Lake Lanier, Georgia

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December 18 -  The December Tournament found 14 boats in every creek on the lake. The weather all week was cold and nasty. Saturday turned out to be tolerable. We had a few new teams jump into the race and we missed a few teams due to hunting, Christmas, vacations, family and etc. It was a strong turnout either way.

1st place went to Stars and Stripers with 71.5". Bob fished in a Northern Creek with large trout on planer boards. He pulled them on shallow water flats at high speed. 2nd Place went to Lanier Striper Charters with 67". Jeff caught his also in a Northern Creek. He caught his on Urigs. Jeff had big fish of the day with a 20lb. 371/4" Striper. 3rd place was won by She Likes it Ruff with 63" Don caught his fish on trout in a Southern creek. Team Castillo was a ¼" behind with a 4th place finish. Leonel caught his in a Northern creek, also on trout. All in toll 9 boats caught fish. The other 5 hopefully enjoyed their time on the water. We had boats fishing in Baldridge, Shoal, 6 Mile, 4 Mile, Orr, Flat, Chestatee Bay and Creeks beyond up North. There was a number of reports of fish in the 40' bottom. Tons of bait In all creeks. Most fish were caught on flatlines and or Urigs. For whatever reason, they didn't seem to bite the downlines.

November 20 - The November Tournament turned out to be fairly tough. 13 boats fished. Most fish were caught early. Stars and Stripers won 1st Place with 61". Bob caught his fish on medium trout in the Vanns Tavern area of 2 Mile creek. 2nd Place went to Striper Sniper with 45.5". David was fishing in the Laurel Park to Clarks Bridge. 3rd went to River rat with 45". Big fish and 4th place went to Lanier Striper charters with 35". C& R was in 5th with 30".  8 boats tied for 6th.  Next month we will be having the Tournament on December 18th. It is the Saturday before the meeting. Otherwise the TX would fall on Christmas day. Also it gets us off the full moon.

November 6 - Below is an attempt at a Logo for the Club.  Also will have a copy at Oakwood Bait and will have a copy at the next meeting so that we can determine if this is what the members want.

October 20 - Just a reminder for this weekends Season Opener Tournament. Hang on to you
hats. Due to the turnover and tough conditions, we have made this a
tournament for everyone in mind. Lines in the water Friday 7:00PM and weigh
in is at Oakwood Bait and Tackle at 4:30 PM Saturday. It's a 2 day fish when
you want jamboree. Check in with Larry at Oakwood Bait and Tackle  He will
be closing Friday night at 7:00PM. Call and get your number if you plan on
being out there at night.

As mentioned in the meeting, for anyone going at night, please make sure
your boat has working lights. Bring an extra flashlight. Wear a lifejacket
while under way. Be safe, have fun, catch some fish.

September 26 - We had the Club Picnic and Awards Dinner this weekend. Heavy rain kept us from running around in the grass. We did however sit and eat a great selection of food and desserts made by many that came. . Numerous lies and or fish stories were passed along.   A special thanks to Tom Bart and Tim Farmer for their donations and hard work.

The September ( season ender) tournament  was a good one. We had 12 boats fish. I believe 10 of 12 caught fish. Team Sea Hunt tied for 1st. They are new comers. This was their 1st tournament. Beginners luck has been running wild this year. They caught their fish trolling leadcore in the mouth of Baldridge. 2nd place went to Striper Sniper. David and Ashley have been on a tea lately. They would have had 1st, but lost because Team Sea Hunt had a bigger fish in the tie breaker. David fished in the Saddle Dike area. Caught his on live bait as well as Trolling. 3rd place went to "She Likes it Ruff". Don caught his on bait in the Shoal Creek cut through.  Big fish went to Team Castillo, with a 35" beauty. Leonel caught his on bait, but had a hard time matching it up with another quality fish. He did boat another but it was around 18".

The Year end Points race for 1st, 2nd and 3rd went to the wire. It was anyone's game. Stars and Stripers finished in 1st Place for the year. She Likes it Ruff passed Team Dan and Dan on Saturday to capture 2nd place. Team Dan and Dan edged out Sea King for 3rd Place. If it was a horse race, woe would have needed the photo finish.
As I told many of you. It was consistency that won. The average catch was 58" year round. If you fish 9 of 12 tournaments and you can catch 2 fish in each tournament, you have a good shot to be in the top. Congrats to the top teams.

October starts the new Fiscal year of the Tournament Trail. Get a partner. Come out and give it a try. There are some boaters looking for partners. Ask at the next meeting if you are interested. Thanks for a great Fishing Year.

August 22 - The August Tournament turned out to be a wild ride. Heavy rain the night before mixed in with heavy down pours and lighting for the 1st  4 hours made fishing difficult. Still through all of this, people still managed to catch fish. We had a great turnout of 14 boats with the sloppy conditions.

1st place went to Striper Sniper with 65". David also had Big Fish with a 34" beauty. David and his wife fished live bait in Flowery Branch as well as Two Mile Creek. 2nd place went to Lanier Striper Charters with 62 ¼ ". Jeff B and Tim F got into them later in the day downlining in Shoal Creek. Jeffs  little son kept thing together for them.
3rd place went to Fish On with 60.5" Allen S started fishing after the storms left. About 10:00 AM. He boated 8 Stripers. His method was pulling leadcore lines 8 colors back with a 1 Oz. Bucktail tipped with a live Herring. He fished at Lake Marker 17-19. As for the rest of the pack the numbers were remarkably good considering the weather. Most boats caught fish. 3 boats of 14 skunked. Fish were caught in Mud Creek, Two Mile, Big, Shoal, 6 Mile and Orr. Live bait fishing was done over a 65' bottom, hanging baits down 30-35'. The fish were slow to hit live bait until the Sun popped out late in the day.

July 24 - The July Tournament was a hot one as expected. We had 12 boats facing 96 degree Air temps. 11 boats of 12 caught 2 or more Stripers. A great tournament was had by all. The numbers were close with the exception of the winner. 1st Place went to Team Procraft with 62". They also had big fish at 32.5". Congrats to the winners. This was their 1st  Tournament fished. 2nd Place went to She Likes it Ruff with 56". 3rd went to Stars and Stripers with 55.25". From there, we had 3 boats tied with 55".  Mostly everyone caught their fish using Herring on downlines at 30'. Most were fishing South Lake pockets over 40-60' deep. The winners were in Flowery Branch, 2nd place was in Orr Creek, 3rd was in Flat Creek. Fish were also caught in Chestatee Bay, 2 Mile, 6 Mile and Shoal Creek. So as you can see, the Stripers are well distributed around the Lake. Pick your favorite creek and search hard.

June 19 - The June Tournament was held today.  Another Saturday on the Pond. With the exception of heat, it was a nice day. Fishing was somewhat tough. Smaller fish dominated. The transition is happening. Fish are in schools and on the move. First Place and Big fish went to Stars and Stripers with 53". Big fish was a 10 lb 27.75" fish. Bob fished a little in Flat Creek and also Marker 31,38, and 39. He caught his fish downlining 22' over a 35-40' bottom. It was the return of his Partner Charlie Benson. Good to seem him back out there.  2nd Place was a dead even tie between Dan and Dan and Castillo with 50". Leonel fished around Gainesville Marina and caught good numbers of fish. He was using flatlines with  splitshot. Dan and Dan(Vic), fished around Chestatee Bay, they caught theirs downlining. She Likes it Ruff came in 4th with 49". Don should have had 2nd place to himself, but he chose not to take pictures at the end of the day. His fish Shrunk an inch a piece. I guess our Voodoo spell worked. Don fished in Big Creek early and then moved around to Chestatee Bay and Old Federal and who knows where else. He looked good sporting his new 200 HP Evinrude ETEC.  As for the rest, there were some small fish caught. Just a few skunks. A total of 11 Boats joined. Definitely on the lighter side of normall. Who knows, maybe vacations and the heat drove them away. As usual, a fun day was had by all.

May 6 -  The May 18th meeting will be held at our usual spot at the Community Center in Oakwood on Railroad Street. Meeting will start at 6:30. This month we will probably have Pizza, taking a break from the well received Fish Fry last month. Our speaker will be Doug Youngblood. For those of you that don't know of Doug, he is an accomplished Fishing Guide on the Lake. The main topic will be downline fishing as well as Dougs personal thumping methods. Its perfect time considering the lake temp has reached mid 70s. Fish in the next month will be moving out to deeper water.

April 25 - The April Tournament turned out to be a wild ride for 11 boats. Heavy rain and thunderstorms made it a bit more interesting. Many people waited at the boat ramps for the 1st hour waiting for the heavy thunder/lightning storms to break up.  A handful of people started on time and took their chances. Fishing was either great or dead depending on where you were. Team Dan& Dan came in 1st with 66" and also had big fish with a 35"/ 21 lb beauty. They fished from Sardis to Gainesville Creek. They boated 8 or 9 Stripers, most were 30" or better. They caught their fish on Herring.  2nd Place went to Stars and Stripers with 63.5". I fished on the Chestatee side in Johnson creek. I caught 7 Stripers. Most were caught on freshly caught " Huge" Herring. I pulled the same flat and point the whole day with flatlines. Most of my bites and Dan & Dan's bites came when the rain and or lightning was at its worst.  3rd Place went to Woody at Four Seasons Fishing. Woody also had a great day with 52". He fished in the Sardis area. He also caught numerous Stripers. Team Higgy took 4th with 52" Bill caught a nice 34" Striper in Little River. He stayed there the whole day and caught numerous small Stripers to go with it. Sea King had 5th Place. Don and Rick C fished around Lula in the River. They had 48". They ran out of bait fairly early into the morning. I believe they caught 12-13 Stripers in the 6lb range. Also a number of Spots and Catfish. Over 20 fish altogether. What a day!  River Rat came in 6th Place with 30.5" John B and David D fished up in Johnson and Latham. They also caught a small Striper that they didn't measure. Team TJ followed in 7th Place. Tim A fished with Allen S up the River. They caught 1 29.5" Striper. As for the rest, I believe some caught fish, However they didn't show up to the weigh in due to the storms. All in all a great day despite the weather conditions. We saw 20-30 mph winds, lightning, downpours, Sun with dead flat conditions. You name it, we saw it today.

April 21 - The Fish fry meeting went great as expected. We had about 60 people enjoying the fresh cooked fillets as well as the conversation. There were many fish stories told.
A special thanks is in order for the guys behind the scenes. We thank Rick C, Allen S, Don B, Woody E, Billy S and Leonel C for their extra help cooking and cleaning.
We are all looking forward to the continuance of a great fishing season.

Thanks again to everyone.

April 4 - Happy Easter everyone! Just a long distance reminder. Oakwood Striper Club is having  a fish fry at the April 20th meeting. We will start at 6:30 at the Community center in Oakwood (Railroad street,next to Police station. There will be no guest speaker. We plan on making it a social event.  

We need your help!     If anyone gets out fishing in the next few weeks, we would appreciate if you can fillet some fish and freeze it.  We are looking for Crappie mostly. Walleye and  Yellow Perch would also be great. If you don't have room in your freezer, we have plenty of freezer space at the Oakwood Bait Store.

Also, if anyone would like to bring a dish or help in cooking, drop me a line.

Thanks again

Bob Benson

March 20 Tournament Results - Things are starting to pick up. Water temps reached 50 or better around the lake. More fish were caught in the March Tournament then previous months. Most fish were caught in the 1st hour or two. 1st Place went to Jerry Skelly and Tim Adrien on Team with 69.5 inches. They also won Big Fish with a 35 incher. 2nd Place went to Jeff Blair and Tim Farmer on Team Lanier Striper Charters with 66". 3rd belonged to Leonel Castillo with 62". Leonel caught his at the mouth of Balus. 4th went to Mr. Consistency of late. Don and James Brown of She Likes It Ruff got 61.75 inches. They lost 3rd by 1/4 of an inch. They caught their fish in Mud Creek. Dons home away from home. Striper Tales took 5th with 53.25". Striper Sniper had 6th with 51.5". David got his late in the day in Balus. 7th went to Baklash with 51". I believe they caught them in Little River. Striper Nailer finished 8th with a single 34.75" fish. Then came Sea King with a single 30.75" fish caught in Flat. As for the other 7 Teams, better luck next time.
A special congratulations goes out to Dan Sakini of the Lanier Striper Club. Dan pulled in a 42.5 lb Monster Striper in Flat Creek. Witnessed by Stars and Stripers and Sea King. He caught the Striper on a fresh Threadfin shad on a #6 hook using 12lb test. That is Ultralighting at its best. The good news is that he wasn't in the tournament.

The Oakwood Striper Club will meet on Tuesday 3/16 at 6:30 at United Community Bank   at 3785 Mundy Mill Road, in Oakwood.  The speaker will be Johnny Walker "Cut Bait Aficionado".  We will be serving Pizza for Dinner. It will be an informative meeting.  We will also be talking about the changes in the fishing conditions/weather conditions to come. For example, The Night time Bomber/topwater bite has started.

Directions from 400:

400 to hwy 369 (Browns Bridge Rd) Head towards Gainesville, turn right onto McEver Rd. Travel about 2 miles.
Turn Left onto Mundy Mill Rd (53) at CVS.
Pass Walmart  - Turn Right at United Community Bank (Next to Pizza Hut)

Directions from 985:

985 to Exit 16 (Mundy Mill Rd /53)

Exit towards Lake Lanier.
Turn Left at United Community Bank (Between KFC and Pizza Hut)

Directions from McEver Rd (Buford)

Follow McEver Rd North. Pass West Hall High School and Middle School.
Turn Right  onto Mundy Mill Rd (53) at CVS.
Pass Walmart  - Turn Right at United Community Bank (Next to Pizza Hut)


If any questions call Bob Benson at 404-557-5559

February 20 Tournament Results  -  The February Tournament turned out to be beautiful day, with sunny 60 degree weather. The nice weather brought everybody out. We had a record 17 boats fish.  The sizes of the catch were better than average. First Place and Big Fish went to Tim Adrien and Jerry Skelly, with 65 ¾". There big fish was 34 ¾".  They pulled Herring on flat lines in the very back of Flat Creek. Second place went to Bob Benson with 65". He caught his on baby herring, also in the very back of Flat Creek. Third place went to Brett Wendel and David Duncan with 62 3/4". They caught theirs early on a variety of baits (Trout, Herrring and Shiners) fishing with flat and down lines.  They fish a hump in the back of Flat Creek.  Fourth place went to Down Brown with 60 ¾".  Don caught his in the very back of Mud Creek on baby herring, pulled on flat lines.  Fifth place went to Lee Justice and Ted Roberts with 52 ¼". They caught theirs in the back of Flat Creek on Flat lined herring. Sixth Place went to Don Hall,Greg Rooks and Rick Cleveland with 48 ½". Persistence paid off for these guys. They caught their fish late in the day pulling Urigs in Balus Creek. In Seventh Place was Jeff Blair and Tim Farmer with 1 fish at 34 ¼". If your going to catch only one, that's the one to get. (15-20 Lbs). They also fished in the very back of Flat Creek. Eighth place was shared by  10 boats. Your day is coming guys. Just ask Don Brown, who had 3 months of Skunk, and then turned it around to have 3 successful tournaments in a row. Way to hang in there Don.

February 20 Tournament  - Just a reminder, we are fishing from 7 to 3 on Saturday. Weather looks to be good. Highs for the day will be around 62. I heard we will have a good turn
out.  We could have more than 15 boats. Hope to see ya all out there. If anyone wants to fish, check in with John at the Oakwood Bait and Tackle.  If anyone needs help or a report, please call me Friday afternoon or Friday night.  
Bob Benson

The topic for the  2/16/10 meeting is "FISHING CUT BAIT" or CUT BAIT 101. Our Guest Speaker is Johnny Walker of Team Striper Nailer. Johnny is one of the most reputable "Cut Bait" Fisherman in the Southeast. Its time for all of us to learn more about this under utilized technique.  Also 1st Quarter dues are due. If you didn't pay last month, its time. Hope to see ya all there.

The January 2010 tournament turns out to be another tough month. It seems like every time we schedule a tournament, the weather, the lake or something turns sour. This time we will blame it on the weather. Conditions were tough with 20 mph winds. The heavy 2" rain the day before muddied up the creeks. The umbrella rig pattern that was working slowed down dramatically.

14 Boats tried their luck in the tournament. An incredible turnout for bleak conditions. Most boats were in eyes view of each other. Most were in Balus Creek, with a few others in Flat Creek.  

It was an exciting turn of events. One fish would win the tournament. It made it a very level playing field.

1st Place and Big Fish went to David "Rooster" Hunnicutt and his wife. Rooster managed to persevere and catch a 32.5 inch Striper on a downline trout.. To make things more sweet, Rooster just joined the club at the last meeting. What a great start to hopefully a long and lucrative Tournament career.

2nd Place went to Team Buck Tales. Buck Canon and Rick Cleveland caught a 32 inch Striper on an Umbrella Rig. A nice size fish for a Urig. Buck will be attending next months seminar on how to stretch
your fish by ½ an inch.

3rd Place went to Stars and Stripers. Bob Benson and Tom Blackburn caught a 29" Striper on a Herring behind a planer board. They were with the rest of the pack in Balus Creek.

4th Place went to Tim Adrien. Tim fished with partner Jerry Skelly in the back of Flat Creek.  They caught a 28" Striper on a Trout.

5th Place was held down by Team Castillo. Lionel tried out his new 24' Sea Hunt and caught a 27" Striper on a downline Herring in Balus. Congrats on the fish and the new boat as well.

As for the rest, it was a 9 way tie for 6th place. Sorry about that.  Hopefully we will get a tournament in the future where everybody catches fish. Either way that's why we fish.