Lake Lanier, Georgia

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December 18 - The December Tournament found a good number of guys fishing and not shopping. We had 15 boats enjoy the first non raining weekend in a month. Water temps were 52 on the south end and 49 up north. Air temps were around 42 to start and mid 50's by finish. The wind was 5 NNW.

Simpson Trucking won 1st Place with 63". Shawn also had Big Fish with a 32.5" striper. Shawn fished south and got his big fish on a freelined herring. He stayed in 20-60' in the rear of creeks all day. He did put a few miles on the new ride finding a kicker. 2nd Place went to Striper Sniper with 59.5". The group went North to find fish around bait 3/4 of the way back in the creek. They got a bunch on downlines. Small Shad was the ticket. Back in Black got 3rd with 58.25" Mike got his big fish early in the back of Flat. He fished a long freeline with a herring. He managed a second fish later on a small threadfin shad on a downline at 3/4 of the way back. Rockfish had 4th with 52". Nate also got his downlining small shad on a 40-60' bottom.  5th went to Double Trouble with 50.5" JR reports they were all alone in their Little River nest. Downlines prevailed again. 6th went to Pribco with 48". They also fished North. They got theirs on downlines. Fish Hunter had 7th with 41.5" Bob got his in the back of Flat.  Thanks for Playing had 8th with 33.75" Ricky and Clinton managed a couple on umbrella rigs. Lake Apes had 9th with 19.5".  We had 6 teams that skunked.

The pattern was consistent up and down the lake. Fish from mid creek to the back. Look for the big bait pods. Start fishing downlines in and around the bait. Also find adjacent flats, humps or points to pull more shallow baits on freelines.


The Tournament is this Saturday from7AM to 2PM. WE are fishing alongside with our brothers  from the Lanier Striper Club. Water temps are around 53. The Lake is full pool or better. Fishing downlines has been the ticket in the 40-70' range. Start looking for bait in the rears of the creeks. Work your way out to the mid creek areas. Don't forget to try for the bigger fish on flats adjacent to the deep water.

The meeting is on 12/17 at 6:30PM. We will be having a holiday dinner. Also, the North Pole has leaked that Santa will be making visit through Oakwood. Word has it that he has presents for all, even if you were on the naughty list.

Come and spend some time with your other family at the holidays, your fishing family.

Please let us know if you plan to attend. We need a count for food and gifts. Either email me back here or let us know on our Facebook page. We shall be posting something shortly on Facebook.

November 19 -After a solid week of rain, the lake is over full pool. Water temps have dropped down to 58-59 degrees. The river is rolling fast and the lake is severely stained.  We happened to catch the perfect day. Blue skies and low 60 degree temps made it worthwhile to be on the water.  We had 12 boats and some new teams jump in the arena.

1st Place and Big Fish went to Striper Sniper with 61.75". Their Big Fish was 31.5". Jeff and Alex got theirs on shad. They fished the south part of the lake. They stayed in 10-40' of water. Simpson Trucking had 58.75". Randy stayed south from Balus to 6 Mile. He pulled shad shallow as well. He targeted shallow reefs.Thanks for Playing had 3rd with 57.75". Ricky and Clintin got theirs around Flat Creek. They fished downlines in both shallow and some deeper water.  Double Trouble had 4th with 54.25". It sounds like they had double trouble throughout the day. JR rolled the dice and traveled North into the ultra stained water. They fished Little River and Wahoo. They managed 28 fish and were out of bait early. They had a mega school park under the boat for over an hour. They stayed in 40' or less. They had birds, bait on the surface and schooling stripers. If I rolled dice like that I would be in Vegas right now? Sea Ranger had 5th with 52". Rockfish had 49" and 6th place. Nate stayed South. Chaser had 44.25" and 7th place. Bob lost a good one on a shad in Balus early. He managed to peck away at some in 2 Mile and the back of Flat late in the day. # Size Matters had 8th place with a 21.75" fish. Gary and Lynn fished south in 6 Mile. Somehow or another Lynn managed to catch their fish with her wrist in a splint. Herring Impaired had 9th with a 16.75" fish. Keith and Matt fished in 2 Mile. They had some opportunities with a lost fish or two. They did see some fish surfacing.  Team Abercrombie and Fish didn't make it back to the weigh in, although they would have had a 28" fish.

Although no one talked about it, umbrella rigging would have been a good choice. Fish were in that upper water level, easily targetable with urigs. Their are a lot of fish shallow all of a sudden. One thing to remember, when you are fishing for shallow stripers (lees than 10') you may not see them on your electronics. They will let you know if they are their. Fishing medium to large shad and or trout will entice them. Lots of reports of fish in the mid to rear of the creek. Bigger fish were shallow and tuned into gizzard shad. The common quote of the day was, " I should have brought more gizzard shad". The downline fish were somewhat easy to find, but hey were not biting aggressively. The bit softly as Boomer put it. Its the slow pull down of the rod. That's when you need to turn the handle and don't stop reeling. The smaller fish are notorious for eating on the way up. Sometimes your rod won't bend, the line just becomes slack.

November 13 - The OSC Tournament is this Saturday, November 17th. Start time is 6:30am and weigh in is at OBT at 2:00PM. The good news is the rain should be out of here by Thursday, leaving Friday to be windy. Saturday should be clear skies and highs in low 60's. Water temps will be in the low to mid 60s. Downline fishing has been strong lately. The south side of the lake has had better action as of late.  Look for fish in the 40-70' areas from the mouth to midcreek. Also target points and humps. Don't forget your topwater gear. We have prime conditions for an all out Striper Blitz on the surface. They are pushing up schools of peanut sized shad. Spooks, Sebiles, Poppers, jigs and spoons are all good choices. Better yet, if you can present the appropriate fly, its game on.

The meeting is Monday, November 19th at 6:30. Henry Cowen is our guest speaker. Henry is the Striper Fly Guru. He has caught stripers from Montuak to Mud Creek. He makes his own flies for our landlocked friends. They are available through Umpqua and or local bait shops. He has an excellent presentation on both fly fishing stripers as well as topwater in general.

October 16 - The start of the new season found most of us playing hooky. A lot of fisherman are on vacation as well as hunting and ball games. After all that we had eight teams show up to fish.  The weather and conditions were beautiful. Air temps started in low 50s and rose to mid 70s with sunshine. Water temps were 73 to start in the south lake area and rose to 77 by afternoon. It rained severely (2-4") 2 days prior, staining the upper end of the lake. The lake is in full turnover.

1st Place and Big Fish went to Abercrombie & Fish with 71". The Big Fish was 36.6". That will be the one to beat this year. Bryan gambled and went up river. He dealt with fast moving muddy water and a bunch of floating trash. He couldn't keep his lines clean for more than a minute or two at a time. Anyway, the gamble paid off big.
2nd Place went to Striper Sniper aka the New and Improved Striper Sniper 2.0. They had 65.25" Their best fish was 35.75 looked good for a while until Bryan showed up. Jeff, Alex and Tom caught theirs in open water near the mouth of Flowery Branch along with most of the pack. They fished 100'+ water with downlines and weighted freelines. They managed double digit catches. Double Trouble had 3rd with 55". They were just inside of Striper Sniper. They caught their on downline herring and gizzard shad. Simpson Trucking had 4th with 54". Guess where they fished? Yes, next to the others in Flowery Branch. They had a fun day until Shawn had an unfortunate accident. Turns out he broke his ankle. Sorry to hear it and wish him a speedy recovery. Like the true fisherman he is, he did fish on the broken ankle and finished out the day. Fish Hunter had 52.75" good for 5th place. Bob got his in the same fashion as the others. Team Everglades had 6th with 47". Craig stayed south of the floatilla for his. He must not have got the memo. As for the other two. They trolled all day. It happens, the fish were turned off on the trolling bite.

The big school from the dam has obviously moved somewhat North. Fish are eating 30-40' downlines and or weighted freelines. With these water temps, the topwater bite will take off any day now.

October 9 - Ok pay attention! We have a lot of info for you.

First, we have our season opener this Saturday. The tournament starts at 7:15AM. Weigh in is at OBT at 2:00. The new year brings some new changes.

Second, you will need to pick up a new measuring board from OBT. You can no longer user your own personal boards. The boards are for sale at OBT or you can rent them (free of charge). They must be returned at weigh in. We would prefer everyone buys one eventually.

Third, dues need to be paid for the quarter before you fish. We are still asking for those that can afford it, to pay the $100 dues for the year. We accept cash, checks, credit cards, Paypal, and bitcoins LOL. Get with Dillan if you need to pay. Shoot for the $100 and get it out of the way.  It helps cut down on paperwork, accounting, and helps us better budget, allowing us to eat better meals at the meetings.

Fourth, the meeting will be on Monday. It is our year end Awards dinner. Moonies BBQ will be catering Brisket and Pulled Pork, as well as Mac n Cheese, Baked Beans and some Banana pudding for dessert. Yum

Fifth, another new change. When you arrive at the meetings, you will need to sign in with Lynn for attendance reasons. We will need to know if you are on any specific Tournament Team. This is how you will receive points.

Sixth, the weather for this weekend will shape up. It will be a cold start. Time to wear socks again. It is predicted to be in the low 50's to start and with a mostly sunny day, it will end up in the low 70's.

Lastly, the report has been solid for the last few weeks. After this cold front and rain coming in, the lake temps should be somewhere in the high 70's. The Lake is 1 foot below full pool. Turnover is in affect as of now. Summer patterns are still working. Downlining herring is still the best choice. Hang your baits around 25' for best results. Don't be afraid to drop to the deeper fish. The baits will need to be changed out frequently for the lack of O2 down deep. Trolling either Urigs and or Leadcore is still a valuable resource of catching stripers right now. Troll lead between 6 to 8 colors. Also, with the drop of water temps and the added O@ from rain (on the surface), I would have a topwater lure tied on just in case.  Target 30-40' bottoms early and step out deeper as the daylight increases.

Remember, this year we need to fish at  least 9 tournaments to be considered for the money prizes at the year end. We have a total of $3000 in payouts this time next year. Your best 9 performances will count. Its 1 point per inch, 5 points for Big Fish, 10 points for each meeting and 10 points to return to weigh in. It will make it a tight race for sure. Good luck to all!  Have a great year.

September 14 - The Oakwood Striper Club meeting is Monday, September 17th. Lots of discussions will be the agenda. The results and reports from the phenomenal Don Brown Tournament will be talked about.  The club shirts are done and look great. They will be  available at the meeting. If you can't make the meeting, they will be available next week at OBT.  We will be discussing the exciting changes coming up for next seasons Tournament series (starting in October). Anyone looking to team up with a partner, needs to be here. I have already had a few people asking. As our fiscal year ends this month, this is a reminder that starting in October we are hoping to get the dues out of the way up front for the year if possible. This means October 2018 to September 2019 for $100. This will help with paperwork and such. It also allows us to improve our choice of the dinner menus as we will have money in hand. So, no more Pizza! We may be able to select a 12 month menu if you wish.  Also, dues will need to be current before signing up for a tournament or at least the day of. So in other words, you cant fish the first 2 months and pay quarterly dues on the 3rd month.

We have had a strange year at best. Recently the bite has improved and for the most part is back on schedule. Water temps are in the low 80s and the downline, and trolling bite have been strong. There has also been an increase in the size of fish caught. Topwater is just a stones throw away as the cool night temps settle in.  So much to talk about.

September 9 - OSC meeting is next Monday. There has been some confusion due to having the tournament on an earlier date. Meeting is 9/17. I will email a reminder.

September 9 - Well September was our year end tournament. It was also the Don Brown Memorial. It couldn't have been a better day. Water temps were 84-85 degrees. The air temps started out in low 70's and became sunny and hit mid 80's at the finish. A total of 33 boats fished the tournament, 15 of which were OSC members. We had a good week leading up to Saturday. Saturday was no different. There was 1 Zero for OSC and only 2 for the whole tournament. The predictions were 58 inches would win it.

1st place went to Striper Sniper with 58.5". David and Jeff did what they had to do to fend off the others to lock in 3rd Place for the year. They fished around Big Creek. They had 2nd place in the overall Don Brown tournament. The winner of thet was Randy Dover's team "Has Beens" with a whopping 68.75".Their Big fish was 35.25".
2nd Place went to Abercrombie and Fish with 56.75". 3rd went to Team Greene with 56.25". Matt held on to 1st Place for the year with his solid performance. Thanks for Playing had 4th with 55.5" Ricky and Clintin worked hard trying to squeeze into 3rd for the year. They fell short by a handful of inches. 5th Place went to Double Trouble with 54.75". 6th went to Bucktales with 52.50" Scott with team Striper techs had 7th and 51". Jeff Garretts team had 8th with 49". Team Lanier had 9th with 49.25" Steve and Don got theirs trolling 5 minutes into the start. They continued on them through the day. 10th place went to Simpson Trucking with 49.25" Shawn and Leonel tried their luck up river. 11th went to Pribco with 48.5". Chaser had the same numbers and came in 12th place. Chaser did fish North of the pack. They stayed in Flat Creek and were well into double digits. 13th went to Gary Hanson with 48.25" 14th went to Fish Hunter with 37.5 inches.

Unless mentioned, the bite was in front of East Bank. Word has it there was over 30 boats in a Striper Flotilla. Fortunately, it seemed like everyone there caught fish. Downlining either herring or medium shad put fish in the boat. Fish were in either 30' or 80'. We had numerous teams that boated a dozen or more fish. After a slow summer, it was a well needed day on the pond. The meet and greet at Landsharks was a nice way to end the day. Both clubs were there enjoying a cold drink and or a snack. The Brown family was also there enjoying the respect of their lost family member. Don Brown was smiling down on us.

August 20 - A tough day for fishing in the August Tournament. the crazy rain held off which was nice. However the cloud cover and wind played some havoc on the fishery. Water temps were 84 to 87 depending where you were. The air temps were in the low 70s to start and ending near 80.  We had 11 boats fish. We had more Zeros than fish.

1st place and Big fish went to Main & Arrow with 50.5 inches and a 26.25" Big fish. They fished over trees in deep water near the dam. 2nd place went to Back in Black with 45.5". Mike stayed in Baldrige and fishes freeline gizzard shad. He had a couple of missed opportunities with a 30" fish lost at the boat. 3rd place went to Bucktales with 44.25". Buck got his troliing umbrella rigs on a 30-50' bottom in Baldridge. 4th went to Team Greene with 38". Matt hit his in shallow water as well. He fished near the dam as well. Striper Hunter had 5th with a 16.5" fish.  As for the rest, they were all in arms reach of everyone else. The fish over the channel near the dam were suspending from 60 to 80'. They did window shop and grab a few baits, but were not aggressive. It seems like the tree fish and or the very shallow fish were the only fish eating. Also a couple of boats got the shallow fish on freelines.

August 15 - The Oakwood Striper Club Tournament is Saturday, August 18th. Lines in at 6:30Am. Weigh in at OBT at 1:30PM or sooner.

Fishing has been fair. Fish are on a 30-50' bottom early and moving out to 80-90'.  A little bit of everything is working. Downlines, umbrella rigs and or leadcore will produce. Fish in drains near mouths of creeks and midway back. Water temp is still 82-84.  Everyday has a different ending. Don't stay in any one place too long. Bring plenty of bait. Change your baits often. Good luck to all!

The meeting is Monday at 6:30pm. Captain Mack Farr is our guest speaker. Hopefully we should have some club shirts to give out. Bring your money for the shirts. We have final plans for the Don Brown Memorial next month. We will go over the info and format.

July 17 - We are ordering Club shirts. Orders are due by July 31st. You will pay for them at the next club meeting. Long sleeve shirts are $15 and short sleeves are $10 each.
You have a choice in color. Colors available are : Black, White, Carolina (Light) Blue and Charcoal. The shirts are performance based and are a dry fit styled shirt. See the attachment for colors and shirt info. The short sleeve is the same shirt as long sleeve. The OSC Club Logo will be printed on front and back. On the front it is a small, baseball sized logo on the chest. On the back it will be a full sized logo.

If you want a shirt/shirts. Please email me your name, size, color and quantity. Again you can order multiple shirts. Example, A long sleeve in white and a short sleeve in charcoal. There is no limit. Just make sure you have the means to pay for them at the next meeting or you can get money to OBT.


July 17 - The July Tournament turned out tougher than we thought. The weather may have played a role. The forecast of a sunny day with a chance of a storm after 1PM changed to rain right out of the box. Rain stayed for a few hours. Flowery Branch and Big Creek got hammered by a solid storm. Water temps were 85 to 88 depending on you location.  Air temps were low 70s rising to high 80s. A fairly strong south wind was in place for the morning as well.

Team Pribco won 1st Place with 50.75" Matt had big fish as well with a 25.5" striper. Matt had the high hook of the day with 6 stripers. He fished Big Creek on a 30-50' bottom in pockets. He found most of his fish glued to the trees. He caught them on downlines, dangling over the trees and or moving around to slick spots near the trees.  Chaser had 2nd with 46.75". The Benson gang found theirs at their second stop. They caught a downline double in a pocket in Flowery Branch. It was a 40' bottom. 3rd went to Higgy with 43". Bill got his in Orr Creek. He was fishing downlines.  Thanks for Playing had 4th with 41.75". Ricky and Clintin also fished Big Creek. They got theirs before 6:30.  Bucktales had 5th with 39.25". Buck had the North end of the lake to himself.  Both Teams, Double Trouble and Greene tied for 6th with 22".

We had 11 boats fish. 3 boats zeroed. 1 boat didn't make the weigh in.  The pattern was early and shallow.  The 30-50' bottom bite was the ticket.  Downlines prevailed. Smaller baits were the choice. A number of boats reported Stripers feeding on the surface on small (1") baits. Trolling and power reeling were not productive.

July 12 - The Tournament is this Saturday. Lines in at 6AM, weigh in is at OBT at 1PM.

Fishing has been good. A variety of things are working. Fish are still somewhat shallow in the 30-50' bottoms. With this heat, I expect them to step out deeper.  Downlines and power reeling has been solid. Also trolling leadcore and or Umbrella rigs has been productive as well. Water temps are on the rise. They are from 84 up to 86 degrees. Weather shows some chances of late afternoon storms. We should be long gone by then.

June 19 - The June Tournament really heated things up. It was an extremely hot and humid day. Temps were in the low 90's with high humidity and no wind. Teams found themselves swimming as much as fishing. Water temps sky rocketed up to 85-87 degrees on the southend.  It was as predicted an extremely early bite. The majority of fish were caught in the 1st hour. A second batch came through and ate from 11-12. From 9am to 11 was tough. We had only 9 boats show up. We should have had the tournament in Florida, that's where most of our boats were!

Moving on to the tournament itself. Just when you think that lightning can't strike twice, it does. Team Greene does it again. This time he shattered his own Big Fish record from last month. The total was 70.5" with a Big Fish of 38.75". Its almost too good to be true. Sounds like days of old, or more hopefully days to come. Matts 1st fish came at 11:00am on a downline herring. He was fishing 30' down over a 50-60' bottom. His next couple came in the next hour doing the same thing. 2nd Place went to Thanks for Playing with 55.75". Ricky and Clintin got theirs early. It was also downlines on a 30-50' bottom. They were also South. Striper Sniper had 3rd with 54.5". Jeff and Alex fished south and got some numbers cating them over the trees with weighted freelines and downlines. The majority of theirs came in the 1st hour or so.  Simpson Trucking had 4th with 50.5". Shawn and Leonel got theirs South on double split shot freelines 40-50' behind a planer board. They boated or should I say, Shawn boated 6 or 7 stripers. Abercrombie and Fish had 5th with 49". Chaser had 6th with 42.25". Bob got his in Mud Creek at 7:00AM. After that is was tough. He never found any big groups, just singles over a 30-50' bottom. 7th went to Rockfish with 41.75". Nate fish around Big Creek to start and ended up in Chestatee Bay at 12:00 to catch his last fish. Pribco had 8th with 23".

There were some fish in the channel, but they were singles and scatted. Fish were definitely stacked up in the trees 1st thing in the morning. We fished Shoal, Cocktail Cove, Flowery Branch, Orr Creek, Mud Creek and Chestatee Bay. That was advertised. I'm sure someone was in 6 Mile and or Two Mile as well.  Fish were reported shopping and short biting or knocking down the rods. We had some fish chasing spoons but no takers. With this heat, the lake should be setting up for its traditional downline bite and spoon bite shortly.

June 12 - Our meeting is at OBT on Monday. We plan on having an informal cookout. It will be a friendly get together to promote camaraderie.

Also, take a look below at the samples of shirts. I'm thing we need to do a drifit styled shirt this time. We will try to get some samples to the meeting. We will need to get some counts going.


8420 are Team Maggie shirts
G200 & G240  are same as last OSC shirt
G420 & G474  are similar to Team Maggie shirts
Jeff Craig
Computer Forms & Marketing, Inc
2625 North Berkeley Lake Road
Suite 500
Duluth, GA. 30096
770-441-0787  Phone
770-242-0865  Fax

May 22 - We have had a solid week of heavy rain. The weatherman predicted more rain for Saturday. Thankfully, the weatherman was wrong. Saturday turned out beautiful fishing weather. It was overcast until noon. The winds were SE at 4-7MPH. The air temp started at 70 and climbed to 80. The water temps were at 79 degrees. As far as the fishing, it was as good as it gets. We had 12 boats show up and all 12 boats had action.

1st Place went to Team Greene with a whopping 63.25". Hold on to your hats for this one, Big Fish was 37.5". Finally the curse has been lifted. Matt caught 15 or so stripers up North pulling both herring and shad. He also caught them on downlines. His story of catching the big fish was priceless. The fish cut across all of his lines tying up planer boards and such. Obviously it was all worthwhile. 2nd Place went to Striper Sniper with 56". Rooster and Jeff got a 30.5" fish which again has been bigger than our average. They fished midlake and were done catching by 9am. 3rd place went ot Bucktales with 52.75" Buck and gang got some number hitting points from Wahoo south down to Gainesville Marina. 4th place went to Chaser with 52.25". Bob and Charles got into it on their second line and had a hard time getting lines deployed for the 1st hour. They fished C1 and marker 34. It was over before 9am for them as well. 5th went to Mr. Whiskers with 51.75". Josh got his around marker 36 to Robinson park. Chris Porter was right there with Josh at 51" and got 6th place. 7th went to Fish Hunter with 50.5". Bob stayed in Shoal creek and also had early action. Pribco had 8th place with 50.25". 9th went to Abercrombie & Fish with 48.75" Bryan stayed around Vanns Tavern. He got his early like most of us. 10th went to Thanks for Playing with 35.75". They also had early action. 11th went to Simpson Trucking with 26.5". Shawn had good action on shad and had 6 or so bites. He couldn't get them to stick. Lanier Striper caught some fish but decided to stay out and enjoy the day.

The pattern was an EARLY bite. Fishing main lake points was the key. Many bass fisherman were out fishing us throwing topwater up on points and running and gunning. The Sebille Magic Swimmer and Zara Spook are producing heavy right now.

May 16 - The OSC Tournament is this Saturday. Lines in at 6:30AM . Weigh in is at OBT at 2:00pm. (NO EXCEPTIONS). We are expecting some rain. We will monitor the weather. We will only cancel if there is any severe threats to start. Otherwise we fish. The fish are already wet! You can't cut grass or stain the deck, might as well fish.
Fishing has been improving. The fish have been coming down lake from the spawn. They are showing up in bays in good groups. There are still a lot of fish shallow and feeding early. Hopefully the weather holds out for the early morning. Be watching topwater. Casting to main lake points etc. Redfins, Zara spooks, magic swimmers and buck tails on or near surface will all work. I'm expecting another low to mid 50" weigh in. Make sure you stretch the tail to the nearest 1/4".

The meeting will be Monday as usual. Shane Foster is our guest speaker. Shane of course is one of the top tournament fisherman in the southeast. He is a premier bait catcher and I would say he thinks more like a fish as some fish do. We need to check him to see if he has gills. LOL
Also we have had an interest in making some more club shirts and hats. We will have samples. Lastly we will go over the up coming Don Brown Open tournament. Hope to see ya all there.

April 17 - The Team Maggie was another great tournament. Weather was good with  slight winds and temps hitting 70s by afternoon. Water temp on the main lake is between 62-64 degrees. We had a solid turnout with 15 boats fishing and 52 boats in the overall tournament. The majority of the boats caught fish.

1st Place and Big Fish in both our tournament and Team Maggie went to Simpson trucking with 58.25". The Big Fish was 31.25". Shawn and Leonel had a slow day. They fished Balus and got an 18" fish. Moved to Chestatee Bay with no luck. Ran North to Thompson Creek and got their big fish. Ran up in the river with no luck. Finished back in Thompson to upgrade their kicker. Striper Sniper had 2nd with 53.25". Rooster and Jeff fished from Gainesville Marina to the mouth of Little River. Freelined herring and a downlined herring did the trick. 3rd went to Nate of Team Rockfish with 51.75". Nate got his up North in the Little River area and swung over to Johnson Creek to top off his day. 4th went to Chaser with 51.5". The Benson boys started in Flat throwing topwater on dock lights. They managed a couple of dinks and then moved out to Mt View to catch a few more on Sebiles and a freeline herring. Lanier Striper had 5th with 49.75". Pribco had 6th with 47.25". Abercrombie & Fish had 7th with 47". Bryan also fished Mt. View and FC3. 8th went to Jeff Garrett of Striper Structure with 44". Jeff lured them in with his hot pink attire. Team Greene had 9th with 41.75" Matt fished Johnson/Latham and beyond.  Thanks for Playing had 10th with 39.75". Ricky and Clinton fished in Little River. They had a strong day of numbers, but no size. Fish Hunter had 39.5" for 11th Place. Double Trouble had 12th with a 28.5" Striper. Scott Berry had a 24.75" fish goof for 13th.

With the fish heading for the spawning grounds, the bite was still strong in open water pockets, fishing freelines. Late in the day the shallow bite (10' or less) started to show up. We heard a number of stories of larger fish in the 33-36" range chasing on big baits. Unfortunately we had no takers, I hope we get to see one of these larger fish in the next tournament.

April 10 - Reminder. Our club tournament is this Saturday. We are fishing along/with the Team Maggie Tournament. There is no entry to fish for Oakwood points only. If you are signed up for Maggie your points will count for both OSC and Lanier Striper club. For more info, check out our website or find Team Maggie on Facebook.

Again, no need to sign up for the Oakwood Tournament if you are already in the Maggie Tournament.

Our meeting will be Monday. The discussion is whether or not there are any big stripers left in Lanier. I think you will all be satisfied with the proof we have found.

March 20 - What a crazy ride we have had on the weather train. Last month we had water temps as high as 66. For March we had 54 degrees. Not to mention, huge amounts of rain. The good news is the lake is full. Saturday we had great conditions considering the weatherman predicted heavy thunderstorms. It rained heavy for an hour early in the morning, a couple hours before lines in. Otherwise we had a 55 degree start and it warmed up into the mid 60s. The wind was still at start and got to 7-10 by late afternoon.

Team Rockfish had 1st place with 57.75" and Big fish was 30". Nate mixed it up starting at East Bank and ending up in 4 Mile. His fish came 15 minutes before weigh in. That's why we don't quit!  Simpson Trucking had 2nd with 55.5". Shawn found some in Gainesville creek as well as the Thompson Bridge pockets. Double trouble had 3rd with 53.5" It sounds like the team name held up, with a bunch of doubles. JR and gang found nothing in Little River and moved to the pond dam in the Thompson Bridge area. They witness big schools, birds working and surfacing fish. They caught them on everyway imaginable from freelines shad to downlines. The majority of the fish came on weighted lines 50' behind boards or floats. Team Greene had 4th with 51.75. Back in Black had 5th with 50". Mike stayed in Flat. He managed 1 in the back of the creek early. He ran into numbers in Mountain View on weighted lines 50' behind boards. Sounding familiar yet, just wait! Chaser had 6th with 49.75". Bob and Charles got into some numbers, also in Mountain View, also on weighted lines 50' behind boards. Fish Hunter had 7th place with 48", also in Flat. Bob and Richard got some early fish in the back of the creek. Striper Sniper got 8th with 44.75". Rooster and Jeff fish Balus and Flat with no luck. They made the run to the Thompson Bridge area with the other boats and got into some afternoon fish. Abercrombie & Fish had 9th with a single 26" fish. Bryan honkered down in the back of Flat creek. Pribco had 10th with 25" and Thanks for Playing had 11th with 23.5". Ricky and Clinton started in Flat and made their way south to get theirs.

Most (90%) of the fish came on herring. Its a pleasant change from fishing the shiners. Just a couple of fish came on shad. The shad were producing follows and getting blow up which more than like generated some other bites. Almost all the boats caught their fish on weighted lines behind boards or floats. The fish were schooling in the mouths of creeks in pockets from 40-70' deep. The fish were suspending in about 20' of water. We had 13 boats fish and 11 of them caught a striper. A number of boats caught them good catching between 5 and over 10 stripers. It was true to the predictions. Mouth of the creeks and or backs of the creeks were the ticket.

March 13 - The OSC Tournament is this Saturday. Start time is 7:30AM and weigh in is 2:30PM. Just a note, if you are weighing in through Facebook or via phone, there are no late weigh ins. At 2:31PM you will have ZERO.  You can still show up at OBT at or before 2:30PM as always.

Fishing has been good. As Mike Toppings says, it will be a free for all for freelines. Freelining baits 100' or fishing behind boards will be a solid approach. The fishing has been good. Water temps are around 54. Fish are still schooled up in and outside mouths of the creeks in 30-60'. Some bigger fish have been mixed in (28-32") Also, lets not forget about the back of the creek bite. Fish big shad 10-15' behind a planer board. Fish the board up against the banks. I'm hoping to see at least one fish over 36". Lots of big herring are showing up in the backs of creeks. The stripers are definitely in there at night. Same should hold true for the 1st few hours.

The meeting will be on Monday. We have the DNR coming to speak about our Striper Fishery. Its a must listen

February 26 - Its been a tough two weeks with warm and heavy rain. The lake is technically at full pool. It rose about 4 feet in a couple of weeks. More importantly, the water temps jumped from mid forties to mid sixties. We had a main lake water temp of 62 and creeks and rivers were 64-66 degrees. Water quality is an issue. Apparently the rains blew out the backs of the creeks and brought a mudline and or debris out to mid creek or the mouths of the creeks. Most of the bait and fish were in open water cruising. The air temp was a beautiful 62 degree start and it finished in the mid to high 70s. The wind turned on by about 11:00am and it was gusting 11-15 mph.

The fishing was tough as expected. 1st Place went to Team Greene with 50.75". Matt fished North and caught a few fish on downline and freelines. Simpson Trucking had 2nd with 46.75. They fished up river. Chaser had 3rd with 37.5". Bob got his at Mountain View in Flat. Both were on freeline herring. The 1st few bites were White Bass. He fished over a 60-80' bottom.  Pribco had 4th with a 27.5" fish. It was big enough to take Big Fish honors. Matt pointed out that his fish was extremely fat. Chaser's striper spit up about 7 or 7 threadfin at the boat. I agree with Matt, these fish have been eating well. Abercrombie & Fish had 5th with 24". Bryan stayed in the back of Flat. He had a second fish on but couldn't get it buttoned up till 2:05. Striper Sniper had 6th with a 22" fish. Higgy had 7th with a 14.25" White Bass. The other 6 boats tied for 8th.

No one really marked any big schools. It seemed that we were all fishing for singles or maybe 3 fish in a school. There were some missed bites and or some short bites as well. We need the lake to settle down again to bring the fish back into shallow water. Right now the lake will fish like April, if it stays like this.

February 21 - We are having the Striper Tournament this Saturday from 7:00AM to 2:00PM. Be careful in your travels on the lake. There is still some debris floating around. Hopefully the weather works out. They are predicting small chances of rain and lows in the 60s and a high of 75 degrees. Water temps are now 57-58 degrees. Typically the fish should be in the rear of the creeks or related to large flats or humps. We are still letting the stained water settle. Hopefully the fish out in open water will return to a normal spring pattern this week. Best bet is a combination of baits. I would have an assortment of big shad, herring and yes, even a shiner or two. Pull freelines and boards close to the banks Good luck to all. Remember, we can weigh in via Facebook or text pictures to Dillan prior to 2:00PM. Make sure your pictures are legible. Go ahead and type the size of the fish with your picture if possible. I'm expecting a few big fish to be landed. My guess is 66" for the win.

February 13 - Due to heavy rains, we will postpone our monthly tournament until next Saturday, February 24th. The reports are showing Lake Lanier is about 1 foot low. There is heavy debris including lumber, logs and even picnic tables floating around. Also reports from numerous Captains went out scouting Friday and Monday. The reports were dismal. The bait is in the main channel from Browns Bridge north to River Forks and beyond. The bait is 60' down. The creeks have heavy mudlines creating poor water quality. It will take a little time for the lake to settle. The good news is the water temp is around 51-52 degrees in the backs of the creeks. Once things settle, the bait and fish should move in shallow to find that warmer water.

Our meeting will be Monday. You all asked for it, so we are having an expert panel of Shad fisherman as our speakers. The panel consists of 3 of the top Shad fisherman in the south. Its Shane Foster, Stephen Knight and Leonel Castillo. We should all learn a great deal. Its a perfect time to discuss Shad fishing for trophy fish, considering the trophy season is late February to late April.

January 15 - The January Tournament wasn't very inviting. Bad weather and heavy rain storms during the week ended on Friday. What is left us was a nasty cold front. The air temps was low 20s to start mixed in with a 20-25MPH NW wind making it feel like single digits. Evidentially, the fish didn't care for it either. We had 9 boats brave the conditions. 3 boats managed to catch a striper.

1st place with 2 fish and 49.25" is Striper Sniper. Not sure but they may have been in Flat Creek. Rippin Lips had 2nd Place and Big Fish with a 31.25" striper.  3rd Place goes to Team Greene with a 24" striper. Matt was fishing in Shoal Creek.

Mostly everyone found fish and had fish moving, but no takers. There were many fish high in the water column in around 20'. We had teams pull umbrella rigs unsuccessfully. Also a lot of fish on a 50' bottom with lockjaw. We have determined they have been eating a bunch of the threadfin that are dying in the bait kill. The water temps have dropped by about 6 degrees in a fairly short period (days). This wounded some of the threadfin schools. The water temps were in the 46-47 degree range in the south and as low as 42 up north.

January 11 - Our OSC Tournament is this Saturday from 7:00AM to 2:00PM. Again with virtual weigh in, you don't need to be back at the weigh in. Your pictures must be submitted prior to 2:00. Make sure the pics are clean and legible

The weather looks like it will hold out for us. The rain on Friday shows it ending around midday. We will be fishing a post front. It will be on or around 32 degrees at start and warm up to 38 or so. Better than last 2 weekends.

There aren't a lot of reports due to holidays and freezing temps. I do know that the water temps are mid 40s. Fish are still half way to rear of creeks as they should be this time of year. A mix of small baits and big baits makes sense. No signs of any bait kill. Normally when we have a long period of freezing like we had, the bait will get weak and die off, especially threadfins. If so, fish the bottom or 1-2' off the bottom. The Urig or Alabama rig has been producing fairly well.