Lake Lanier, Georgia

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December 14 - The OSC meeting is on Monday, December 17th at 6:30. Its at the Zion Hills Baptist church. Our guest speaker is Capt. Mack Farr. He will be speaking about wintertime patterns and umbrella rigs. Our club tournament will be on Dec. 22

November 25 - The November Tournament had 58 degree water temps and a 35 degree start. Winds picked up to 15-20W. The cold front moved in Friday night. Things looked bleak. But when things go your way it doesn't matter. Just ask Bill H of Team Higgy. Bill caught a 34.5 and a 24lb Striper this week pre fishing around Thanksgiving.  Things didn't change. He caught 4 or 5 Stripers with a total of 70". He also had big fish with a 36" Striper. Way to go Bill. A well deserved win and a great way to finish an already good week. Bill got his fish in Shoal Creek on Planer Board Trout and Herring. The 2nd Place team was Striper Sniper with 68 3/4".  Rooster and the gang caught fish in Flowery Branch in the am and Flat Creek in the pm. They caught them on planer boards and downlines.  3rd Place went to SMP with 67.5".  They caught theirs in 6 Mile on a 30-50' bottom. Also the Brave heart award should go to Steve S of SMP.  Steve braved the cold start and wind, wearing nothing but shorts and flip flops. Dan and Brett had 4th place with 60".  They caught one in 4 Mile an the others in 6 mile. And noteable for 5th place was new Team T & G with 46 3/4". Troy and Gene fished in Gainesville Creek and caught 4 fish.  A great start for their 1st tournament. We had a total of 13 boats fish. 7 boats caught fish.

November 23 - The OSC Tournament will be Saturday Nov 24th, from 6:45 to 2 pm

November 17 - The Oakwood Striper Club meeting will be Monday, November 19th at 6:30PM.  We will be demonstating new methods of throwing a cast net. We we also be discussing new products on the market. The highlight will be dinner and a movie. We will be watching an instructional DVD on Striper Fishing from Captain Jim Durham.
The tournament will be on Saturday, November 24th.

October 21 - The October Tournament brought out some old faces as well as some new ones too.  It was the return of the Backwoods Boys and the addition of 4 new teams. We had 15 boats with potential of more than 20 boats.  A typical October Tournament, the lake is in full turnover, 20 MPH winds, 68 degrees main lake temps. As history has taught us, the river bite can make you a hero or a zero. This tournament followed suit. Team Herring Impaired, with Keith M, came in 1st Place with a solid 73.5". They also had Big Fish with a 38.25". Keith fished up the Chestatee River with large Gizzard Shad. A lot of work and prep went into the trip including catching fresh Shad in the 12-18" size early that morning. They even caught more bait during the tournament. The fresh Lanier baits paid off. 2nd Place went to team Backwoods with 71.25". It's good to see Jeremy and Brandon back at it again. They caught their fish on large trout in the Chattahoochie River. 3rd Place went to Dan and Brett with 67". They also fished in the Chattahoochie. Stars and Stripers came in 4th with 50.25" The 3 generation team caught their fish early at Vanns Tavern on planer board Shad. They continued to catch fish throughout the day on umbrella rigs. However, the fish were in the 21" range. TJ came in 5th with 34.5". Tim and Jerry (not Tom and Jerry) fished up the Hooch. A congrats to Mark F of Team Bad Order Expeditions. Mark finished in 6th with a 30.5" fish. It was Marks 1st tournament. He had some chances. He caught his fish in 6 mile. Striper Sniper had 7th place with an 18.5" fish. David, Jeff and Nick fished up the Hooch. In fact the Backwoods team helped Striper Sniper pull there boat off a shoal. That's brotherhood. As far as the rest of the boats, it was a tie for 8th place. With tough conditions, the south end of the lake was difficult at best. Things will only get better with the lower water temps coming our way.

October 16 - The OSC Striper Tournament is this Saturday, October 20th from 7 am till 4
pm. We expect more than a dozen boats.

The tournaments are now FREE!  You can just fish for Points and a Trophy at
the end of the year. You can enter just Big Fish for $10.  The majority will
still be paying the full amount. Money won will go to the boats that paid to
enter.  Good Luck fishing!

October 15 - Sorry for the delay. Our Striper Club meeting is tomorrow, Monday 10/15 at 6:30PM. We meet at the usual, Zion Hills Baptist Church. We will be discussing Junk Fishing tactics for October/November as well as our new tournament year start. We have a change of rules vote for tournaments as well.

Our 1st  tournament of the new season is on Saturday, October 20th.  Anyone that wishes to fish and needs a partner, you are not alone. Come to the meeting and connect with a partner.

September 25 - The Oakwood Striper Club is having its year end picnic/Awards dinner this Saturday, September 29th from 4:00 to 6:00PM. It will be held at the Zion Hills Baptist Church.  It will be indoors this year. Bring your family if you wish. We will be serving Zaxbys Chicken fingers, Sonnys BBQ Pulled pork, Mac n cheese, BBQ beans, coleslaw etc. If you would like to bring anything, make it a dessert. We have some cherry pies and cookies as of now.  Hope to se everyone there.

September 23 - The last tournament of fiscal 2012 ended up as a gun fight. We had 4 teams striving for the top 3 positions. Some teams were separated by inches. Let's set the stage. Its late September, water temps dropped to 76. The lake turnover is in full bloom this week. Not to mention a cold front. Ok, I think I have your attention. Word on the lake early was team Striper Sniper had 2 fish. No mention of size. The morning has been predictably slow as of late. No other teams seemed to have any action. We new things would heat up closer to lunch time. She Likes it Ruff was on a solid trolling pattern, and catching numbers. Dan & Brett hit some good ones on a deep bait hole. SMP was still working hard for their 1st fish. The results are in:

1st place for the tournament went to Striper Sniper with 65". David, Nick and Jeff fished south and got on fish right away with weighted free lines. David and the gang locked in for 3rd place for the year. Great job and great finish. 2nd place for the tournament went to Dan & Brett with 63 ¾". Dan & Brett locked down 1st Place for the year. Consistency prevailed. Dan's never quit attitude along with Brett's hard work made this team unstoppable. 3rd Place went to She Like it Ruff with 61 ½". Don ends up in 4th place for the year. Don only fished 8 of the 12 tournaments. Who knows where he would have been with a few more tournaments fished. 4th place went to Tim & Jerry with 61 ¼" They also had big fish with a 33 ¼" Striper. Most of the other boats caught fish. Unfortunately SMP never got any solid action in this tournament. SMP either way locked in to 2nd Place for the year. John and Steve had a long and strong run for a while. They proved to all that they are a force to be reckoned with.

September 17 - The Oakwood Striper Club Tournament will be this Saturday, September 22nd  from 7 AM till 4 PM. You may start at anytime after 7.  This is the last tournament of the year so go get them!!!!

September 16 - The Oakwood Striper Club meeting will be Monday, September 17th at 6:30 PM. The Discussion will be the 3 Ts, Tournaments, Turnover and Topwater. We will also discuss our year end Awards dinner, which will be on Saturday, September 29th at Zion Hills Church. Times will be discussed. We are aiming for 4:00 Pm to 6:00 PM.

The Club Tournament will be this Saturday, September 22, times will be voted on at the meeting.

August 27 -  The August Tournament was one of the toughest yet. The morning bite was extra slow as predicted. Water temps were in the low 80s. 4 Teams managed to catch fish. Don and Terry of She Likes it Ruff took 1st with 53.5". Don caught his early on a 30' bottom. Wow. 2nd went to SMP with a single 33" fish. They also won Big Fish honors. 3rd went to Striper Sniper with a 21.5" fish. With only one tournament left in the series, thing have heated up. We have a race for 1st. We also have a race for 3rd. The September tournament will be interesting. Traditionally, it is also a tough one to fish.

August 21 - The Oakwood Striper Club Tournament will be this Saturday, August 25th from 7 AM till 4 PM. You may start at anytime after 7. The morning bite has been dismal. Most fish have been caught in the afternoon lately. Most of us will probably sleep in.

We are also adopting a new policy regarding tournaments. Starting next month, tournament will be free for all club members. There will still be a side pot for $20 per boat and $10 for big fish. It is strictly optional. Hopefully we will get some more boaters out there. We had a good response at the meeting.

August 17 - The Oakwood Striper Club Meeting will be this Monday, August 20th at 6:30.  We are meeting at our new home at Zion Hills Baptist Church on Falcons Parkway (Rt 13) Flowery Branch. Our guest speaker is Earnie Banks. Earnie is an accomplished trolling fisherman. In a short time Earnie has mastered the techniques of trolling leadcore for Stripers on Lake Lanier. He has put us all to shame out there on many occasions.

Our Tournament will be on Saturday, August 25th. Times will be decided at our meeting.

PS We are coming to an end of our fiscal year in September. Anyone that owes dues for this quarter needs to bring them if possible. We are going to discuss our year end picnic/awards dinner at this meeting. The money is needed to purchase trophies, food, drinks, etc.

July 21 -  The infamous "Double Points tournament happened in July. As designed, it gives teams in low positions the ability to mak  a charge, as well as teams in high positions to try to hang on. The turnout was low with only 7 boats. The top 3 teams all finished 1/4" from each other. With a tie in 1st place between C&R and Dan & Brett. The tiebreaker went to C&R with a bigger fish on board and 56.5". She likes it ruff was right behind with 56.25".
Big fish went to Higgys Reel Deal with 36" Welcome back Higgy. Unfortunately a few teams high up in the ranks missed out on scoring double points. Fishing was tough due to a number of storms etc.

July 14 - The Oakwood Striper Club meeting is on Monday, July 16th at 6:30. We meet at Zion Hills Baptist Church at 4100 Falcons Pkwy in Flowery Branch.  The topic will be Summer Strategies for Stripers. Our club tournament will be next Saturday, July 21st. The times will be voted on Monday night.

June 23 - We had 9 boats in our June Tx today. 1st Place went to SMP with 69.75" with a 36.5" Big Fish. Steve and John fished around River Forks in 100'. They caught good numbers in the 1st hour on downlines and splitshot freelines. Stars and Stripers won 2nd with 68". They boated 6 Stripers including a triple and a double at 11:00. They were caught  on a 25-30' bottom with dowlines on the bottom. 3rd went to Bucktales with 60.5" Buck fished with Keith and Brady. They lost a big fish on a McStick when the hook straightened at the boat. They fished on a Southend pocket.  Dan and Brett as well as Leonel and Larry B caught good numbers today. Both boats caught between 9 or more Stripers in a variety of methods, including downlines, planer boards, and freelines. 7 of the 9 boats caught fish. There was a lot of traffic on the water today. Water temps on the southend was at 82.

June 21 - The Oakwood Club Tournament is this Saturday from 6 till 1:00 PM. We are trying to beat the heat. Come join us out there. We have gotten a good bit of sign ups thus far.  

Downrod fishing still is prevailing in deep pockets and coves. Try anything from a 40 to a 70' bottom. Trolling leadcore and or Umbrella rigs is also working.

Good luck to all!

June 14 - The Oakwood Striper Club meeting is Monday, June 18th at 6:30pm.  It will be held at the Zion Hills Baptist Church at 4100 Falcon Parkway (Rt 13) in Flowery Branch.
We have much to discuss including the early summer pattern that's been going on right now, the DNR stocking program (or lack of stocking), as well as the new OSC fishing forum.

Hope to see everyone there.

PS The tournament will be Saturday following the meeting. June 22

May 20 - The May Tournament was a great success. For once in a long time, every boat caught a striper. We had great weather with a sunny 80 degree day. Water temps were holding at 75. The wind did pick up by mid morning.  The other cool thing is that all boats were fishing in different areas. There was no congestion or traffic. We fished collectively in Baldridge, Young Deer, Shoal, 6 Mile, Orr, 2 Mile, Flat, Chestatee Bay, Laurel Park and the river North.  1st place was taken by Team Striper Sniper with 68 ¼ inches. David , Nick and Jeff got their North in Laurel Park. They also had Big Fish with a 34 ½" Striper. 2nd Place went to Stars and Stripers with 66 ½". Bob and his dad, Charlie fished in Chestatee Bay and in Flat Creek. He caught 6 Stripers on a 20' downline and the other 2 fell to a split shot freeline. 3rd Place went to She Like it Ruff with 65 ¾" The Brown boys are certainly consistent. They got theirs in Baldrige and 6 Mile.  SMP had 64" and 4th place. Another consistent team. Dan and Brett (actually Vic) had 63 ½ ". They had caught their 1st 4 fish in the 1st 30 minutes. They caught more late in the day on some downlines. Castillo had 61 ¾". They caught good numbers of Stripers through out the day.  All in all, good numbers of fish were caught with better than average sizes. Its always fun when it's a tight race, and one good fish could skip you into 1st place. Numerous boats reported having lost big fish to trees, broken lines, etc.   

May 15 - Reminder the Oakwood Striper Tournament will be this Saturday, May 19th.  Lines in the water at 6:15 AM. Weigh in is anytime before 4:00 PM  Sign up at Oakwood Bait & Tackle.

May 8 - Pay attention! Our meeting night has changed; we will be meeting on Monday, May 14th at Zion Hills Baptist church at 6:30. We have a conflict at the church for some Tuesdays. To alleviate the problem, we are changing the meetings to the 3rd Monday of each month. (This month is an exception). Tournaments will be on the following Saturdays. That hasn't changed. We will have the website changed by Wednesday. Look at the Calendar page to verify any dates.  www.oakwoodstriperclub.com

By meeting on the 3rd Monday, we will be able to book the church a year in advance. Hopefully this will put an end to us scrambling for a meeting hall.

The discussion this month will be on Umbrella rigs, we will have a guest speaker. Right now fish are shallow in 5-15' bottoms. Clipping points with Umbrella rigs has been working well for many.


Hope to see you there.

April 22 - The April Tournament was a late day bite for most. Water temps in the 67 degree range. Fish were being caught on a 30' bottom. Both splitshot freelines and downlines prevailed.
1st Place went to Don and James Brown of "She Likes it Ruff" with 71 1/4". They also had Big Fish with a 36" Striper. 2nd Place went to team SMP with 65 3/4". Once again Steve and John put on a display of numbers. Third went to TJ with 61". Glad to see the river guys getting back on track. All boats but 1 caught fish.

April 17 - Out monthly Tournament will be held on Satruday April 21, Lines In at 6:30  am and the weigh-in will be held at Oakwood Bait at 4:00 pm.  If you do not wish to fish for the entire time, you can weigh-in at any time after 6:30 am at Oakwood Bait.

April - 16 - Our Meeting is Tuesday night at 6:30. We are doing Dinner and a Movie. Dinner will be Zaxbys Chicken Fingers and Buffalo wings. The movie is a Striper fishing video. I'm between a few choices now. If anyone has any suggestions call Bob at 404-557-5550.  The meeting will be held at the Zion Hills Baptist Church at 4100 Falcon Parkway, Flowery Branch, GA 30042. It is a half mile north of the Falcons Training Facility. This will be our new meeting place from here on out. We will still have discussions on reports as well as the patterns that are working now and upcoming patterns.
The Tournament is this Saturday.   

March 26 - The March Tournament showed big numbers. Big fish and good numbers were caught. 1st Place went to Striper Sniper with 73". David also had big fish with a 41.5"/28 lb Striper. 2nd place went to Mr. 2nd Place, She Likes it Ruff . Don had 67.5" He caught over 10 fish. 3rd went to Dan and Brett with 64.25" Same story, they caught over a dozen fish. 4th was SMP with 64". They also had a dozen or more fish. The pattern was deep water, summerlike places, but fishing with freelines and planer boards with big herring and shad. Fish are out in the mouth of the creeks and in the river channel. Following te birds paid off for many.

March 16 - The OSC Meeting will be this Tuesday, March 20th at 6:30 PM. We will have it at the United Community Bank on Mundy Mill Rd, in Oakwood. The discussions will be on trophy fishing. We will try to keep an open forum again. Also, we will be doing a "Back to Basics "class. Rick Cleveland will be going through beginner techniques on Flat Line fishing, planner boards, floats, leaders etc.

Come hear about the numbers of 30-45 lb Stripers being caught in the last few weeks.

Our Tournament will be on Saturday, March 24th.

February 24 - The OSC Tournament is Saturday from 6:30AM to 2:00 PM. We hope to see you out there. There are plenty of big fish being caught right now.

February 21 - Our February tournament will be held on February 25.  Lines in at 6:30am and weigh-in at Oakwood Bait at 2:00pm.

February 17 - The Oakwood Striper Club meeting will be on Tuesday, February 21st at 6:30pm. We will meet at the United Community Bank on Mundy Mill Rd.  Our guest speaker will be Shane Foster. Shane is a Tournament Striper fisherman. The topic will be "Gizzard Shad". Its an open forum (question and answer) on catching Shad as well as fishing techniques. It's a perfect topic for the upcoming Spring Shad bite.  For those of you who haven't tuned in lately, the big fish have been showing up. A number of 30+ pounders have been landed in the last week. We are not far off from our traditional spring bite. Water temps are still around 52, thanks to the mild winter.

PS  Our Tournament will be on February 25th.

The January 22 - Tournament brought driving rains and possible Tornados. Only 4 boats braved the conditions. 1st Place and Big Fish went to Leonel Castillo with a 30 1/4" Striper. Not far behind in 2nd Place was Dan and Brett with 29". From what I heard the boats that fished were off the water mid morning when the storms got violent. If the weather cooperates, the February Tournament should bring everybody out from their long rest.

January 12 - The Striper Club meeting is being held on Tuesday, January 17th at The United Community Bank.  The topic of the evening will be about Umbrella Rigs. The dinner will be BBQ provided by Allen Silver. The tournament will take place the following Saturday, January, 21st.