main channel and are schooling in deep trees just off the channel.

August 14 - The Oakwood Striper Club meeting is Monday, August 18th. Start time is 6:30PM.  The topic of the evening is summertime downline fishing, as well as power reeling. Now that the summer pattern has finally showed up on Lanier, its time to discuss places to fish, how to fish and bait management. This will be an open discussion amongst ourselves.
The Tournament will be on Saturday, August 23rd. Times to be announced.  The bite has been strong at times. Water temps are around 84. They will probably get back up to 85-86 by the weekend. Fish are from Browns Bridge South.  Look on the main channel as well as the mouths of the major feeder creeks. Live bait as well as trolling leadcore have both been working.

July 26 - Things fell into place for July 2014. The weather turned out great with a 70 degree start and an 84 degree finish. Water temps were also 84. The new moon is in the next day. Winds were steady 5--10mph. The beginning of the week was red hot fishing. Things changed with a heavy rainstorm or two by midweek. Fishing on Friday was a little slower than earlier in the week. We had a total of 15 boat fish the tournament. Twelve boats caught 2 or more fish. 1 boat caught 1 single fish. That happened to be Junior of Team Blue Tick. His single fish was 37.5" and big enough to win the Big Fish pot. We only had 2 boats skunk. All in all another great tournament.

1st Place with 65.75" went to Team Farris. Billy and Chase had a great day in Flowery Branch. Caught them on both downlines and freelines. 2nd place went to Dan & Brett with 65.5" They had a solid day as well catching 5 or more fish. 1/4 of an inch was the difference. 3rd place went to Striper Slayer with 62.5". 4th place went to Castillo with 60.5". They fished way up the river. 5th went to Team Chaser with 59.5". They got an early bite in the back of 6 Mile. A number of OSC boats were in there as well. 6th place went to Striper Sniper with 55.25" They managed their big fish on leadcore on the way into the ramp. Can we call that a happy ending. LOL 79.5 had 7th with 54". Majayer had 8th with 53.5" They were in the 6 Mile area. Team Hot Rods had 45" and 9th place. They were in 6 mile. Team Dinkability had 44.75" and 10th Place. Higgy had 11th and 44.75" They fished in Baldridge. Blue Tick had 37.5" and 12th Place. They fished in Flowery Branch. Bite me had 13th with 30.75". They caught numbers, however the fish were in the 15" range.

Downlines prevailed, fishing in 40-70'. Hanging baits 30-50' down was the ticket. There was a lot of shoppers reported. Mid to rear of the Creeks were the places to be. For example, Flowery Branch 7 or 6 Mile 10-11. Smaller sized leaders and hooks also were needed. The guys that fished 10-12lb fluorocarbon leaders in the 7-9' long lengths did well. Team Chaser experimented with 10 and 12 lb leaders. It was determined the 12lb was getting a lot of shoppers, were the 10# got all the bites.

July 22 - The Oakwood Striper Club is having its Tournament on Saturday, July 26th from 6:30AM to 2:30PM.
The recent rains have dropped the water temps to 70-80 on the South end.  The Stripers have temporarily moved 1/2 to 3/4 of the way back into the Southern creeks.  Try points and pockets in the 30-50' range.  It is hit and miss right now on keeping Herring alive, due to the poor mix of water quality.  Experiment before you commit all your baits.  Umbrella rigs and leadcore trolling have been productive. There is a good amount of oxygen on the surface for now. Experiment with freelines if possible,  Good luck to all.

July 16 - The Oakwood Striper Club meeting is Monday, July 21st at 6:30PM.  It is at the usual place , Zion Hills Baptist Church ( in the back) on Falcon Parkway in Flowery Branch.
Our guest speaker is Jonathan Schaefer.  Jonathan is a master at summertime vertical jigging.  See this link to get a peak at what he does. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrWYCoQBABg
If that doesn't do it for you, you need to take up Golf. Seriously, he fished patterns that don't require bait, such as power reeling and snap jigging.  Bring a notebook, you will learn some great info.
Our tournament will be on Saturday, July 26th. times will be announced.
Fishing reports have been scattered. Water temps have been changing up and down. Right now the temps are in the mid 80s.  Fish haven't yet pulled out to the channel like they should.  They are still hanging in tree tops in the 50-80' range.  There are also many fish being caught in the 30-40 slick bottoms as well. Reports vary from a few catches a day to 15-20 fish days. Everyday is different. Get off the couch and give it a try.

June 21 - This was the one everyone was worried about, the dreaded 4 fish tournament. As usual it worked for some and not for others. Water temps were in the mid 80's north and south. Fish were mainly on a 30-50' bottom. During the week, the umbrella rig bite was strong with the small fish. There were some strong days reported by Lanier captains. The North has reported numbers of smaller fish in the 3-6 lb range. The larger fish have been mostly on the southside. Not many fish larger than 15 lbs have been reported. The day started out with strong wind. It was appreciated to keep you cool , but it didn't help for fishing. The wind added yet another difficult variable for many. 1st place with 131.75" (4 stripers) went to Team Chaser. Don Brown enjoyed his birthday on the water with his brother James and fishing partner Bob. They caught 7 Stripers in Flowery Branch, fishing on a 30-40' slick bottom. Downline herring and shad did the trick. It was great to see James Brown back on the water. Now I can see why the Brown brothers were a tough team to beat back a few years ago. Team Castillo had 2nd place with 126" (4 stripers). They fished in Leonels jetboat up the Chattahoochee in skinny water. The team everyones watching got 3rd. Team Majayyer had 124.75" (4 stripers). They fished in Four Mile with great success. They also downlined herring. They got theirs over timber in the 50-60' range. Word is they had 15-20 hook ups. They have proven themselves on 3 straight tournaments. Striper Sniper got 4th with 118.25" (4 stripers). Rooster and Jeff stayed south around Shoal creek. They certainly know how to prosper on these multi fish tournaments. Dan & Brett got 5th with 86.25" (4 stripers). Downlines on the southend was the ticket. They fished in the 2 mile area. Team Bite Me had 6th with 63" (4 stripers). Steve and Don fish in Ada Creek with downlined herring. They were on a mega school with numerous double and triples. They had a blast. The fish were in the 3-5 lb range. The Big Fish of the day was 38.5" by Team 79.5. They seem to have the big fish corralled lately. A mostly solid day was had by all. We had 13 boats fish and 12 boats caught at least 1 Striper. The points race is getting exciting with only 3 months left to fish.

June 18 - The Oakwood Striper Club is having a Tournament on Saturday from 6:00AM to 2:00PM.  This will be a 4 fish weigh in. Each boat will be able to measure up to 4 fish. This will enable some teams to gain in the points race, if you can catch 4 stripers. Sign up at Oakwood Bait and Tackle.
The bite has been up and down. The fish are still in the transition from North to South.  We are still seeing lots of smaller fish. Fishing from a 30-60' bottom with downlines and or weighted freelines has been the choice. Umbrella rigs on a 30-40' bottom has been a good choice. The U rig fish have been 16-22" fish.  Four of those would give you about 80".  Water temps are 84 and rising. The southend has more fish than the north end at this time, and getting stronger everyday. Fish main lake points as well as secondary points in the creeks.  Fish are scattered and in packs of 2-5 fish, no big schools yet. Good luck!

June 12 - The OSC meeting is Monday, June 16th.  We will be discussing tactics for early summer as well as choosing the 4 fish bonus tournament. The tournament will be on Saturday, June 21st. Times will be voted on.
A big thanks to all that fished with the Atlanta Falcons. It was another success. We had a good majority of the captains there.
Fishing now has been good early morning. Downlines, weighted freelines and umbrella rigs are all working.  Water temps are in the low to mid 80s lake wide.

May 25 - What a great weekend to be out on the pond. Memorial day weekend, with a beautiful 80 degree day and a tad bit of cloud cover, mixed in with 5-10 mph wind. You couldn't dream up a better day. But how was the fishing. With the week leading up to the event, there were some ups and down. Many fish caught by guides during the week were in the 7-10 lb range. The prediction was a number of boats would hit the scales with mid to high 50's. I predicted half the field would Zero. I'm glad I was wrong. The caliber of fishermen in this club is outstanding. The guides I spoke to on Saturday were struggling. The extra holiday traffic on the south end drove everyone North. The rowing venue at Clarks Bridge drove more people down. For the most part, the majority of the club was from Sardis to Little River. 17 boats fished with great results. A total of only 3 gutter balls. Some boats put up some numbers. 1st place and Big fish went to team Majayyer with 68.75" and Big fish was 36.5" Joe and the gang were around C1 and Keiths bridge. They got theirs on anything and everything. They had a triple and some doubles early. 2nd Place went to Chaser Fishing with 66.5". Don and Bob got things rolling early in Little River with a 36" fish on a 8' downline. The Gizzard Shad attracted them in and the herring put them in the boat. Downlines and weighted freelines were working. Jason and Eric of Striper Slayer enjoyed a peaceful day in a creek up the Chestatee. They wound up with 65" and 3rd place. Jason reported no boat traffic or fishing pressure, how nice. Thet got theirs on downlines, which turned out to be the strong bite of the day. 4th went to 79.5 with 61.5". Good to see John and Steve back to the norm. 5th went to Dan and Brett with 61" . They were in the Sardis to Holly Park area. They had some good success early and landed their big fish late in the day. 6th place goes to Strictly Striper with 60.25". Phil and company were in the same area. 7th place went to newcomers, GA Lake Fishing. After speaking at the meeting Tyler decided to join in on the fun. He and his brother put up 59.75" in the way back of Wahoo. That's a great start for their 1st try at it. 8th place went to Team Castillo with 59" out of Ada. Like a poker player, Leonel is hard to read. He struggled for a long time with 1 fish in the boat. He spread the rumor/trash talk about have 70+". Then he manages to save grace with a second fish moments before the end. Again, this is why do never quit! 9th place went to Gilly Monsters with 57.75" Larry and Steve were also in the Little River Area. Team Farris put up 47" the hard way. They had a 33" and managed a small kicker to go with it. They were also up there with the mob. Chase caught a 24 lber in the same area earlier in the week. From here on we had some single fish. Buck managed a 34.5" beauty out of Flat Creek. A tremendous club performance as a whole. Glad to see everyone out on a busy weekend. Enjoy your barbeques.

May 21 - A reminder that the OSC Tournament is Saturday from 6:00AM till 2:00PM.  Weather should be nice. Success has come targeting points in 20' or less near mouths of the creeks. North has been somewhat more consistent than the south.  Good luck to all.

May 16 - The OSC meeting will be Monday, May 19th.  at 6:30.  We will be grilling Mexican style with Leonels famous Steak and Chicken tacos.  The discussion will be TOURNAMENT FISHING,  We will use our own 20+ teams in an open format to discuss how and why we fish tournaments differently than a normal day out, or do we. Come and find out.
The tournament will be Saturday, May 24th, times will be voted on.
Fishing has been improving. There has been some good days and some slow days.  Its getting more consistent as the fish find their way down the lake.  Topwater has started, but it hasn't peaked yet. Keep your eyes and ears open.

May 7 - Wounded Warriors, the Atlanta Falcons and us.  For those that are not aware, every year the Atlanta Falcons takes a group of Wounded Warriors fishing on Lake Lanier. Captains donate their time, boat and tackle to help out. Normally each boat will have 1 or 2 Falcon players as well as a Wounded Warrior on board. Oakwood Bait supplies everyone with bait. You as the Captain will come to a Captains meeting and Dinner the night before. There you will be informed on the procedures of the event.  You will also get to mingle with a number of Atlanta Falcons players as well as coaches.  The fishing event that follows will generally start in the early to mid afternoon.  It ends at dinner time.  Once back on land, there is a dinner also provided. Its normally a grilled steak dinner that is awesome. This event has grown in its 7 years.  There is media coverage on the event. A number of us have been on the news as well as on the half time shows during preseason ball.
The date for the 7th Annual Fishing with the Falcons has been confirmed.  Our date this year will be Wednesday, June 11th.  We will have an afternoon start time again this year.   Our mandatory Captains Meeting will again be held the night before on Tuesday, June 10 at a location TBD.  We will provide further details as we move closer to the event. As a Captain, if you would like to participate, please call or email Jeff Powell at (770)354-1621 -   jcpowell@joepowell.com, or Bob Benson at 404-557-5559  -  bob@starsandstripers.com
We are looking for a few captains. Please help out a great cause if you are available.

April 26 - The April tournament found 15 boats running North in search of non spawning Stripers. Water temps were mid to high 60s. Weather was beautiful with a low 50s start and a near 80 degree finish. Winds were light out of the box and gradually picked up to 10 mph. The bite was a split between shad and herring. The majority of the club found themselves in the Ada Creek area. 1st Place went to Team Chaser with 69.75". Don and Bob got theirs in the back of a Northwest creek on big shad. Castillo had 66.75" and Big Fish with a 36.75" Striper. He fished from Johnson to Ada. He got his on Shad as well. Striper Sniper got 3rd with 64.5" Jeff did a good job holding the fort down for Rooster. Jason and Eric of Striper Slayer got 4th with 63". They stayed from Laurel to Clarks Bridge. Majayer got 5th with 62.5" They were up in sight of the rest of the gang in Ada. They had good numbers with shad. 6th went to Dan and Brett with 62.25" They too were in the Ada area. Team Bite Me wrapped up 7th with 58". Gilly Monsters had 57.5". Larry got one pitching a live herring at a blow up. They were up with everyone in the Ada area. Team 79.5 got a single 35.75" fish, but no kickers. As a whole the majority of the group got 2 or more fish. 9 boats caught fish and we had 6 zeros. Fish are mostly in full spawn now. The fish caught were mostly males in the 30-32" range. Very few males were milting or showing signs of spawning.

Check out the points race on the attachment. The race is heating up. Remember, we only use 9 of the 12 tournaments at the end of the year. So its your best 9. The top 5 or so are running pretty tight after we end up dropping some weak performances. Hang in there for 5 more months.

April 23 - The Oakwood Striper Club Tournament is this Saturday, April 26th from 7AM to 3PM.  Fishing has improved. Big fish have been caught in the last few days. They are targeting big baits. Water temps are from 62-70 depending where you are. Fish are in good numbers up North. There are still fish in open water down South. This tournament will usually take 70 inches to win. Its anybody's game with the fish scattered all up and down now. Weather for Saturday looks to be good with a 55 degree start and a 79 degree finish,  Good luck to all.

April 16 - The Oakwood Striper Club meeting is Monday, April 21st at 6:30PM.   We will be starting promptly.  The discussion of the night will be "Pitching live baits for Striped Bass".  This is a technique hardly used by the average fisherman.  It has proven deadly from April to June on Lanier.
Fishing has been up and down with the weather lately. Fish are staging up for the upcoming spawn. They are expected to spawn between the full moons of April and May. Reports are showing a few fish have already been spawning. This will continue for the next month.  Expect to catch females full of eggs and males will leave with a parting gift if you catch any. Males will be Milting (sperm).   Normally, you will see a single female with a group of 4-7 males surrounding her. These fish will not eat. You can still catch fish in the area. Not all Stripers will spawn at the same time.
Our tournament will be on Saturday, April 26th.  Hopefully weather will be good. I'm expecting the majority of the fish will be North of Gainesville Marina to Clarks Bridge and Beyond. There are always Stripers that hang back in the creeks they reside at.  For instance, Baldridge, Flowery, 2 Mile  and Flat will always have fish, just not the numbers that have moved North.

March 22 - The March Tournament was as expected. The prediction had lowered through the week due to the bite pattern. Water temps are at 50-51 on the Southend and 52-54 North. Fish have been holding over a 100' bottom in the channels. 17 boats tried their luck. Weather was perfect with a 50 degree start and a 70 degree finish. We predicted 66 inchs Friday night. It was pretty close. 1st place goes to Striper Sniper with 64.75". Rooster and Jeff started around Flat Creek 6 and ran North for their 2nd fish. 2nd Place went to T&G with 62.5". Troy and Gene had a great day catching 8 total. They stayed in Little River and Gainesville Creek. 3rd went to Team Farris. They also had a good day in the back of Flat Creek. 4th went to newcomers, Team Hot Rods with 60.5" Love the name. 5th went to Dan & Brett with 56.75". They caught theirs in the channel below Browns Bridge. 6th went to Team Bite Me with 44.5". They got theirs in Flat Creek. Higgy had 7th with 44.5" also. They fished in Little River. A number of teams had caught a single fish. Fishing was generally tough considering the weigh in numbers. Many fish were caught in the last hour. Only 4 boats zeroed and 8 boats caught 2 or more Stripers. There were a notable amount of 12" Stripers caught today by 3 different teams. Its good to see the little fellas coming into their own.

March 18 - The Oakwood Striper Club Tournament is Saturday, March 22nd from 7AM to 3:00PM.  Sign up at Oakwood Bait and Tackle.  Weigh in is at 3:00 at OBT.
The weather looks good for Saturday with highs around 69.
Fishing has been good. Another 40 pounder was caught last night while we were in the meeting.  Fishing bigger baits is starting to be a good pattern now. Fish are still shallow early in the morning and there are still a good amount of fish in the mouths of creeks as well as open water (90-100').  I'm predicting it will take 70+ inches to win this one. It should be an exciting tournament. See you out there!

March 11 - The Oakwood Striper Club meeting will be on 3/17/14 at 6:30PM.  The discussion of the night will be "Bait Care". It will be an open forum, utilizing the room full of experts. The goal is to cover the basics right on up to Gizzard Shad as well as Summer bait care.
Fishing has been up and down. It has gotten progressively better in the last couple weeks. There are many fish being caught in open water in the mouths of the creeks.  There are still good fish in the backs of the creeks as well.  Its trophy time, from here till Mid April. We will spend a few minutes discussing tactics (where, how, type of bait).
Our tournament will be on Saturday, March 22nd. Things will be shaping up nicely. Water temps are hovering in the low 50's already.

February 23 - The February Tournament was as near to a carbon copy of last Februarys. Water temps in the beginning of the week were 44-5 degrees. The 3 day warming spell, mixed with a slamming hot rain storm, changed water temps to 50 degrees and as high as 53. The backs of the creeks were all muddy and blown out. The fish moved out as well. Both Flat and Balus were holding good fish all week. As expected we guessed low 60s would be a contender. We had a total of 17 boats out of the 24 teams show up. It turned out to be a beautiful day. Air temps started in the low 40s with little to no wind and a little overcast. It warmed up to mid sixty with sunny conditions. Definitely a keeper for February. Now for the fishing. 1st Place and Big fish went to Jason of Striper Slayer with 64" and his Big Fish was 34.5". Jason got his early in Balus Creek. He fished in the clean water past the mudline. 2nd Place was a tie with 62.25". Larry of Gilly Monsters wins due to having a bigger fish. Larry got his on Herring in Flat Creek, mid morning. 3rd went to Castillo. They got theirs in Johnson Creek on a trout and shad. 4th was a tie with 61.25" Team Chaser was awarded 4th with having the bigger fish. Their 34.25" fish help edge them out for the 4th place finish. The fish fell .25" shy of winning Big Fish. Bob and Don fished in Flat Creek. Therefore 5th Place went to Bill and Bill of Team Higgy. They fished in Gainesville Creek. 6th Place went to Mike of Back in Black with 61". Mike got 2 fish on transom baits (10 feet behind the boat. 7th went to Junior of Team Blue Tick with 60.75". Junior had a solid morning with 4 or 5 fish in Little River. Notables, Team Farris had 8th with a 33.25 fish, they were in Flat and Bite Me finished 9th with 33", they were in Balus. Is it just me, or is everything separated by 1/4". All in all, we had 12 boats catch fish, leaving 5 boats fishless. What appeared to be a slow day actually turned out to be a fairly solid performance by most. 1.25"s separated 2nd through 7th place. This is why we say measure twice and cut once. LOL Really, measure and squeeze the tail for maximum inches. Smaller fish can gain 1/4 to 1/2 inch, whereas large fish can gain close to an inch. Congrats to Jason on the win. His consistency will make him a great contender for the Championship this year.

February 14 - We will be meeting on Monday, 2/17 at 6:30PM.  The topics of the meeting are Winter Boating Safety as well as Winter/Spring Techniques.
The tournament will be on 2/22. Times to be voted on.  Looks like we will have a warm up coming this week, with highs in the 60s.

January 27 - First of all, I want to start by saying that we as a club have the most dedicated and possibly crazy fisherman out there. It was so cold that Steve Sullivan (Team 79.5) traded in his shorts and flip flops for long pants and shoes. He still didn't wear gloves though. We have been experiencing a week long cold front with average lows well into freezing. Tournament day was a low of 17 with 10mph wind out of the box. Air temp felt like 0-5 degrees with the wind chill. Winds picked up to 15-20 with 30 MPH gusts. Can you feel the pain yet! So here we go, 16 crazies from the Oakwood Striper Club bare the conditions to go fishing. My partner, Don Brown said it best, " If I was getting paid time and a half to work in the outdoors today, I would have stayed home." But yet we all went fishing. The problems we all faced as a group had to be dealt with. Boats were frozen to their trailers. I mean when you would try to launch, the boat would float up with the trailer attached. The ramps froze over after the 1st boat launched, making it a skating rink. Boat decks were frozen, Most people had a similar issue with the herring laying on its side due to the coldness of the water in the bait tank. The water started out at 45 degrees, but within a few hours water temps in the bait tanks were reached mid to high 30s, killing the herring. The best solution was to due a 50% water change with the warm 44 degree lake water. Rod tips were frozen, not allowing line to move through it. I experienced this on my 1st Striper of the morning. It was pulling drag and it got to the point where I thought the drag locked up, however the tip was frozen solid. I ended up dipping the rod into the water continuously throughout the fight to catch the fish. For the guys pulling umbrella rigs with braid, they found out that braid holds moisture, therefor the line was frozen to the reel. Are we having fun yet? As a matter of fact a number of teams did have fun. It seems that when you catch a striper, it all goes away. 1st place goes to Dan and Brett with 68.25". They fished I Flat and Balus. The bait of choice was herring and medium minnows. Jason and Eric of Striper Slayer got 2nd with 60.5". They fished with similar baits I Big and Shoal Creeks. Chaser Pro Staff had 3rd with 60" even. Don and Bob fished in Flat creek also with small herring and shiners. 4th went to Majayer with 58.75". Big Fish honors and 5th place went to newcomers Team Farris. Billy and Chase got things started with a rather fat 39" 28lb Striper. Mark of Bad Order Expeditions managed a 37.25" beauty to capture 6th place. Mike of Back in Black got 7th with a 33.75" striper. David and Jeff of Striper Sniper managed a 33.25" striper for 8th. Water temps varied around the lake. Flat creeks water temps with in the high 45s, whereas Gainesville Creek was 44, Flowery Branch was 44, Johnson Creek was 42. The baitfish have dropped from 30' down to 50'. Dan Duncan said it best, fish slower and size down your baits. Interestingly, the bite was still on freelines with split shot. Nothing on downlines or umbrella rigs.

January 21 - This months tournament will be held on Saturday January 25,  starting at 7:00am with the weighin at 3:00pm.

January15 - The January meeting will be on January 20th at 6:30PM. It is at the usual Zion Hills Baptist Church(Flowery Branch) in the back of the building. Back by popular demand, we will be doing Dinner and a Movie this month. We pulled out a classic Lake Lanier Striper movie from our archives. Its another Don Roberson movie,- Stripers on Lanier. filmed in January (years ago). I feel it will be a good representation of current conditions. Either way, the other Don Roberson movie was both informative and funny at the same time. This one won't disappoint either.  Dinner will probably be finger foods, such as Zaxbys chicken fingers and all the popcorn you can eat.
The Tournament will be January 25th. Times will be voted on at the meeting