Tournament Rules

Download a copy of the rules (this link opens in a new tab)

General: This is a boating and sporting event. It is limited to fish being caught with a rod and reel only from and aboard a specific team boat that has entered the tournament at specified start times for that day’s event. There is no rod and reel limit per boat. All team boats MUST have a paid member of the club aboard at the time of catch and during to be a valid weigh in for all events. All participants must follow Ga State Fishing Laws and Regulations. Valid Ga State fishing licenses are required for all participants in the Tournament provided they are of required age per Ga State Law. Any Team receiving a citation from any law enforcement official during the tournament may be disqualified from the tournament. A decision will be made by the Tournament Director and President of OSC as to the severity of the infraction and the penalties to be imposed.

Waters accepted: Fish entered must only be caught at Lake Lanier and cannot be from any surrounding waters. There is no off-limits period before this event. The boundaries of Lake Lanier shall be defined as navigable waters to include rivers and creeks adjoining the main lake body set forth by the Army Corp of Engineers and the State of Ga. If any waters are in question as to their acceptance an inquiry must be presented to the Tournament Director 48hrs prior to the event or will be subject to disqualification.

Acceptable fish and totals: Any species of the Striped Bass family to include (Striped Bass, Hybrid Striped Bass and White Bass) may be measured. There is no limit to the number of fish you can catch and measure. This is a catch and release Tournament and only the amt of fish that the Tournament requires for that day’s event will be counted (see schedule for fish totals to be considered).

Boat launching sites: Your Team may launch from any sites or boat dock from the approved navigable waters on Lake Lanier.

Measuring Fish: All valid fish MUST be measured in the same approved manner to be an acceptable entry. An approved purchased board bearing measurements
to the 1⁄4’’ are the only acceptable boards. OSC prefers Check it Sticks or OBT boards to be used for better visibility. All homemade boards, retractable boards are prohibited from being used towards a valid entry and will not be acceptable.

In the event a fish is longer than your board a secondary tape measure may be used to extend the approved board and must be placed in a manner that begins from 0’’. In this scenario a decision will be made by the Tournament Director and President of OSC to the length accepted based on clear photos and the location of the tail on the added tape measure. Decisions made will be final without bias and will not be changed. When measuring a fish for an acceptable entry the nose of the fish MUST be touching the backboard of the rule while lying flat in clear view with no obstructions along with the visible tournament number issued the day of the tournament. Keep in mind sun glare!! If a nose contact of the fish cannot be determined or the tournament number is not in the picture, the fish will not be accepted for entry (NO EXCEPTIONS).

Once a picture is taken, it is the Captain of the Teams responsibility to determine if the picture is clear and meets the above-mentioned criteria to be an acceptable entry. If the picture in your mind is questionable as to its acceptance a second picture or more should be taken to reach an acceptable outcome. Keep in mind when zooming in, it may restrict viewing of the overall fish which would result in a failed photo entry. Also, if the tail of the fish does not reach the next 1⁄4’’ rule mark clearly on the photo, the fish length will be rounded down to the previous 1⁄4’’marking on the rule.

In the event of two or more fish measuring to the same 1⁄4 inch that are contesting for the Big Fish award, the fish will be deemed to be tied and the Big Fish Pot will be split evenly according to the number of contesting fish deemed to be tied.

The same process will be applied in the case of overall total length measured.

Tournament number: Prior to the Tournament start time (10 minutes) a random live generated number will be posted on the Oakwood Facebook group page. It is this post provided by the Tournament Director that all entries must be posted on to be a valid photo entry. The number generated must be displayed in plain sight next to the fish (No Exceptions to this rule). Acceptable forms of visibility are phones with number displayed, writing it on your hand or just using a piece of paper or business card with the number next to the fish without obstructing the measuring board. If for some reason that day you do not have access to the generated number please either call the Tournament Director or Oakwood Bait and Tackle (770-965-9400) to obtain, or simply call another member you trust participating that day. Keep in mind acceptable photos must be posted as a comment under the same post as the Tournament number shown above.

Time: All Tournaments have unique start times and end times based on time of season and sunrise. It is the responsibility of the Captain to make sure that he or she determines the scheduled times for that day. A schedule is posted to both the website and Oakwood group page on Facebook. Any Team starting prior to the scheduled start time will be an automatic disqualification from that day’s event. All entry money provided by such team will not be returned but will remain in the winnings of that event to be provided to clear winners of the Tournament (No Exceptions). Also, any potential points to be obtained by such Team will be removed from the standings. CHEATING IS UNACCEPTABLE!!! At the end of the scheduled Tournament time it is the Captains of each Teams responsibility to post the virtual pictures of that days catch. It is highly recommended that you post at least 15-20 min prior to the end of the Tournament or sooner. This will enable you to verify your pic posts prior to deadline. Any pics received after the deadline will not be accepted and will be removed from the winning pics of the day (NO Exceptions) as not to cause confusion in the days event. This decision will be made by the Tournament Director and or President accepting the photos.

Registration & Optional Tournament Entry fees: You must register your team at Oakwood Bait & Tackle or by calling the Tournament Director prior to Start Time.
A “Roll Call” post will appear on our Oakwood group page on Facebook the night before the tournament so that you can confirm your intent to participate in the event prior to start time. Once your register or confirm your participation in the tournament, you are committing to pay the entry fee prior to the next meeting.
Tournament fees can be made in person at Oakwood Bait & Tackle, or you can make arrangement to pay the Tournament Director online via Venmo or PayPal app. If you cannot pay in person or online, you can pay prior to the start of the next meeting.

Tournament fees per boat – $30
All tournament entry fees must be paid, or arrangements made with the Tournament Director, prior to the Start Time. An exception to this rule can be made by the tournament director if a team has decided with the director prior to the start time of the tournament.

All tournament fees are optional. Club members can fish in the club tournament without paying the tournament fee and will be awarded points toward the yearly Points Race. However, they would not be eligible for any to receive any of the tournament payout pots that were not paid into prior to the start of the tournament. If a team places in a tournament or qualifies for a big fish pot that did not pay into the tournament/pot, then the winnings are paid out to the next team in position that did pay into the tournament/pot.

* In case of emergency, if you are sick or have any circumstance that prevents you from participation in the tournament prior to start time, you can contact OBT, the Club President or Tournament Director and they will hold your registration until the next tournament.

Tournament points awarded after 1st Tournament entry: The Point Race is an accumulation of team points earned through tournament results and meeting activities for the complete club year that runs from October through September. The points race is used to award the team with the most accumulated points at the end of the club year with the “Team of the Year” status. Points are earned each month as defined below:

20 – Participation points are earned for each team that fishes in the monthly club tournament.
1 – Weigh-in point are earned for each inch of a team’s total fish (weigh-in total for each monthly club tournament). Only the 10 best monthly weigh-in fish point scores are summed to calculate Point Race Year End Standings, dropping 2 lowest.
20 – Big Fish points are earned for the team winning the Big Fish pot in the monthly tournament.
10 – Meeting points are earned for each team that has one or more team members in attendance at the monthly club meeting. (Note: a team can earn meeting points in any month after the first initial tournament entry, even if they do not fish in the following tournaments. Also, be sure to sign into the tournament directors “Team Sign-Up Sheet” provided at the meeting to be awarded the meeting points even if your team is not fishing).
20 – Bonus fish points for any team catching a 40’’ or better fish in length for season 2022-2023.
Tournament drops-2 lowest Only using 10 best totals

Cancellation of Tournaments: Cancellations will be decided jointly by the President and the Tournament Director. If a Tournament must be cancelled, even at the last minute or during a Tournament in Progress due to dangerous weather or other hazards, Members should check their e-mail and look for a message from the Tournament Director. If e-mail is not available, contact the Tournament Director or Club President for information or check our club Facebook Group page.

Tournament Payouts: Payouts will be made to the Captain of the team/boat. The Captain may then distribute Payout funds (at his or her discretion) to other crew members. The number of places paid out and the distribution of the tournament pot is determined by the number of boats.Tournament Big Fish100% of the Tournament Big Fish Pot1 to 5 Boats1st place 100% of Tournament Pot6 to 10 Boats1st place 60% of Tournament Pot2nd place 40% of Tournament Pot11 to 20 Boats1st place 50% of Tournament Pot2nd place 30% of Tournament Pot3rd place 20% of Tournament PotMore than 20 Boats1st place 48% of Tournament Pot2nd place 27% of Tournament Pot3rd place 15% of Tournament Pot4th place 10% of Tournament Pot

Disqualifications: Any Team caught participating in fraudulent fish catches for the event, such as staging fish, trot lines or accepting fish from individuals not on the boat that day. Also, clearly visible dead fish are not accepted for entry and will be disqualified and resulting in a 50 point reduction penalty. Decision made by Tournament Director and President.

Any Team starting earlier than the posted start time, meaning there are lines in the water prior to Tournament time is not acceptable.

Any Team that receives a citation from Law Enforcement during Tournament times (This will be a case by case bases on the severity and reviewed by the Tournament Director and OSC President and a decision will be made as to the re-percussions and if there are any warranted for the infraction. This decision could be disqualification and or a reduction of year end points.

Member must be in good standing with no dues in the rears as of the Start of each tournament or they will be disqualified, and no points given.

Download a copy of the rules (this link opens in a new tab)