Lake Lanier, Georgia

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December 23 - As predicted the conditions were a perfect storm for catching stripers. Water temps in the 50-52 degree range. A warm front was approaching with light drizzle on and off. Air temps were in the 50s and to reach low 60s. Barometer was low and dropping. I can't think of no other place to be but Striper fishing. Certainly wouldn't want to be in the Mall. So here we go. We had a great turnout with 18 of our 21 teams showing up for the Holiday tournament. The predictions held up as expected. We had 12 boats catch 2 or more stripers. There were 2 boat catching a single striper and only 4 boats that had bad luck. We caught fish up and down the lake. Fish were midway to 3/4s of the way back in creeks like: Baldridge, 6 mile, 2 mile, Flat, Johnson, Sardis, Ada, and Little River to name some. The bait of choice was herring and then medium trout. We did hear of some on Gizzard shad and medium shiners. We even had some fall to Flies, Flukes and McSticks. Oh my. 1st Place went to Team Castillo with 75.5". Leonel and Matt got theirs on herring up against the bank. Leonel had his big fish on his "Lucky" rod with 10lb test. He had to chase the fish down. This team is tough to beat, as Matt showed us last month. Team "79.5" had 2nd with 72.75" They won BIG FISH honors with a 40.5" beauty. This is the 4th, 40" caliber fish caught in 3 tournaments. John and Steve are responsible for 2 of these. They fished in sight of Castillo all day. They reported getting good numbers of fish. Steve reports catching his big fish casting a fluke. Hmnn, where did we here that before. Henry Cowan was right on the money with that tip. Striper Sniper got 3rd with 69.25". Rooster and Jeff stayed South for the day. They got some good numbers as well. 4th Place went to Blue Tick with 64.25" Junior and Paul had good numbers in Little River. Jason of Striper Slayer had 5th with 62.5" Jason with another solid performance. Team Majayer also had 62.5". Simon ended up in 6th, due to Striper Slayer having a bigger fish in the tie. Mark from Bad Order Expeditions had 7th with 61.25". This will put Mark back on track. Team Bite ME had a solid 60" performance. Good enough for 8th Place. I heard they stayed in Flat Creek all day. I wish I though of that! Gilly Monsters had 57.75" and 9th Place. Chaser Pro Staff had 56" and 10th. We fished in Little River in sight of Blue Tick, Dan and Brett, and Vic. There were plenty of fish up there, just no big takers. Again, it was a great group performance. Special shout out to Dan and Brett, who caught a 18" White Bass. This is a legal catch and can be measured for the tournament. Either way, its good to hear some being caught. Congrats to all that caught fish and or enjoyed the day. Happy Holidays to all.

December 17 - The OSC Club Tournament is Saturday, December 21st from 7 to 3 PM. Good luck to all!

December 11 - The Oakwood Striper Club meeting is on Monday, December 16th at 6:30PM. Our guest speaker is Henry Cowan (Worldwide Fly Fishing expert). Henry will be discussing the winter pattern of small baits on Lake Lanier. If you haven't seen Henrys presentation before, you've been missing out. Henry has been catching fish steadily in the last month when others have struggled. His presentation of the bait is key to catching some of these fish. Its not all about Fly fishing, but how to present the proper size baits etc.
Our Tournament will be on the following Saturday, December 21st. Call it the Christmas tournament. Hopefully Santa brings us all 70". Well, maybe not all of us. LOL

November 24 - The November Tournament was a great performance as a whole. Where to start? Water temps are 60 on the south and 58 up North. Fish have been caught throughout the week on medium trout on planer boards and downlines. Not to disappoint we followed the bite. A solid group of 17 boats entered the tournament. The lake was covered from the dam to Clarks Bridge. We all caught fish from South to North. The BIG STORY of the day is Matt Green, the quiet parter of Leonel in Team Castillo, had to fish on his own. Leonel decided to go hunting instead. Turns out to be a good decision for both. Matt held up his end of the deal with 2 fish totaling 83". His big fish was caught on a large gizzard shad and won Big Fish, and tied the Club record of 45". The 83" breaks the old record of 79.5". Matt was up North. Team 79.5, holder of the old record, stayed strong with 69" and 2nd place. They stayed south. Got them on gizzards and trout. Their fish came in as a double. Newcomer, Striper Sled, with Jason T. came in 3rd with 66.25" Jason got his on downlines on the southend of the lake. Team Chaser came in 4th with 65". Medium trout on planers (with split shot was the trick). Bob and Don stated on the south side. Dan and Brett were right behind in 5th with 64.75". They were further south. Jeff A of Team Snap On came in 6th with 54.5" Jeff got one on a Herring and 1 on a Umbrella rig. Bill from Higgys Reel Deal came in 7th with 54.25". They were South. Nine boats caught 2 or more fish. Two boats caught 1 striper. Six boats tied for 12th place. As a group we all fished in Shoal Creek, Flowery Branch, Orr Creek, Two MIle, Six MIle, Browns Bridge, Laurel Park, and Clarks Bridge. I'm sure there was other places not mentioned. Congrats to Matt with his 35 pond Striper. Kudos on the catch and release as well as his record breaking performance. Leonel might need to stay in the woods for the next one. LOL

November 19 - The OSC tournament will be this Saturday from 6:30 to 2 PM.  The bite is up and down the lake. Target fish in the 25-50' range. Medium trout is the bait of choice. Both downlines and freelines will work. Watch for surfacing fish. Try umbrella rigs when all else fails.
Good luck to all!

November 15 - The OSC meeting is on Monday, November 18, at the Zion Hills Baptist Church. Its the usual, it starts at 6:30 and ends before Monday Night Football. We will be discussing Umbrella rig basic setups and advanced tip and techniques. The umbrella rig bite has been strong and will continue through the winter. Otherwise the bite has improved greatly on the southend of the lake. Medium trout has been the bait of choice. Fishing planerboards and freelines shallow has been the routine.

The Tournament will be on Saturday, November 23rd. Times will be announced at meeting.

October 28 - Our first tournament of the new season has big results. Traditionally, October is a tough month for Striper fishing on the lake. The lake is in full turnover, Fish are generally not eating well. This is why the ones we do catch are generally long and thin. This is the time that our whole club finds themselves in one of the 2 rivers. Not to disappoint, we had 15 boats enter and roughly 13 found themselves in the rivers. Mind you the 2 boats fishing main lake both caught fish. It was a cold October start at 29 degrees. Freezing conditions made the boat decks slippery as well as freezing the eyes/guides on our rods. At least there was no wind. Water temps on main lake are at 69 degrees while the rivers are at 66 degrees in the mouths and the temperature break was at 52. 1st Place went to some familiar faces. Team "79.5" aka SMP was at it again with a 73" performance. They named their team after a Club record setting performance of 79.5" in a tournament last year. They weren't far off their mark. John and Steve fished up the Chestatee river and got their fish on medium trout. A notable Big fish of 40" was caught, but hold on, it wasn't the biggest fish. New Team "Bite Me" was fishing in the Chattahoochie. The Scott family managed 67.75" good enough for 2nd place. Better than that, they caught the Big fish of the tournament with a 40.25" river beauty. This isn't the 1st time we've seen a new team come in and do well. Congrats on the Big fish and great performance. 3rd place went to a new/old team. Team Chaser Pro Staff had 67.5". Bob from Stars and Stripers and Don from She Likes it rough joined forces this year to form the new team. They fished in sight of Team "79.5" the whole day. They caught all their fish on small to medium Gizzard shad. 4th place went to last years Champion, Castillo. He managed 64.75". Leonel had prefished on Friday and caught an unbelievable 82". Sadly enough he put the kiss of death on himself. Either way he was fishing in the hootch. Bucktales had 5th place with 64". He was fishing the southern part of the Chestatee. 6th place went to Higgy with 63.5" They were fishing the main lake below Brown bridge. Dan and Brett had 7th with 63.25" They were up the Chestatee. Anytime 63+ inches gets you 7th place it was a good tournament. An average of 60" is generally good enough to win 1st place as points champion for the year. There were 5 boats that didn't catch fish. Considering the lake turnover, this is an impressive start to hopefully impressive year for all.

October 16 - The Oakwood Striper Club is having a meeting on Monday, October 21st at 6:30PM. This is going to be our fiscal year end with our Awards ceremony and banquet. Lorettas Country Kitchen is providing the dinner. We will still discuss fishing topics but we will spend more time with the Awards/Roast.
Our 1st tournament of the new season will be Saturday, October 26th. Times to be announced.

September 21 - The September season ender didn't disappoint. The weather was cool with light drizzle. 68 degree air temps and 76-78 degree water temps. The front moved in over night and fishing was expected to be tough. 1st place went to Castillo with 56". Leonel fished up river and managed 3 Stripers. 2nd Place went to Gilly Monster with 53". Larry and Steve had Big Fish with a 34.5" beauty. Their kicker was only 18.5", big enough for 2nd. They got theirs in Big Creek on free lines over a 30-40' bottom. 3rd Place went to Striper Sniper with 52. They got theirs early in the Big Creek area as well. They ended up with just enough to push them into 2nd Place for the year end in total points.  4th went to SMP with 45.75". Steve fished alone and had his hands full for a brief moment in time with a triple hook up and then another double. He managed to get 2 of them in. Steve was also in Big Creek. He witness large schools that were mostly inactive.  Backwoods came in 5th. They fished up river, Their big WOW of the day was catching a 10LB Largemouth.  What a thrill for those guys. Back in Black managed 1 fish during a topwater blitz. He had his chances a few times, but the fish came unbuttoned. 12 boats fished the tournament and 7 boats found some fish. Next month starts the new fiscal year for tournament. Everyone is tied for 1st. Put you r teams together now. Bob Benson and Don Brown announced that they are joining together for a new team. With 27 teams, we can probably join forces and get about 20 or so solid teams to compete.

September 13 - The Oakwood Striper Club is having its meeting on Monday, September 16th at 6:30PM. Its at the usual place, Zion Hills Baptist Church. Through popular demand, we will be showing/teaching how to use the OSC website and forum. Anyone who is not currently on it can sign up for it. We will show how to add reports/pictures etc. The second discussion will be on the Topwater bite which is about to start.
The Tournament will be Saturday, September 21.

August 25 - The August Tournament was our Bonus points Tournament. Instead of measuring 2 fish, anglers could measure 4 fish. This Tournament has made and broken many a good fishing teams in the past. It was no different this year. We had 14 boats competing in tough conditions. A slow morning bite with a strong 10-15MPH East wind would make things difficult. With the high winds, it seemed everyone was close to insight of each other. The Saddle Dike area of Shoal Creek was the place to be in less wind. 1st Place went to Striper Sniper with a 4 fish total of 118.75". David and Jeff had everything go their way. They caught theirs on both downlines and Leadcore from West Bank to Saddle Dike. This performance slingshots them up into 2nd place for the year. Team Castillo had 2nd with 89.5". Leonel and Larry honkered down in the mouth of Shoal. They got theirs downline fishing and split shot freelines. 3rd place and Big fish went to Silly Monster. Larry A got a single 43.5" 30ish lb striper right next to Team Castillo. Congrats on a great fish.  Teams T&G had 4th with a 32.75" fish and Team Higgy had 5th with a 24.25" fish. It was a 9 way tie for 6th. There is 1 Tournament left in the points race. We have 4 Teams in contention for the lead. September shall be interesting.

August 16 - The Oakwood Striper Club meeting will be on this Monday, August 19th starting at around 6:30PM.  The topic of the evening will be our continued Summer fishing pattern (or lack there of).
The Tournament will be next Saturday, August 24th. Its the Special 4 fish weigh in tournament. It should be an exciting one.

July 20 - The July Tournament found Lake Lanier full of fisherman and race boats. We knew the traffic would get bouncy with the annual Poker Run. We did predict the morning bite would be a safe bet. We did see fish caught in both morning and afternoon. Team Castillo got 1st place with 66.5".  Leonel and Matt had their hands full at 7:30 am with a 5 fish hookup. 4 were on downlines and 1 on a weighted freeline. They managed to land 4 of 5. There biigest 2 fish came of off weighted freelines pulled behind a directional float or planer board. 2nd Place went to Mark F of Bad Orders Expeditions with 63.75". Mark got his later in the morning on downlined Gizzards and herring. 3rd went to Dan & Brett with 61.5". They did catch their better fish late in the TX. Never count them out! They were followed by SMP with 61".  Newcomer Phil S of Strictly Striper caught the Big Fish with a 35.5" Striper caught off a shallow hump. All but 2 boats caught fish. The water temp made it to 85 degrees. The majority of fish were caught over a 50-60' bottom. There were some caught over the channel as well.

July 18 - The Oakwood Striper Club Tournament will be this Saturday from 6am to 2:00PM.
The downline bite and trolling bite has been strong. Lots of reports of 20 fish days recently. the 50' bottom is still the premier choice. Lots of scattered fish over the channel. Water temp as of now is a cool 80 degrees. You will find these fish on the southend of the lake. Target mouths of creeks at the points and or humps.
Good luck to all........  Bob

July 15 - The Club July Tournament will be held this Saturday, July 20.  Lines in at 6:00am, Weigh-In at 2:30pm at Oakwood Bait.

July 15 - Bob Benson found a web site that will help you fill your reel with an appropriate amount of Lead Core.  Just goto http://www.accuratefishing.com/support/linecal.php.  In addition, this link has been added to our Favorite Links above.

July 10 - The OSC meeting will be held on Monday, July 15th at 6:30PM. We meet at Zion Hills Baptist Church (in the back) at 4100 Falcon Parkway, Flowery Branch. (our usual place)
We have a few treats for you this month. 1st, our meal will mostly consist of traditional grilled Mexican Fajita Steak and Chicken. Our own Leonel Castillo will be the Chef for the night. For those of you that haven't had the good fortune of eating Leonel's cooking, you might want to get there early! He will not disappoint.  We will probably grill some hot dogs as well. (for the non-spicy lovers)
As far as the speaker goes, you should all know him. Jim Farmer of Cast Away Bait & Tackle will speak about Summer trolling patterns including leadcore and downriggers. Most of you already know Jim from the North GA club as well as Oakwood Striper Club.. I'm sure a number of you have been successful with his custom tackle. Jim is probably the most avid and renowned Trolling captain on the lake.
Our tournament will be on Saturday, July 20th. Times to be voted on.
We are catching some numbers now on the Southend of the lake. Both live bait (downlines) and trolling are working. Target points in 30-50'. Some big schools have showed up in the river channel over 100"+ bottom.

June 24 - The June Tournament had a surprising finish. Stripers are in transition, moving from the North of the lake to south. The water temps are at 84 degrees. The downline bite had taken off. The Full Moon was the factor that was scary. The Stripers would eat through the night into early morning. That was the case. The fish caught were mainly caught in the 1st 30 minutes or so. Here is the surprise, the Club record was broken!!!!  John and Steve of Team SMP put up mind blowing numbers with 79.5".  The Big Fish was 45" and 35lbs. This is also a club record. Their kicker fish was a mere 34.5". Although SMP are not the most talkative bunch, we did hear the fish came off downlines North of the Dam. LOL  Both fish were caught in the first 30 minutes.  Way to go guys. That performance also slid them up to 3rd place and close to 2nd. Too bad it wasn't a double points tournament. 2nd place went to Dan & Brett with 65". They fished on the Southside and had caught them early. 3rd went to Striper Sniper with 58.5". Castillo was right behind them as well as T&G. 7 of the 11 boats caught fish. 2 new teams entered, puting us at 26 Teams that compete. Very impressive

June 13 -  The Oakwood Striper Club Meeting is this Monday, June 17th at 6:30 PM. We will be discussing downline and splitshot freeline techniques.  We will also be adding in some advanced techniques. This pattern will be with us for months to come.
The Tournament will be next Saturday, June 22nd. Times will be voted on.

May 26 - The May Tournament was a success. Finally we get a weekend with good weather and stable conditions leading up to the tournament. Only 9 boats fished with the Memorial day weekend kicking off. All 9 boats caught fish. Air temps was about 77 and water temps were close to the same. The fish were North in good numbers. Most boats reported catching numerous fish. One boat caught 14 Stripers. But there can only be 1 winner. Team "She likes it ruff" AKA Team Everglades wins with 69.5". Don caught numerous fish, with somes doubles and a triple. Don like a few before him, broke a slump with the purchase of his Everglades. It seems if you buy a different boat things will turn around. Don't believe it, ask Dan D, Rooster, Leonel ETC.  2nd Place went to Castillo with 68.5". Leonel caught numbers pulling Gizzard shad North of Gainesville Marina. 3rd went to Dan & Bett with 67.75". They also had Big Fish with a 36.25" Striper. I heard they also put on numbers on their boat. T & G had 4th with 65.25". Striper Sniper had 5th with 62".  A good fishing day for all. Don B was so happy, he tried his luck on Sunday with a guide trip and caught a 35lber.

May 24 -  The Oakwood Striper Club Tournament is tomorrow, Saturday, May 25th from 6:30AM to 3:00PM. The bite is better by far on the North end of the lake. Weather is to be great. It should be a fun day. Freelined herring and big shad pulled shallow on points and hump are working well

May 21 - We are having the Oakwood Striper Club Tournament this Saturday, May 25th, from 6:30 AM to 3: PM. Weather looks great (79 and Sunny). Fishing has been up and down. Its better on the North end lately. Water temps North are 75 degrees. Its 71 on the Southside. Fish shallow (less than 10'). Pull bluebacks and or shad on shallow humps and points. Good luck.

May 17 -  The Atlanta Falcons are sponsoring a fishing event this Wednesday. They invite two wounded Warriors to accompany 2 Falcons players in each boat. We are looking for 1 or 2 more captains to help out. There is no pay for this trip. The benefits, however are nice. You will supply your boat, tackle and gas. Bait is donated by OBT. The Falcons will have a Captains meeting Tuesday night, which includes dinner and an autograph/picture ceromony with the Coach and players. They also have a barbeque after the fishing event with the team as well. Fishing is Wednesday from 2 PM to 5 PM. If anyone is interested and has the room for 3-4 people in their boats contact me at 404-57-5559. Last year each captain received 4 tickets to a game as well as some Falcon apparrel along with the dinners.
Bob Benson

May 16 - We are having the Oakwood Striper Club meeting on Monday, May 20th at 6:30 at the Zion Hills Baptist Church.
We will be having a social fish fry. Anyone who can show up early will be greatly appreciated. We have 2-3 fryers and we will need help in prepairing the food. Anyone who has fish to bring, make sure you take them out of the freezer and put them in the fridge to defrost. I would say to put them in the fridge by Saturday.
PS We will also have hot dogs for the landlubbers. Dues are due. Since we all missed last month, we need to collect this month.

April 22 -  It was a week of big fish. Numerous 30-40 lb Stripers were caught leading up to the April Tournament.  In usual fashion, we got a reality check. The cold front moved in after the rain on Friday, just in time to scramble things up for the tournament. Water temps held in the mid 60's. Saturday was a cold 41 degree start and gusting winds in the 20s. Still, as a group we overcame the conditions and put some numbers up. 1st Place went to a new team. I love when this happens. Call it beginners luck, or maybe not. Earnie Banks of Team Wildest Dreams had an impressive 69.75". Earnie stayed far South. He caught fish on splitshot freelines as well as jigging some up. Earnie decided to fish for free and go for the points, leaving the prize money up for grabs. 2nd Place and winner of 1st place money is Team Castillo. Leonel prefished Friday and caught a 24 and 28 lber in the back of Flat. It was a slower day on Saturday but they still ended up with 65". "He doesn't always catch Stripers, but when he does, he prefers to catch Big ones." 3rd place went to Dan and Brett with 64.5". They started in the back of Flat. They did move around to 2 mile and some other places. 4th place went to Buck Cannon of Bucktales with 63". Buck also had Big Fish honors with a 39", 28 lb. Flat Creek Special. Mike Topping of Back in Black had 5th Place with 60.5".  He fished South and also at Browns Bridge. 6th went to Team Backwoods with 55". 7th went to T&G with 49.5". The others followed suit with a single fish. Only 1 boat Skunked. There was a pattern of fish biting from 10-12. The early morning put up a few fish. There were lots of reports of short strikes and blow ups.

April 16 -  The OSC Tournament is this Saturday, April 20th from 6:30AM to 3:00 PM. Again, you can start later and finish earlier. Fish any hours within the start and finish. Catch 2 big ones and weigh in early! Lol   Sign up at Oakwood Bait and Tackle.
Weather is looking to be sunny and in the high 60s. The bite has been consistant withsome big fish being caught. It could be another 70+ inch tournament.

April 12 -  We have gone ahead and made the executive decision. The April meeting will be dropped. We will, however be having a FISH FRY for our May meeting. I will rely on a bunch of you to catch some Crappie in the next month. The Crappie are shallow in the grass now. Anyone that can, we need to have the fish filleted. We can bring the fillets to Oakwood Bait & Tackle to store in the back freezer. I will stay in touch via email as we approach the event. I'm sure we can use some help in set up as well as cooking.
Our Tournament is still on for next Saturday, April 20th. We will have a 6:30 AM start time. We can vote for a finish time.

April 11 -  We have some problems this month for having a meeting. Bob is coaching Baseball and has a game on Monday. Larry also has prior commitments. The building we use is only available on Monday next week. So let me know, if someone else wants to conduct the meeting or is there another building we can use possibly tuesday or thursday or do we just let it ride till May. Either way we will still fish a tournament next Saturday. We currently had no speaker lined up for this month. We would just be gathering and discuss the changing conditions. ie Stripers are starting their migration to spawn etc.  Email me with suggestions
Bob Benson

March 26 - The March Tournament delivered as expected. It has been a few weeks of great fishing. We expected a 70" finish. Water temps were right at 52 all week. The typical "Tournament front" rolled in Friday. Snow, sleet and heavy rain were expected for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Well, the rain moved in heavy by 5:00AM. Thunder and lightning followed right at the Tournament start. Surprizing, we had a total of 12 boats show up to fish in Armageddon like conditions. All boats caught fish that braved the heavy rain storm. This may be a first. But as crazy as the weather was, the finish was just as crazy. How about we had a 3 way tie for Big Fish at 35". Teams Castillo, SMP and Striper Sniper were all awarded with Big Fish. Another photo finish happened. Just 1" separated the top 4 teams. 1st Place was a tie with Teams Striper Sniper and Castillo with 69.25" Both teams had identical 1st and 2nd fish. Both teams caught good numbers of fish. 3rd Place went to SMP with 69".They were within 1/4" of a 3 way tie for 1st. Sounds like they need a fish stretcher on board. LOL. They also caught good numbers early in the rain. 4th went to She Likes it Ruff with 68.25". 5th went to Dan and Brett with 65". 6th went to T&G with 63.5". 7th went to Higgys Reel Deal with 59.75". The majority of the boats fished between Flat and Balus. 11 of 12 boats caught fish during the rain.

March 22 -  Conditions have improved. The Tournament is on for tomorrow, Saturday March 23rd. Start time is 7:15AM. Weigh in is at Oakwood Bait at 3:00PM. The winds should be light and chances of rain ar 50%.
Good luck to all.

March 22 - Our meeting will be on Tuesday, March 26th at Zion Hills Church at 6:30PM. There was some scheduling conflicts for this monh, we appologize. Our speaker will be one of our own, Tim Adrien, our Monster Striper Guru. The discussion will we open forum as usual, and I'm sure Gizzard shad will be mentioned somewhere. LOL
As far as our tournament goes, we are scheduled for this Saturday from 7:15AM to 3PM.  However, we will keep a close look on the weather as well as we would like to hear from anyone that wants to participate. It is supposed to be snowy, windy and raining through the weekend. March is typically a month we would expect anglers to average high 60s and low 70 inch results. I would hate to see everyone skunk due to bad conditions. So call Bob or Larry with any ideas or suggestions. We can always move it to the Sturday following the meeting, which is Saturday, March 30th.

March 16 - Unfortunately, there has been a change of plans. The meeting for Monday, March 18th has been cancelled due to scheduling problems. As of now, the tournament will be Saturday, March 23rd. We are shooting for 7:15 to 3. We will possibly  have the meeting Monday, March 25th. We are working on the details. Thanks

March 15 - We have a Oakwood Striper Club meeting on Monday, March 18th at 6:30PM. We will be having an open forum  about trophy fishing in the spring.

Our tournament will be Saturday, March 23rd. Times will be voted on.

February 25 - The February Tournament brought in some tough conditions. Water temps were steady at 48. We got 2 inches of rain the night before and more for the start of the tournament. This puts us into a full post front condition. We had a surprising 16 boats enter considering they would be wet for the first few hours. We predicted it would take a mere 64" to win. We figured the shallow bite would be difficult at best and the majority of the fish would stay deep with lockjaw. One boat rises up. Buck and Mitchell of Team Bucktales, caught 70" with a 37" Big Fish. They captured 1st place. They were fishing in the back of Flat Creek with herring. They managed to dodge in and around the other boats catching fish along the way. Team Castillo, with Leonel and Matt got 2nd place with 65.5". They caught their fish in the last hour on down line herring. They were fishing creeks in the Chestatee area. Dan and Brett got 3rd with 64.25". They got theirs down lining herring in Flat Creek. They did manage to catch numbers but never could upgrade their first 2 fish. Team Snap On finished in 4th with 63.25". Jeff kept it close and was nipping on Dan and Brett's heels. A notable 35" Striper was caught by Team T&G. Troy and Gene started out solid but never could get the kicker they needed. Striper Snip and Bad Order Expeditions also managed a single fish. As far as the rest, the had the popular share of a skunk. As always we can all add up the excuses. In this case there were a few. There was 4 Bass tournaments going on at the same time, including the BFL. So add 200 screaming boats running up and down the creeks. The extra noise, competition for our fishing spots, post front and everything else contributed to the Skunk. But, there is always next month.

February 19 - The OSC Tournament will be Saturday, Feb 23 from 6:45 to 3:00PM. Weigh in is at Oakwood Bait & Tackle at 3:00PM

February 15 -  The Oakwood Striper Club (OSC) will be meeting on Monday, February 18th at 6:30PM. We are in our usual spot at the Zion Hills Baptist Church in Flowery Branch. The discussion will be Trophy Stripers with gizzard shad. Our speaker is NSBA/SBCC Champion, Shane Foster (the Gizzard Guru). Dinner will be KFC.
The tournament will be on Saturday, February 23rd. Times will be voted on.
PS Striper fishing has been good. Lots of quality catches on herring and trout on downlines. Fish are grouped up from mid to rear creek. Water temps are 48-49. Be safe on the water. There is plenty of floating debris. Water level is up to 1065. All ramps are open. Most floating docks are accessible, including Balus and Sardis.

January 26 - The January tournament turned out to be a big start for the new year.  With a post front after the freezing rain storm, not to mention a full moon, we didn't expect a great turnout.  However, we had 17 boats enter to fish. The weather turned out fine, with a 38 degree start and low winds, giving way to 10 mph west winds in the afternoon and a high of 53. 1st Place went to Stars and Stripers with 68". Bob and his son Charlie (9 years old) fished in the back of Flat Creek. 2nd Place went to SMP with 67.5". Steve and John stayed around Johnson/Latham. Castillo was close in 3rd with 67.25". Leonel also was in Johnson Latham.  Big Fish went to Bucktales with a 35" Striper. Buck and Mitchell found her in Flat Creek. Team Backwoods were in 4th with a solid 62". Jeremy and Brandon fished near Gainesville Creek. Team Higgys Real Deal was looking for a threepeat (3 wins in a row), but settled for 60.5" and 5th place. Newcomer "Rippin LIps" had an impressive 59" and 6th place. Good job Chris.  River Rat tied up 7th with 51.25". John and David stayed around Johnson/Latham. If it were a Crappie TX, they might have won it. They were catching trophy sized Crappie on herring/planer boards. David had one at 3 pounds.  17 boats fished, 9 boats caught Stripers. Water temps were around 50. Fish were caught shallow, early in the morning. Later they fell to downlines in a 50' bottom. We now have 20 team competing. A great start with a lot of teams showing up for the new year.

January 22 - The Oakwood Striper Club Tournament will be this Saturday, January 26th. Lines in the water at 7:00am, weigh in at Oakwood Bait and Tackle at 2:00pm. Sign up at Oakwood Bait and Tackle anytime from now to Saturday.
It will be a Full Moon. Expect air temps to be near 32 to start and warming up to a toasty 42 degrees.
The SBCC is also having a Striper tournament at the same time. The good news is the fish are lakewide. So hopefully there are no major crowds in any one creek. Expect to find fish in the rear of the creeks. Big baits shallow have been catching larger fish. Downlining trout over a 50' bottom has also been working.
Good luck to all.

January 18 - The Oakwood Striper Club meeting is Monday, January 21 at 6:30PM. It is at the Zion Hills Baptist Church in Flowery Branch. Our speakers will be from the GA Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resource Division, courtesy of the Lanier Striped Bass Coalition. The discussion will be on the current state of the Lake Lanier Striped Bass fishery. These meetings have become an annual event and are not to be missed for persons interested in the Lanier Striped Bass fishery.  
Our Tournament will be on Saturday, January 26th.

January 2 -  The December Tournament turned out to be the North vs the South. With water temps dropping to 49-50, fish finally made their voyage up the lake. We fished after a rain storm that was kind enough to stop at the start of the tournament. With a full moon, the morning bite shoud have prevailed. As predicted, the morning bite was hot. Team Higgys Reel Deal won it again with an impressive 72.5". Higgy had Big Fish awards with a 41" - 30 Lb beauty. Higgy stayed south and got his fish in Chestatee Bay on planer board trout.  2nd Place went to Team SMP with 71.5". They were also South in Chestatee Bay. They caught theirs on both boards and downlines.  3rd Place went to Castillo with 70.5". Leonel fished North in Gainesville Creek. His shallow pattern pulling big shad on planer boards paid off. 4th place went to Striper Sniper with 67.5". David and the gang fished North in Gainesville Creek. They got theirs on downline trout. 5th Place went to Mark F of Bad Order Expeditions with 63.75". Mark stayed south in 6 Mile. He got his on downlined trout and shad. 6th Place went to Dan and Brett with 63". They fished North in Gainesville Creek. They caught good nmbers downlining trout.
We had 11 boats. 7 boats caught fish. 7 boats stayed South, 4 went North. The South prevailed with a 1st, 2nd ,5th and 7th place finish. It was a big fish tournament with 3 teams finishing with over 70".