About the Club

About The Oakwood Striper Club

Come and be a part of our laid back “Fishing Family”. Our Club has some of the best guys and gals you will ever meet. We have an array of Striper fisherman including professional guides, experienced weekend anglers, and beginners as well. We are all about learning how to catch Stripers, having fun, making new friends and getting a good dose of fishing fellowship. We all try to work together, sharing information and even fishing holes. (Not on Tournament days- LOL) The goal is to have a network of “Brotherly” fisherman that can help each other stay on top of catching Striped Bass year round.

Why Join?

It’s an opportunity to make new friends, who are just as passionate about fishing as you are, and to share tips and techniques that can be used to improve your fishing results.  

It’s an opportunity to hear from knowledgeable and experienced guest speakers including local fishing guides and representatives of Georgia DNR. We also share knowledge and experiences learned from fellow anglers which is often one of the best ways to improve your fishing skills. 

You can improve your perspective on what it takes to put together effective fishing patterns and consistently catch fish, participate in social and competitive fishing tournaments and combine your experiences with the experience of other’s to drastically shorten any learning curve. 

As a member, you’re not alone. You can share the success, excitement & challenges of Striper fishing with fellow members. It doesn’t matter if you are just a recreational angler or someone who enjoys fishing competitively, as a member, you will improve your knowledge, enjoyment, and success.

We are a significant part of the Lake Lanier community. As a member, you will always have someone to go fishing with and/or brag to about your latest catch. Plus, our members, past and present, provide invaluable knowledge and support to all new members.

Are you ready to start sharing your fishing stories and improve your fishing skills?

Please join us as our guest and see what we are all about. We hold monthly meetings at

4100 Falcon Pkwy
Flowery Branch, Ga.

on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 pm.

For more information, you can find us on Facebook or you can call Boomer Jones at 770-823-3437 for more info.