Lake Lanier, Georgia

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August 21 - The August tournament was a hot one. Water temps were at 87-88 degrees.  Fish were south as expected. The Dissolved Oxygen report showed great water at 80' and again at 120' deep. Sure enough, that's where the fish were.

We had a tie for 1st Place at 64.5". Striper Sniper prevailed by having the Big Fish of the day with a 35.75" beauty. This striper was old school, no bumps or copepods in the mouth and she was chubby. Jeff managed to get bite power reeling in 120' of open water late in the game. Jeff and Tom also had a strong numbers day starting out on an 80' bottom. They went through 9 dozen baits on downlines. The practice of changing out baits every 5-10 minutes definitely helped. 2nd Place went to Thanks For Playing with 65.5" as well. Ricky and Clintin had similar success on downlines. They also started out on an 80' bottom and movede out to deeper fish. No schools were reported. Most of the deep fish were singles or groups of 2 or 3. 3rd Place went to Back in Black with 54.25". Mike got his power reeling spoons, both large and small. He varied the speed and found a pattern with a stop and go approach. Mike took his beating in open water, but it paid off with good numbers. 4th Place went to Herring Impaired with 52". Keith and Matt found big schools early, but as expected these are the 12-18" variety. They moved out to the 80' areas and improved their catch. Fishing freelines 120' back seemed to catch the eye and or lips of some solid stripers. 5th Place went to Lake Apes with 51.5". Mike was fishing on an 80' bottom next to Stiper Sniper. Actually , Sniper was fishing next to Mike. Either way, he found some quality fish.  6th Place went to Buck Tales with 48.25". Buck mixed up trolling and or downline fishing and put up some strong numbers. 7th went to Fish Hunter with 45". Bob found similar success on the downlines. Aquaholics had 8th Place with 35". Gary and Lynn hammed down on the little guys on a shallow bottom early. Simpson Trucking had 9th with 33". Shawn and Randy struggled with boat problems and never really made it to the fish. 10th Place went to Double Trouble with 24.75". 11th went to Team Green with 16". 4 boats either zero'd or they stayed out. Abercrombie and Fish stayed in Orr Creek and hammered down on little fish till they were out of bait. Then trolled through them for more punishment. They fish around Buck and reported catching over 30. Definitely worth taking the Zero for.

As you can see, the 80' was the best early area and moving out to the channel or open water was the best later day approach. The places were all very typical summer haunts, such as Orr, Big, Shoal, Baldridge and 6 Mile and 2 MIle. There is no oxygen North of Browns Bridge.

August 14 - Our Striper Tournament is this Saturday, August 17th. Start time is 6:30AM and weigh in is 2:00PM at OBT.

Fishing has been good. Water temps are around 86 or better. Traditional downlines are working well. Don't count out power reeling, trolling leadcore, downriggers ans umbrella rigs. Some better sized fish have been showing up in the last weeks or so.

Meeting is Monday. Its all business. Discussions of Don Brown Tournament, Year end, and next year will all be discussed.

July 16 - July heats up and fish for some reason decided to come to the top.

We had 12 boats and a lot of vacationers this month. Water temps are steady at 86 degrees. Air temps were 70 is the AM and heating up fast to low 90's.
1st place went to Thanks for Playing with 60.5". Another stellar performance from Ricky and Clintin. They started early fishing green lights in Shoal. Caught one of the big ones 1st thing in the 5 o'clock hour and another later in the 11 o'clock hour. Downlines on the 40-60' bottoms prevailed. 2nd Place and Big Fish went to Simpson Trucking with 60" and a 31" Big Fish. They caught theirs up river in colder water. 3rd place went to Bucktales with 56.5". Buck had a solid day with a bunch of smaller fish. He stayed with it to get 2 solid ones.   Off the Hook had 4th Place with 55.75". They got theirs in the back of a creek on a 60' bottom. Team Everglades had 5th with 51". Striper Sniper had 6th also with 51".  They got their better fish on freelines. Team Greene had 7th and 46.5". 8th went to Double trouble with 44". Boomer reports a large school blowing up in the mouth of Baldridge. Again freelines found some fish. Lake Apes had 9th with 42.75" and Herring Impaired had 10th wiht 23.5". We had 2 teams with no fish. Hero or Zero!

Most fish were caught in pockets. Fish were found in drains or at the end of creek channel. Most fish were still shallow over a 40-60' bottom. Expect fish to get more bunched up in deeper water in the next few weeks. It will go to a more traditional summer downline bite.

July 10 - The tournament is Saturday. Lines in at 5:00AM. Weigh in at OBT at 12:00PM. OBT will be open at 4AM. Again, no one is forcing you to start in the dark. You start anytime 5AM or later. BE safe!

Weather is a traditional summer pattern. Chance of thunderstorms in late afternoon. Otherwise is a summer styled bite. Shallow early and with cloudy conditions. Fish are being caught anywhere from a 40 to a 100' bottom. Downlined herring is still your best best. trolling urigs and leadcore is also producing.

Meeting is Monday night. The club will have an open forum on Bait tanks and summertime bait care, led by Alex Vasquez.  Don't miss out. This is probably the main reason we catch or don't catch fish. Hopefully we will have 3 or 4 other views on the topic to give us all a better understanding.

June 18 - We had a solid performance for the June Tournament. Weather was beautiful with a low 60's start and a low 80's finish.  We had 13 boats fish and every boat caught multiple fish. Water temps dropped 7 degrees in the last month. We had 75 degrees at start and 77 at finish. Fish were literally anywhere and everywhere.

1st Place and Big fish went to Thanks for Playing with 62.75". The Big fish was 31.75". Ricky and Clintin found theirs in deep water. They fished a 100' bottom and got theirs in the first hour.
2nd Place went to Simpson Trucking with 58.75" Shawn fished a 60-90' bottom with shad and herring. 3rd went to Double Trouble with 58.25". JR and Boomer got theirs early on a 60' bottom.
Abercrombie and Fish had 4th with 58". 5th went to Bucktales with 54.5". Buck caught his both on downlines and trolling leadcore. Fish Hunter had 6th with 53.25". Bob caught his early on a 60' bottom. 7th went to Hunker Bunk with 51". Kevin also got his early. 8th went to Striper Sniper with 49.75". Its the same story, early and 60'. 9th went to Herring Impaired with 48.5" Keith and Matt also banged them out early on a 40-60' bottom. 10th went to Team Greene with 43.5". Matt got his late. 11th went to Lake Apes with 38.5. 12th went to Chaser with 38"  13th went to Pribco with 32.25"

Fish were caught from the Dam to Chestatee Bay. Typical places like Shoal, Baldridge, Shady Grove, Flowery Branch, Orr, Balus, 2 Mile and Flat were fished. Oddly enough, fish were caught dead in the rear of creeks, in mid creek, in the mouths of creeks and in open water. More than 7 teams reported catching double digits. Some teams put up over 30 fish. A lot of 16-20" fish were aggressive all over the lake

June 12 - The Oakwood Striper Club Tournament is Saturday. Lines in at 6:00AM, weigh in at OBT at 2:00PM.
Water temps are around 77. Weather looks good with a low 60's start and warming up to low 80's. Fishing has been good. Downlines have been the best bet. Don't count out topwater or freelines with this colder water temps. They dropped 4-5 degrees in the last week or so. Fish have been moving to the summer locations. Start back in creek pockets in 30' and work out to about 70' Also pay attention to points and humps.

The meeting is Monday. We will be doing a yard/garage sale at the meeting. Its a chance to clear out some rod, reels bait tanks etc.

May 21 - The May Tournament was a great success. The weather was perfect with a 60 degree start and it warmed up to low 80s. Wind was light 0-5 at best. Water temps were 75-79 depending where you were. As for the fishing, it was as good as the weather.

1st Place went to Double Trouble with 62.5". Jr and Boomer fished 3/4 of the way back in Baldridge. They caught them from a 10' to 40' bottom. Down lines prevailed. They did manage them on freelines and boards as well. 2nd Place was a 3 way tie with 60.5". Thanks for Playing edged the others out with a Big Fish of 33" Nice job! They got theirs on shad in the River Forks area. They fished shallow points.  Simpson Trucking was next. They pulled a spread 3/4 back in Flat Creek. They stayed in their until the boats about cleared out  to get into a few in the late morning and early afternoon. Team Chaser was also 3/4 back in Flat, go figure! Bob and Charles had a banner day pitching herring behind a burning topwater lure. they fished 3 points and tallied over 30 stripers. Striper Sniper had 5th with 56.25". Alex and Jeff had another solid day blowing through all their bait by 10:30. (5 dozen or more baits). 6th went to Abercrombie & Fish with 55.5" Bryan had a 32" striper, just short of the Big Fish. He couldn't get a big enough kicker to place. 7th went to Lake Apes with 55". Mike had a 31.5" Striper to get things rolling. He fished in Chestattee Bay. 8th went to Herring Impaired with 51.50". Matt and Steve stayed 3/4 back in Flat. They fished boards and freelines. Matt has a strong prefish day back there a few days before, boated 30 fish. 9th went to Fish Hunter with 51.5" as well.  Pribco had 10th with 50.25". 11th went to Team Everglades with 47.25".  12th went to Team Greene with 46". 13th went to Sea Ranger with 45..5".

We had 14 boats. 13 caught multiple stripers. The bite was strong out of the box till about 9:30AM. We were fishing a full moon. Fish were definitely related to points, mostly 1/2 to 3/4 back in southern creeks.  The boats North of River Forks struggled and moved further south to catch their fish.

May 15 - The Tournament is Saturday from 6:30AM to 2:00PM
The weather is perfect Saturday with a warm start at mid 60's and heating up to mid 80's.  
Things haven't changed a whole lot on the lake. Fish are North and South. Find Stripers on main lake points. Fishing a freeline is your best bet.
Target a depth of 20-50' deep off point and humps, that are near deep water.
Don't count out topwater, pitching baits and or umbrella rigs. They all have their place.

The meeting is Monday night. Our guest speaker is Tom Branch with Navionics. Tom will update us on the use of Mapping software as well as the Navionics phone app.

The April Tournament was a success with 18 of our boats joining our Lanier Striper brothers and fishing for a good cause with Team Maggie. Weather was perfect. We had 60s in the morning warming up to high 70s in the afternoon. Water temps were a warming 65 degrees. Fish were either very shallow or very deep.

1st Place and Big fish went to Team Has Beens with 61.5". Randy also had a Big fish of 31". They caught theirs in a NW creek up the Chestatee. They fished shallow with shad. Thanks for Playing had 2nd place with 57". Ricky and Clintin were North around Ada creek. They fished herring on freelines in deeper water. Team Rockfish had 3rd with 55.75". Nate fished North as well.  Team Greene had 4th with 55". Matt fished with large shad and stayed in 10' of water. Purty in Pink had 5th with 54.25". Jeff fished in open water with freelines. He stayed between FC1 and Browns Bridge.  Abercrombie and Fish had 6th with 53.75". Bryan went up river in the hooch to tangle some fish. Striper Sniper had 7th with 53.5". The three amigos were North around Laurel Park. They had a good numbers day getting them on freelines with splitshot added.  Simpson Trucking had 8th with 53". Shawn and Leonel were in a NW creek up the Chestatee. They stayed shall with shad and herring. Striper Techs had 9th with 52.75". Scott had a solid day. He fished freelined herring.  Team Everglades had 10th with 52.25". Back in Black had 11th with 50". Herring Impaired had 48.25" and 12 place. They fished up the Chestatee with freelined herring.  Lanier Striper had 13th with 47.5".  Double Trouble had 14th with 45.25" JR and gang had crazy action in the back of Wahoo. Lake Apes had 15th with 44". 16th was a tie with Aquaholics Annymous and Chaser with 40.5".  Lynn and Gary got theirs in Chestatee Bay. Bob got his in Flat and Balus.  Buck Tales had 18th with 27". Buck caught some smaller 12-14" fish that he didn't measure. He did catch the bigger fish at the end while reeling in the baits.

The patterns were bigger baits shad and herring on boards on shallow flats, points and humps. The other pattern was fishing with freelined herring in more open water. Fishing from 50-100' deep. The fish were cruising, so you wouldn't mark many at a time. They were swimming in the 20-30' deep range. We had a  great turnout for Team Maggie. It was a bonus that all boats caught fish.

April 12 - We are fishing tomorrow. Lines in at 6:30AM. Weigh in is at Little Hall at 2:00PM
 Good luck to all fishing. Water temps jumped into the mid to high 60's. Weather looks like a winner. It will be low 60's at start and near 80 at finish. A small chance of showers at best. It should be cloudy with light winds in the morning. Fishing has been solid this week. Multiple patterns of shallow fish and open water fish have been reported. Bring plenty of bait. Bass have been terrorizing the herring.

Meeting is Monday. Bill Carson is our guest speaker. It will be a combination of electronics and trolling motors on the agenda.

April 9 - This Saturday is the OSC Tournament. We are fishing in conjunction with the Team Maggie Tournament. Start time is 6:30Am. Weigh in is at 2:00PM at Little Hall.

If haven't entered yet, you can still get in through Team Maggie on Facebook or at Team Maggie - 4th Annual Striper Tournament.

  Team Maggie - 4th Annual Striper Tournament
*Register by end of day 3/28/2019 to guarantee shirts & sizes! Please join us for Team Maggie's 4th Annual
Also if you want to fish for points only, you may fish for free. You can weigh in at Little Hall or OBT at 2:00PM.

Lastly, for this tournament only you can use any measuring board.

Numbers for the tournament will be posted on Facebook and emailed to boat captains Saturday morning. Be sure to have some paper and a sharpie to write with. OBT should have the numbers if you are getting bait there.

March 19 - We had a good turnout and good results for the March Tournament. we had 16 boats and all but one caught fish. Most boats caught decent numbers. Water temps were 54ish around the lower lake and 52 up North. You could find 58 in the back of creeks. Unfortunately, the fish weren't in the backs of the creeks.

1st Place and Big fish went to Simpson Trucking with 61" total and 31" for their Big fish. Shawn and Leonel stayed south. They fish Balus and Flat for a while. They caught theirs on freeline herring and gizzard shad. They fished over a 50-80' bottom. Team Chaser had 2nd place with 56.5". Bob stayed put at FC5 in open water. Caught them on medium shad on boards, big herring on freelines, and even a couple on small herring on deep downlines. Aquaholics Anonymous had 3rd. Gary and Lynn had a strong day with 55". They fished from FC7 to FC4, almost a straight line back and forth. They boated double digits mainly on freelined herring, both  big and small. They also stayed in 70-90' of water. 4th Place went to Striper Sniper with 55".  Alex, Jeff and Tom fished further North. They had a strong day catching them on a variety of baits. They did particurly well on the small gizzard shad.  Team Everglades had 5th with 54.5". Craig stayed South. 6th went to Thanks for Playing with 54.25". Ricky and Clintin got theirs from FC8 to FC4. They also had the freelined herring working,  7th place went to Sea Ranger with 45.75". Ron stayed south and got his in mouth of creeks with small gizzard shad. 8th place went to Mike from Back in Black with 45.25". Mike fished in Flat, then north of the bridge , then flat again. Freelines and boards over deep water was the ticket.  Abercrombie and fish had 9thplace with 43.5" Bryan and Justin honkered down in the back of Flat and went for broke.  Lake Apes came in 10th place. They were also South. They also used herring on freelines.  11th went to Double Trouble with 40.25". AS usual JR, Boomer and Paul stayed in Little River. They hammered down on those fish till they were out of bait. A fun day. 12th went to  Herring Impaired with 33.5". Keith and Matt stayed in Balus and Flat. They caught theirs shallow to start and then moved out to deeper water. 13th went to Team Greene with 32.75". Matt and Billy fished north. Again they went for broke. They fished big gizzards on boards and came close a couple of times, losing some at the boat. Pribco had 14th with 24.25".  Bucktails fished and struggled. After tournament was over on the way back to the ramp, they ran across a group of birds. Needless to say, they boated double digits and redeemed their day.

Obviously, the ticket was freelined herring. This will be a good pattern for 4-6 weeks to come. Fish are staging out in the mid creek to mouth of the creeks. The bait is their as well. Be watchful of bird activity, even if its a single bird picking one of the surface. Fish long lines 100+ behind the boat. The fish in the 0-20' range are you aggressive fish. Also try a small split shot to keep the birds off you and drop you down a few feet as well.

March 13 - Saturday is the Tournament. Lines in at 7:30AM. Weigh in at 2PM at OBT.  Water temps are now in the low 50's. Fish are in the back of the creeks. Weather is low 40s in the AM and 60's in the PM. It will be the 1st weekend with no rain, this year.  Bring plenty of bait. You must have the mix. Herring, Shad and shiners are all working. Fish freelines and boards early. Add a split shot later in the day and add in downlines. Catch 60+ inches and head to Waffle House.

The Meeting is Monday night. Our guest speaker is Clay Cunningham of Catching not Fishing Guide Service. Its always a treat to listen to Clay. We can all learn something if we pay attention.

February 19 -  We got lucky in the February Tournament. With all the rain, somehow we managed to slide in a tournament where the rain stopped 30 minutes before fishing. The wind didn't pick up until 10:30. That gave us plenty of time to get thing rolling. Water temps were right at 51 lake wide. Some found 55 in the backs of creeks. Air temps were warmish, starting in the low 50s and ending up in the 60's. Fishing was good. We had all 15 boats catching fish.

1st Place went to Abercrombie & Fish with 59.25". Bryan and Justin stasyed South in the back of a creek. They caught good numbers on gizzard shad in 10-20' of water. 2nd place went to Team Everglades with 58". Craig was also south and got his in 20' or less. 3rd went to Simpson Trucking with 57". They fished in Flowery and Orr. They stayed in 20' or less. They caught on split shot baits. Sea Ranger came in 4th with 54". David fished North. Striper Sniper had 5th with 54". Alex got the new boat dirty in the back of  Flat. He stayed in 20' or less. Pribco got 6th with 51.75". Matt and Todd got theirs on downlines in deep water in Balus. 7th went to Chaser with 51.5". They got theirs in River Forks fishing shallow and later in the day fishing at Mt View in 90' on downlined trout. Double Trouble had 50.5" and 8th place. JR and gang stayed North. They fished downlines and caught them on shiners and trout. Fish Hunter had 9th with 49". Bob fished in Flat. He stayed shallow. Greg Rooks had 10th with 46". He fished in Wahoo. 11th went to Thanks for Playing with 45.5" Clintin about caught his single handed. Herring Impaired had 12th with 37". Keith and Matt were in Ada to start. They managed an 11" kicker on a Mini Mack. They are starting them off at an early age on those Mini Macks. 13th went to Matt Greene with 36.25". That was also Big Fish. Matt had a few other fish that would have helped his cause., unfortunately they didn't make it to the boat. He fished in a creek up the Chestatee. He fished gizzards in shallow water.  14th was a tie between Lake Apes and Hunker Bunk with 20".

The moral of the story is fish shallow. Using 6-8 inch gizzard shad, trout and herring if you can get them. Stay in the backs of the creeks. Try reef poles and flats. As a 2nd resort, fish are schooled up in creek channels in 80-100'. The herring will be right there with them. Drop down lines from 50' to the bottom.

February 13 - Well it's that time of the month. Our Tournament will be Saturday, February 16th. Start time is 7:00AM and weigh in is at OBT at 2:00PM.  

The Good, Bad and Ugly is the temperature will start in the mid 50s and rise to the low 60's. There is a chance of showers (nothing heavy). Bring your rain gear and sunscreen, you will be covered either way. We will be sharing the waters with the Bassmaster Elite Tournament. It should be about 40 stickered Bass boat buzzing around. They probably won't affect us much. Just be careful taking off in the dark. They launch out of Laurel Park at 6:45AM.  

Fishing hasn't changed much, from what I hear. Water temps are in the low 50s. Downlined baits are still the main choice. Trolling Mini Macks has been productive as well. Don't forget the big baits shallow on flats and humps.

Monday is our meeting. It sounds like Wings are on the menu. Lynn is polling on Facebook for the top 3 flavors wanted. Dillan is working on a speaker. I will let everyone know, when I know

February 13 - The meeting is Monday, February 18th. You asked for it, you got it. Come and meet Hunter our new DNR Biologist. He will be discussing gill net studies as well as a scale study that he needs our help with. Also Erica DeLana will be there discussing the Team Maggie Tournament on April 13th. A great tournament, great people, great prizes and a great cause. Bring some money for early sign ups.

Again the dinner is Hot Wings. Maybe not all Hot! We will mix a few flavors.

January 22 - The January Tournament found 15 boats fishing a heavy prefrontal storm. Conditions were good for fishing. Heavy rain expected late in the day. The forecast showed a chance or two of a morning shower. The air temps were warmish in the mid 40s and warming up to the high 50's. We did have wind blowing 10 mph out of the southeast. The day started out with nasty fog. It was truly pea soup. Visibility was less than 100'. This grounded a number of boats for the first hour or so.

1st Place went to Simpson Trucking with 58". They also had Big fish with a 30" striper. Shawn started in Shoal and ran further north once the fog cleared. He caught his on a herring freeline and a medium shad on a planer.  Striper Sniper had 2nd place with 56". Jeff and company got theirs on shad and herring. They fished them on floats and freelines. They also got some on downlines.  They stayed south and ended up in Flat creek at the end of the day.  Everglades got 3rd place with 54.75. Craig fished mid lake up to River Forks. He mixed things up. He got his better fish trolling an umbrella rig.  Pribco had 4th with 54.5". Matt and Todd honkered down in a pocket in River Forks. They fished strictly downlines. Caught most of theirs on small trout.  Rockfish had 5th with 53.25".  Nate fished the back of Flat Creek. He was using medium shad and herring. 6th place went to Herring Impaired with 53".  Keith and Matt fished near Pribco in River Forks. They got their big fish on a medium trout. .They got the rest downlining large herring.  7th place went to Thanks For Playing with 52.75". Ricky and Clintin fished in Shoal Creek. It was a downline bite.  Team Green had 50", good enough for 8th place. Matt had Sardis all to himself.  Double Trouble had 46.25" and 9th Place. JR and gang locked down on them in Wahoo Creek.  They never moved from that spot.  The managed double digits again up there. Downline herring was the trick for them.  Chaser had 10th with 44.75". Bob fished in River Forks. He caught his on downline herring and got some on the Mini mack rig. Abercrombie and Fish had 11th place with a single 29" fish. Justin fished around FC3. we had  4 other boats end  up with a  zero. Two of the boats actually caught a fish. They weren't able to weigh them in.

The pattern for the day was the better fish were caught on larger herring and medium shad, 3/4 to the rear of the creeks. They were caught over a 20-30' bottom. The numbers of fish came from a 40-60' bottom from the mouths of creeks to 1/2 way back in the creek. These were caught on downlined herring. Shiners and small baits were not part of the spread. But wait, the small baits will have a chance this winter, with colder water temps on their way.

January 15 - The Tournament is this Saturday from 7AM until 2PM, or until the rain sets in. Weather is due to be warm, with mid to high 40s at start and warming up to 60s. There are small chances of showers in the morning. There is a large front moving in the afternoon. It will bring heavy rain and it will get cold. If we are at all lucky, the fishing can be spectacular in prefrontal conditions. My theory is fish like crazy in the morning and bail out before the front closes in.

Fishing has been good. Traditional winter bite is happening. Fish downlines with herring or small shad. Try medium shiners on splitshot freelines. Umbrella rigs and Alabama rigs (Mini Mack) have been working well. Fish the Mini Mack behind a planer or cast it, or put it in a rod holder similar to a downline. Yes, they will hit it sitting still. You need to rock the boat a little for lure action. LOL  Keep the boat moving. Water temps are in high 40s. Find the bait and start there.

Monday is the meeting. We are having tacos. The discussion is on winter fishing patterns.

If you pay dues quarterly, its a new quarter.